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Malthael; The Dark Prince

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Malthael; The Dark Prince Empty Malthael; The Dark Prince

Post by Malthael on Wed Jan 08, 2014 11:44 pm

Name: Malthael; the dark prince
Species: Vampire Lord
Age: 1008 years old

Malthael; The Dark Prince 81890

Standing at 6' 1" tall, Malthael's distinct feature give off a frighting look. His height is just the beginning. Intimidating in stature, Malthael's eyes have a greenish hue to them that sparkle with an unpleasant yet captivating stare. One that denotes mischief and ill-intent. His skin is as pale as bone and his hair is white with flakes of ash-blonde for highlights. Malthael is very muscular in structure. His well toned body is an excellent example of someone who exercises on an daily basis. The vampire lord's mouth has a wonderful smile to it. With teeth as white as snowflakes, his smile can swoon even the most saintly of mortals. His most intimidating appearance is his clothes. With black leather hide and a sword in it's sheath, Malthael is a wonderful mixture of both intimidation and supernatural charm.

Malthael is very charming. Like with most vampires, he can easily talk with anyone and swoon them to his liking. He is very talented at this, as he has had a thousand years to practice and perfect his art. His vampiric powers of seduction also play a role in this. He loves to manipulate, seduce, and control mortals. Killing them is too mundane for him, as he loves the ability to control others. Malthael is also very protective. He most often bonds to the weaklings of society. The mistreated, abused, and neglected are in his charge. Malthael also has a general hatred for humanity. He finds them not only primitive, but cruel and ignorant as well.
Malthael was born many centuries ago. His father, Samael, was a powerful necromancer and used soul magic in many of his spells. This was before soul magic was forbidden by the inhabitants of the lands. Samael's wife, Ariel, died when Malthael was born. Samael, being the necromancer he was, tried to bring back his loving wife. All of his attempts failed. Malthael grew up, learning magic from his father. One day, Malthael took ill. Upon the brink of death, Samael used his magic to save his son. This however, was a spell gone aery. The spell brought back Malthael as a vampire.
With a blood-lust that could not be sated, Malthael was banished by his father. He couldn't kill his only son, but he could not bare to see the monster he had created. Years went by, and Malthael fled to Iota. He has helped the natives of the land and protected them from humans. In this time, he has practiced magic and learned what he can from the creatures. He has even found a way to overcome the day.
Malthael is now on a journey. He wants to populate the world with his race of vampires. He wants to drive out human kind and bring about a peace to the world. He knows that humans will never be peaceful and thus deems them unfit to be in this world.
Abilities and Skills:

Vampirism: Malthael is a vampire, but unlike most vampires that are bitten. He is a vampire made by magic. Due to him being a vampire made by magic, Malthael's physical prowess is stronger than other vampires of his age. He is also immune to all weaknesses that a vampire possesses except a few.
-Superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and senses.
-Immortality: Cannot age or die due to diseases/poisons or time.
-Healing: Can heal any wound.  Wounds from magical weapons do take longer to heal though.
-Animal control (Can control certain animals. Rats, Bats, Wolves, Foxes, Moths, Crows, ect.)
-Shape-shifting (cloud of bats, a wolf, mist, ect)
-Mind Compulsion: Can compel others into doing what he wants. This can be resist, but only if the suggestions are against strong moral convictions.
-Magic: He is powerful enough to have some control over the local weather. Usually either creating or halting storms, creating fog, ect.

-Sunlight will burn him and kill him if exposed for a long enough time.
-Necromancy will still affect him like any other vampire although he can resist to a degree
-The spell that made him can also turn him mortal. This can only be done by the caster himself.
-He can only enter a private residence if he is invited in. This doesn't apply to public places like pub's, markets, or castles.

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