Nox, the Dark Planet (WIP)

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Nox, the Dark Planet (WIP) Empty Nox, the Dark Planet (WIP)

Post by Baldirak on Tue Apr 07, 2015 9:55 pm

Nox is a planet cast in eternal darkness, too far from its sun to experience day, but close enough to avoid becoming a frozen wasteland. Because of the lack of light, nearly all living things on the planet are bioluminescent. The inhabtants are governed by the moon. Two particular races, the Raa-ithl, and the Noxi--the race that created the Raa-ithl--have a unique relationship with it. The abilities and species of the former is determined by the phase of the moon under which they are born. While there is a term for each lunar phase, the word commonly used is Fengari, or birth moon. An individual's Fengari determines the lunar phase which will most negatively effect them. The Noxi all live in a vast kingom, while the Raa-ithl live in tribes, though some do inhabit the Noxian kingdom. The Hrok, an intectually inferior race that is an enemy to both the Noxi and Raa-ithl, live in a tribe ruled by the only sentient member of their kind.

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