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Takeo Takeuchi (Battletech Character)

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Takeo Takeuchi (Battletech Character) Empty Takeo Takeuchi (Battletech Character)

Post by Baldirak on Thu Aug 13, 2020 6:48 pm

**Name:** Takeo "Onryō" Takeuchi
**Mech/Vehicle:** Bishamon BSN-3K
**Appearance:** Takeo is 26 years old. He is 5'7" and 137lbs. He has straight black hair that comes almost to his shoulders, and a thin beard and mustache. His eyes are brown and almond shaped. His skin is slightly tanned. Takeo has a scar on his right hand spanning the entire width of his palm, a scar on his left side from his hip to his groin, and several scars on his back, most concentrated at his shoulder blades. His body is on the leaner side and modestly muscled.

**STR:** 450
**BOD:** 400
**REF:** 400
**DEX:** 400
**INT:** 450
**WIL:** 400
**CHA:** 100
**EDG:** 300


**Equipped Weapons:** None
**Equipped Armor:** Tattered street clothing

**Skills:** Language/Japanese +70XP
Language/English +70XP
Perception +35XP
Arts/Oral Tradition +20XP
Martial Arts +100XP
Protocol/Combine +20XP
Archery +70XP
Stealth  +95XP
Streetwise Combine +60XP
Leadership +25XP
Medtech +30XP
Melee Weapons +100XP
Negotiation +100XP
Running +40XP
Small Arms +100XP
Career/Solider +100XP
Interest/Battlemechs +40XP
Technician/Electronics +100XP
Survival/Desert +45XP
Gunnery/Battlemech +120XP
Piloting/Battlemech +120XP

Wealth -270XP
Pain Resistance +100XP
Equipped -100XP
Patient +100XP
Reputation -100XP
Combat Sense +400XP
Connections +100XP
Vehicle Level +400XP
Custom Vehicle +200XP
Exceptional Attributes/Intelligence +200XP
Dark Secret -500XP

**Equipment:** C-bills 0
Tattered street clothing

**Faction:** Draconis Combine

**History:** Takeo Takeuchi was born to parents who were indentured servants. At the age of 3, a year before they were to be freed, Takeo's father succumbed to an illness he had been hiding. His mother bartered with their master, offering Takeo in exchange for freedom a year early along with an agreed upon amount of C-bills. The master accepted and Takeo was essentially orphaned. A month later, Takeo was given to an orphanage of sorts that housed children aged 3 to 11. It was basically a training school, conditioning children to be "good little slaves". Though they were all considered expendable, strong children were favored and more likely to get a slightly nicer home. Takeo suffered night terrors due to his mother abandoning him; it was the night terrors that caused his former master to sell him. In an attempt to break him from the night terrors, he was beaten, either by the owner of the "school" or the older children. The "treatment" worked in the sense that Takeo stopped screaming in the middle of the night. He still had the night terrors but willed himself not to make noise to avoid the beatings. In fact, he stopped showing any sort of emotion whatsoever, more or less becoming a robot.

For the next three years, Takeo suffered in silence. He rarely ate, having what little food given immediately stolen by the older children because he was so meek. One day, two weeks before his 7th birthday, something in Takeo snapped. One of the older kids, an 11 year old, had a small knife they'd pickpocketed and kept hidden. Takeo stole it one night and because of his severely submissive and detached nature, was never suspected of being the culprit. At feeding time when cups of water, pieces of staled bread, and pieces of meat and cheese--for the selected few destined for high-end clients--were handed out, Takeo sprang to life. He first killed the group of older kids who had beaten him and stolen his food for the last three years, four in all, ages 8 to 11. Then, he went after anyone that moved, killing 8 more kids, one of which was only 3 years old. His last kill that day was the caretaker who handed out the food, though it was accidental. Once Takeo gained some clarity, he gathered all the food and wrapped it into a sheet that he lowered into a hollowed space beneath a floorboard under his sleeping area. After, he framed the only one of the 6 remaining children who had been in the room to witness the murders. It was a girl a year older than him, the only one who tried to make his life at the orphanage a little more bearable, mostly by way of sharing her food with him. After cutting himself from his groin to his hip, he made the girl cut his right hand while he held up defensively just seconds before another caretaker ran in in response to his screaming for help. The girl surrendered without protest; during her trial she went along with Takeo's lie, making up her own reason for having committed the murders.

After recovering from his self-inflicted wound, Takeo returned to having night terrors. Takeo was bought by an English speaking pirate. His life from age 7 to 10 was considerably harsher than his four years at the orphanage. Likely due to occasional blows to the head from his master, he forgot much of what transpired during that time. He does recall almost dying twice, once due to illness. Two months after his 11th birthday, Takeo ran away.

Somehow--again perhaps due to the beatings he received from his pirate master--Takeo lost almost a whole year and doesn't remember much after running away. It's possible he spent this time in a state similar to that fateful day in the orphanage and honed the necessary skills to survive on the streets.

From 12 to 16, Takeo was a hired hand for several gangs and organizations, including the Black Dragon Society. The pay was always meager, just enough to get him food for a day, but he accepted the jobs whenever offered. He could be hired by one group today and be made by someone else tomorrow to fight against them. This lack of fidelity to a single group or cause earned him a poor reputation, along with his brutal personality and his tendency to overkill and ignore certain orders.

Takeo joined the military on his 17th birthday. He showed particular interest in battlemechs and strove to learn as much about them as possible. Before becoming an official member of the military, however, he was made to study Bushido until his behavior and personality reflected its teachings to a satisfactory level. Though he managed clear this hurdle, he began to regress to his old habits, this likely being triggered by the intensity of combat. He became known for taking full advantage of his Bishamon's firepower and superior speed, often rushing the front line alone; the rest of his lance had to be outfitted with mechs that could keep up better.

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