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Kage - Fallen Angel of Greed

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Kage - Fallen Angel of Greed Empty Kage - Fallen Angel of Greed

Post by Krest on Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:48 am

Race: Angel
Gender: Male
Age: appears to be 25 actual age 10 centuries
Theme song: 


Kage - Fallen Angel of Greed Large

He's a tall fit man at six foot even, with a near eightfoot wingspan of black wings. Black hair falls from his head, and silver eyes stare with boredom at all those around him. He had lived too long in isolation.


Kage is a bored looking individual, but it's a shell. He is fearful of trusting those around him and ever curious on those same people. His greed had always been about knowledge and learning more than actual things. But after the betrayal, he feigns disinterest to push those around him away.


To be a warrior of heaven was a boring job. He was ultimately alone and empty, fighting demons every day. Until he learned the people below. The humans who had freedom to live their lives. He hoarded the memory of theirnlives, even collecting their things. And for that, he was banished. Marked as a being if Greed, he was sent to live with the people he wanted to learn.

And for a while, it was kind. Nice. Peaceful. He taught them things, magic, in exchange for their stories and their valuables. He made friends of family lines that lasted for generations, until they betrayed him. His magic could be used for war. They set him aflame, burning his wings to trap and weaken him. For generations, so many he wasn't sure how many years had passed. 

In a twist of fate, it was a human that saved him. A woman, who saw his bandages and his burned form. How they burned him to keep him weak. Her kindness gave him his freedom, at the cost of her life. Free, he healed. Then, finally, he got his revenge. Those that used him for war were killed, then he went into isolation. His fear of the humans kept him alone.

But his curiosity and need to know eventually won out. He's returned to the world, curious on what happened while he was away and on those he could meet.


Accelerated healing
Super Human Agility
Slightly above average strength.
Fire control

He still feels pain, despite his healing ability and immortality. More importantly, his wings are extremely flamable. And once burned, they take far longer to heal.

He also has trauma from his past that can immobilize him with fear.


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