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Aurora Twilight (final fantasy character) WIP

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Aurora Twilight (final fantasy character) WIP Empty Aurora Twilight (final fantasy character) WIP

Post by Astral on Tue Mar 24, 2020 1:08 am

Name: Aurora Twilight
Species: Miqo'te/Keeper of the Moon
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Pale white skin. Rather short and very lithe build. She has short near shoulder length hair. It starts as jet black at the roots and transitions into pure white. Her bangs reach down to her lips and partially obscure her face in a stylized way. Her eyes are large and green with large pupils as is standard for keepers of the moon. Her tail like her ears are also jet black but do not transition into white. Her tail is very long and fluffy. She has face painting in the form of two stalagmite like paintings under her eye with the tips pointed up and towards her nose.

Aurora is very guarded and reserved her tumultuous emotions kept hidden from view. Her speech usually comes off as calm and collected with undertones of kindness and patience. When annoyed or if her cues of not wanting to be questioned or bothered aren't heeded, her speech turns cold and monotone in nature. If her tone turns aggressive violence is not far behind. It's a short period between when she's angry and her patience has worn out and action is taken. And violence is always an option in her book though she will normally avoid that if she can and leave in any way possible.

She is a completely different person when in an environment she is comfortable with and people she trusts. Her rather chaotic emotional nature comes to life and what was once the party killer is now the life of the metaphorical party in a weird way.

She didn't have any hobbies for the longest time. All her focus had been on surviving and work. But recently she'd begun taking a liking to creating clothing. She's also started learning the healing arts so she can tag along with another keeper of the moon who has stricken her fancy.

Aurora's parents were hunter gathers or poachers as many Gridanias would claim. They kept in contact with a couple other keepers of the moon families but otherwise kept to themselves. Aurora grew up learning how to hunt and what was safe to gather at a young age, as was expected. Overall it was a very normal life until one day when Aurora was 10 years old a group of Gridanian radicals made a visit. Aurora's parents had tried to be civil politely asking them to leave and trying to avoid any violence. The radicals refused to leave though unless the family gave up everything they 'stole' from the forest. The radicals conveniently made this demand right as winter was setting in. It would be a death sentence if they complied. Aurora's parents refused and for that they were killed.

Aurora tried to do what she could but she was still young and the prey were few with winter setting in. On the verge of starving to death Aurora went into town. She made it through that winter stealing what she could and hiding in areas people didn't look around town. She was getting very good at it too. A couple more years and she finally got caught. They knew she'd been stealing from them for a long time but this was the first time they actually got her. She only came out at night since the sun hurt her eyes and made it difficult to see. They banished her threatening that if they ever so much as saw her she'd be put to death. It was a miracle nobody killed her anyway. Thankfully there were still many months before winter would begin this time around. However a couple years of stealing for food had left her hunting skills a little lacking. She traveled far outside the lands she knew hoping to find another village to prey upon. She was only catching enough in her hunts to sustain her but come winter Aurora doubted she'd make it. She couldn't find any signs of civilization though and was running out of time. Abandoning hunting for the most part unless an opportunity presented itself Aurora focused on covering as much ground as possible instead. She manged to make it to the ocean before passing out sure this was her last day alive.

Miraculously she lived to see another day. Unfortunately her arms and legs were chained and bound to the basement of a ship. She had no idea if it had a name she didn't know much about boats or sailing. Turns out she was captured by pirates and was going to be sold into slavery. She tried to look on the bright side. She was going to die yesterday and today and in theory for awhile longer she was going to be fed. She chose to look at it like a blessing. She got sold to some gang boss, mafia godfather or whatever. Surprisingly it was actually rather cushy. She was treated well and most importantly fed. She was basically a house made. Most people especially a slave would look at this as a positive outcome but Aurora was antys. Her muscles begged to run. Her instincts begged to stay hidden and most of all she was bored out of her mind. She began sneaking around stealing stuff and moving it to another place just to see his confusion when he found it somewhere he thought he hadn't left it. It was especially fun when she found something sensitive to his 'work' that was important to him. Those were always the best reactions. She also found joy in sneaking up on guests while acting casual about it, bonus points if she could make them jump. One day she got caught red handed when she snuck into his office which she was not supposed to be in and was always locked. She picked the lock though and there waiting was on of his goons. She confessed to everything she had done and her master forgave her. After all she never truly stole anything except some food and he had something in mind for her. He integrated her into his organization and trained her for breaking and entering. Someone to sneak past the enemy's defenses and gain information. First it was information, then it was theft or planting 'evidence', until finally murder. She was good at it too. Not even 20 yet and she was one of the most wanted assassin in Limsa Limosa. She justified it as nature. She was the predator and they were the prey. She had to do this to make a living. As with almost all criminals though she got caught. The rogue guild managed to trick her into a trap. For the third time in her life she definitely should have died. Instead they decided to jail her. There wasn't even a public trial or any trial for that matter. They just kept her in jail for a year. They interrogated her a lot which Aurora was glad it was so boring in jail she loved the interrogations. She happily turned in all the information she knew about her ex-master's organization. After all these were basically her masters now. And between everything she'd done for her ex-master and everything she wasn't supposed to see she knew enough that in the next few days the whole organization had been taking down. The following interrogations were more about her and her life so far, oddly enough. After about roughly a year they gave her a choice which now everything made sense with said choice. She could rot in jail or she could join the Malestorm and put her skills to good use there. Obviously she made the choice that wasn't going to kill her of boredom. A few more years and next thing you knew they trusted her to even leave their borders. Only recently has she begun trying to get in touch with her identity and what she wants. She's been trying all sorts of new things and has managed to become a respected weaver in Ul'dah. Paying a visit to Gridania for some materials she needed for her next project she ran into a curious Miqo'te who's captured her interest. He asked her to be his healer and she agreed.

Abilities and Skills:
Espionage and Assasination/Hunting are the skills she is by far the most proficient at. So proficient in fact she wears a mask to protect her identity at all times among other reasons.

Aurora has begun making a name for herself in Ul'dah as a talented weaver.

Aurora knows some basic knowledge in magic specifically in the healing arts.

Aurora's eyes are very sensitive to bright light. One of the reasons she is always wearing a mask is because it has a special lens which protects her eyes and allows her to see during the day.

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