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The city of Draconis

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The city of Draconis Empty The city of Draconis

Post by Astral on Fri Jan 03, 2014 6:02 am

Dragconis was named in honer of the dragon that let the first settlers on Iota live. Ever since then rarely is the city attacked by any of the natives and thus has thrived becoming the wealthiest and happiness city in all of Tedranog. It is on the east coast of Iota and is a trade city. People from all around Megalo come to Dragconis to buy their unrivaled wares. However as soon as one leaves the city they are throne into a world where few survive. The Natives keep Dragconis untouched so as to attract more humans so they may take advantage of anyone who leaves the safety of Dragconis.

Dragconis is a republic and elects a new ruler every 10 years. No one species dominates the city and instead is a diverse mix of all races sharing in the prosperity. As such much is tolerated here. No murder and no stealing are the only rules everything else goes. Most people are too happy to want to participate in criminal behavior though. Races that prefer the cold are rarely seen here.

Dragconis is also home to the biggest guilds in any trade. The most notable of which is the magic collage of Dragconis.

Recently there has been talk of over population and rumors have spread of people mysteriously disappearing. Now only the wealthy and or important are let in from Megalo. Those who sail away on a short trip are often not even allowed to return in an effort to bring down the population.

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The city of Draconis Empty The City of Draconis - Layout and basic information.

Post by Tenebris on Fri Mar 27, 2015 12:30 pm

The City State of Draconis is known as the city of eternal beauty, often found in poems and manuscripts by learned men it is often considered the jewel of the known world. Given its location within such an inhospitable land the City itself has become a bastion of law, protection and security. Known as a beacon for all settlers within the Continent of Iota, the City is flush with trade and commerce. Being the Commercial centre of the world due to its exotic goods, aspiring merchants and adventures using the City as a point of rest and to resupply.

Built on a hill which provides natural defence as a strategic location it is well known that the oldest building in the City and considered the most notable historically is the Western barracks giving insight to the hardships what the first settlers had to endure, currently the Barracks is home to the City Watch. The Heraldry of Draconis is decorated and embossed with a engraved Sigil of what appears to be two Dragons rampant to one another supporting a crown, one wields a sword as a symbol of might and the other a royal sceptre as a symbol of leadership. This Heraldry is depicted upon banners littering the eternal City and found upon the cuirass of each of the City watchmen. The architecture of the City begins simple, but as you climb the tiers leading to the Citadel you’ll find Draconic imagery etched into the very masonry and grand marvels of stonemanship.

Due to being built on a rocky plateau the City is split into different districts and tiers, the highest point and tier being that of the “Citadel” once home to the first Kings and monarchs of the City, it is now the seat of the Viscount as well as the Senate and Chamber of Consuls ((*For further information on the political branches of the City consult “City of Draconis-Political System”*)), the Citadel stands as a marvel, looming over the rest of the City it is made out of pure marble and gleams whenever the Sun basks itself upon it, as well always remaining cool and refreshing throughout the heat of the days.

The Tier then goes down to the Crystal Quarter, which is home to the richest and most powerful of the City, commonly known as “Uptown”, this area is split into six different districts, and is most known to house the upper class and pinnacle of society. The Buildings can range from large independent buildings, to out right estates and manors built within the City itself.

The Merchant Square is the centre of the City and the most active, although home to the middles classes what hold their own businesses and stores, the Square is an enterprise to what Draconis stands for. Rich in exotic goods, the market is always open selling a variety of different produce, as well as the stores built into every street within the tier. Several Inn’s also dominate the streets as the Square is the preferred location for adventures and travelling merchants to stop for the night. The Square is split into Twelve different districts.

The Commons, is the lowest tier within the City it is the lowest part of the City, and surrounds the walls of the City, although in recent years over population has caused the Commons to grown outside of the walls. The houses within the tier are mainly home to workers and retired settlers who own brownstone houses what line the streets almost door to door facing one another due to overpopulation. There is only Fifteen Districts within the Commons despite its size to ensure the working class don’t dominate the Senate.

The Slums around the outside of the Commons is not considered a tier and has no representatives in the Citadel. It is known for its crime and its unsavoury characters, those inns to be found here are usually filled with squalor and filth, but are certainly cheap. In recent years parts of the Slums have been moved and reformed as the Commons ever expands.

City Guards
The City of Draconis has not had a standing military since the time of its last King in ages past. Today, the City is protected by its various branches of Guards, the City Watch being the most numerous which has a branch and barracks within every district of the City which serve both as keepers of the peace and the constabulary to investigate any crimes within Draconis. These guardmen wear gambersons each in the colours what identify their district (Each District has its own heraldry and sigil, dating back as an old tradition from the coat of arms of the old Noble House which would of ruled the District before the birth of the republic), with andiron-rimmed helms wielding Poleaxes and kite shields.

The Laurel Knights, in their full plated attire, including a great helm with a stylistic laurel crafted onto the Helmet are the elite of the City, sworn to an oath of maintaining chivalry, honour and to protect the innocent, these Knights serve the office of the Viscount of Draconis. Often in times when a cadre of guardsmen are sent out to deal with a monster or creature what threatens the safety of the City, these champions of justice often serve as commanders. Often the Laurel Knights are seen protecting the Citadel at the apex of the City, or escorting the Viscount ensuring his personal safety. The history of the Laurel Knights like many old institutions of Draconis can be dated back to the Praetorian Royal Guards of the old Crown.

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The city of Draconis Empty Re: The city of Draconis

Post by Tenebris on Sun Oct 20, 2019 9:06 pm

Politics of Draconis.

The Senate is the centre of politics of Draconis. It convenes within the Citadel within Balefire Hall, overlooking Draconis below, and consists of two houses, the Senate House and the Chamber of Consuls.

The Republic Senate of Draconis consists of a bicameral chamber, the Senate House, consisting of a large number of elected representatives that deals with local issues for the various districts, and an Inner Chamber of Consuls that consists of a smaller number of appointed representatives focusing on national problems. Members of the Senate are part of one of two political parties. The Commonwealth Party, led by Viscount Tenebris Augustus Wyrmfire is a somewhat progressive party that advocates tolerance to the natives of Iota and desire to expand the lands and influence of Draconis through slow integration with the natives and maintaining the rights of the City's citizens, no matter race. The second party within the Senate is known as the Hardliners, led by Baron Ivorybane, is a traditionalist party that wishes for Human superiority and to expand Draconis through military conquest. The Commonwealth Party holds a Large majority in the Senate, allowing Tenebris to serve as Viscount quite comfortably, as leader of both the Senate and the entire City. The majority is usually maintained due to the vast variety of different Races living within Draconis, however many within the Hardliners are members of the City's age old aristocracy dating back to the time of the City's Monarchy, thus providing many powerful enemies to the Viscount.

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The city of Draconis Empty Re: The city of Draconis

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