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Sangha Kaatapoh (Final Fantasy Character)

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Sangha Kaatapoh (Final Fantasy Character) Empty Sangha Kaatapoh (Final Fantasy Character)

Post by Baldirak on Tue Mar 24, 2020 3:27 am

Name: Sangha Kaatapoh
Race: Miqo'te/Mixed
Gender: Male
Age: 24 Nameday: 20th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon

Appearance: Sangha has blueish-black skin. His hair his black with brown highlights and comes down to his shoulder blades at the back. He has the Keepers' longer ears and large eyes. His canines are shorter like the Seekers'. His tail is long and fluffy at the end. Sangha has heterochromia: his right eye is dark brown, while his left is a very pale almost silver blue. He wears orange colored face paint in the form of stripes that are reminiscent of a tiger. He has an average but muscular build. He always wears a glove on his right hand. He has a scar between his eyes.

Personality: True to the Keeper side of his heritage, Sangha is very reserved and avoids interaction outside of other Miqo'te unless it's necessary. Among his own kind though, Sangha is rather outgoing and is always looking for something fun to do. Sometimes he gets into moods where he is more quiet and just thinking about things. Though he's perfectly fine just running into situations without a single thought, he prefers to come up with a plan. It's rare for Sangha to really get mad about anything because he accepts that life--and people--is just going to do what it  wants to.

Abilities and Skills: Being a Miqo'te, Sangha has a natural affinity for hunting, so he wanted to become an archer. He's not too bad at it so far and hopes to one day become the best archer in Gridania. Because he is half Seeker, his eyes become slitted during the day and don't need to be shielded. He is also able to make his own wake/sleep cycle, instead of being completely diurnal or nocturnal.

Weaknesses: He is able to partially heal himself if he gets into trouble, but otherwise he has no magical knowledge to speak of. Strangely, Sangha is actually pretty terrible at sneaking. He can hide pretty well at night, at least if he's not trying to hide from a Keeper, but otherwise his hiding skills are just as bad.

History: Sangha Kaatapoh was born to a Seeker father of the Bear Clan, and a Keeper mother. Because of his lack of physical Seeker characteristics, his father chose to deny being his sire and even refuses to acknowledge his existence. His mother raised him alone and strictly according to the Keepers' culture, most notably by naming him Okhi'a. As he got older, however, Okhi'a's Seeker heritage started to show. When his eyes first opened--which happened during the day--they were slitted; his canines were noticeably shorter; his diurnal tendency was discovered when he slept at night. Okhi'a tried his best to fit in and make friends but was considered an abomination by a majority of his tribe. Overtime, the tribe became divided by those who hate Okhi'a and the few that felt sorry for him. Ultimately, to avoid an escalation, his mother kicked him out. Only 10 years old at the time, Okhi'a had to learn a lot through trial and error. He attempted to seek out his father, but not knowing his name--and with his father not wanting him anyway--he never did. In resentment of his mother, he changed his name. He chose Sangha, a name that came to him randomly while he was staring up at clouds; however, he decided to keep his given surname. Though he started off diurnal, Sangha was eventually able to switch between diurnal and nocturnal. Content with not having a tribe to call his own, Sangha traveled around for a few years, looking for a new start. One day, he woke up to find a light spot on his right hand that has slowly grown. He wears a glove to conceal it, afraid of being a scorn to even more of his fellow Miqo'te.

Sangha recently traveled to Gridania to train as an archer and start a new chapter in his life. At first he was going to become a warrior, but for some reason he doesn't like the idea of close combat. He prefers to strike from a distance, where his enemy won't see it coming. As he's begun his archery training, however, he's noticed that there are times when he'd probably be better off with a sword.

His first day in Gridania, Sangha met another Miqo'te, a Keeper female. She noticed his old boots and ushered him into her shop to get a new pair. He ran into her again later in the Black Shroud after a battle and she healed him. Once he knew she was a healer, Sangha asked her to accompany him whenever he left the city--at least until he got better at archery or learned how to do magic himself. He feels a little bad having to rely on her but does his best to watch her back as well. So far they only interact when he has to leave town, but Sangha wouldn't mind getting to know her better.

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