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Lexia, the young dragon

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Lexia, the young dragon Empty Lexia, the young dragon

Post by Lexia on Mon Apr 24, 2017 2:15 am

Name: Lexia
Species: Partial human/dragon hybrid.
Gender: Female.
Age: 11 years old.
Appearance: Lexia has the height of around 3 feet, a little short for her age. Her hair is really long, a deep black, her humanoid form holding two large, leathery wings. She has a long tail, reaching around 4 feet away from her. Small nodules appear along the spine of the tail, the bases of spikes which will grow when she's older. The tip of her tail has a rather pointed end, with tail fins on the end. She has a human form, which is identical in height and eye colour, with six streaks of colour running through her jet black hair. These are red, green, yellow, White, blue and purple.

Personality: Lexia is a very cheerful and carefree child, not really aware of how foreign her appearance might be. She finds fascination in the most absurd things, such as a butterfly fluttering in the breeze, carts being drawn, other creatures she hasn't seen before and all sorts of fascinating things. Although she pays attention to her mother, Lexia is naturally a bit quieter to strangers. It takes her years to be able to warm up to anyone before she becomes bubbly around them. Naturally, Lexia is incredibly trustworthy and innocent, blindly following those who she finds interesting and fascinating.

History: Lexia is a child of Astral, living with her for her whole life so far. For as long as she can remember, she's always had her dragon appendages.

Abilities and Skills:

Lexia is able to take flight with her dragon wings, even if it's a bit slow and clumsy.

Lexia, with her magic, is able to make small little orbs of fire, make tiny puddles of water, create an orb of light, cause a vine to grow, cause a cat-sized creature to form and create a tiny gust of wind.

She isn't able to fight, at all. Physically, she is quick and nimble for her age, but Lexia generally relies on her mothers guidance to help her hunt.

Lexia can, only for an hour or so, mimic the appearance of a human to hide her dragon heritage. This drains her of energy quite quickly, and she cannot hold it for long.

Lexia is a keen hearer and quick learner, not wanting to fail her mother.


Her magic drains her incredibly and she can only risk using two of the tiny abilities a day. Any more and she risks spending too much of her magic energy.

She's far too trusting and curious, which can get her into very awkward situations very quickly.

Her curiosity (or maybe stupidity) knows no bounds and she would happily walk up to a stranger and hug them if they seemed mad.

Lex has a natural passion for looking at and after sick or injured animals. If anything were to harm them, she would more than likely attack them, with little thinking going on through the whole process.

If she's startled while she's in her human form, attacked, stressed or angry, the human form fails and she turns back to her draconic appearance.

She's young, innocent and doesn't know how cruel some people can be.

Lexias powers are incredibly under developed compared to an adult dragon. Because of that, she isn't much of a threat at all.

Lexy also relies a lot on her mother for protection as her perception of danger far exceeds Lexias ability to judge if something is safe or not.

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