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Post by Astral on Wed Feb 25, 2015 3:34 am

Magic has been researched a great deal on Tedranog, particularly in the changing of oneself into a race more fortunate than them, whether due to a desirable trait or simply because they are stronger. While it has been shown to be possible to change ones entire genetic makeup, something that can never be changed with magic is an individual's nature magical capacity and regeneration. So even after changing into a race that has a greater magical capacity and regeneration, the individual will retain their natural one. The same is true even if becoming a race that has a lesser capacity and regeneration. Further study has also revealed that if one changes into a different race then mates with an individual of that same race, the resulting offspring will be a hybrid, representing the changed parent's original race. This has led all the races of Tedranog to frown upon changing ones race, though mostly because of the potential for being fooled and ending up with a child they didn't expect. And those who researched it were confused. It didn't make sense for two individuals of the exact same race, right down to their DNA, to produce offspring of a different genetic makeup just because one of the parents was using magic to be the race they were. A theory was formed that nature was a superior and unobtainable form of magic whose rules could be bent but not broken by the other magics of the world.

Like any spell in the world, the change requires a constant supply of magical energy to sustain it. The stronger the race you wish to become, the more energy you will need to sustain the change. For example, if you wanted to be turned into a Dragon, you would have to have one do it for you, as only a Dragon would have enough magical energy to do so. Interestingly enough, for an individual to change themselves into an identical, but still different, species would require the same amount of energy as someone who wanted to become a species that is drastically different in every way.

[OOC: The magic listed here is the only magic which exists in Tedranog. Magic is the only area of the Tedranog lore that can't be added to.]

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