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Post by Astral on Wed Jan 08, 2014 10:17 pm

Earth Magic draws its energy from the stuff around the user. Because Megalo is so deprived of magic not many people bother learning it. Very skilled Earth Magic users can even draw magical energy from other people, but it can be ery dangerous if you use it too often. Every time you use Earth Magic, some of that magic is tansferred to you; it acts like a disease, fighting against your own magic. If one isn't careful, the magic will win and they will die. Earth Magic is the only type which can create enchanted items and be used to curse people. Like all curses, they die out once the energy it has been given is drained. Those which feed off the victim's magic are easily spotted and removed. The only permanent curses or enchanted artifacts are the ones which are combined with Soul Magic or items with a lifetime supply of magic, like Phoenix feathers.

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