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Evangelyne - Barbarian of the North

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Evangelyne - Barbarian of the North Empty Evangelyne - Barbarian of the North

Post by Evangelyne on Tue Jan 14, 2014 9:24 pm

She fights, she bites, she brawls, she drinks, she hunts, and she ain't got no manners. Yes tis the life of a barbarian, where not looking someone in the eye is an insult and a punch to the gut is a sign of friendly encouragement.

Evangelyne - Barbarian of the North 7vzb

Name: Evangelyne (Or just Eva)
Species: Human
Appearance: Evangelyne has long blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Her body is scared on her left hip from a slash wound, and on her left arm from a puncture wound. Stands 5'11" but estimated to grow to be around 7' like some of her kin. Her figure is athletic with well muscle toning, and widening hips at an early age.

Personality: For the most part is a positive, energetic, curious person. but also blunt, and not afraid to speak her mind. In her village they are taught not to be afraid to comment on what they think or believe. But rather to boldly proclaim it and if anyone has a problem they can settle it the old fashion way with rocks and fists. She's also very loyal and trusting, sometimes even to a complete stranger. Patience in some areas like hunting or black smithing, but quick to anger in other areas like when her pride is challenged.  

Abilities and Skills: Since a young age the only way for her and her family to get food was to hunt it out of the wild with spears, bows, or slings. She killed her first deer at age 8 and has been hunting since. Hunting has taught her the meaning of stealth, to walk in a forest full of twigs and crackling leaves in absolute silence, to hide her presence, and have the patience to wait long periods of time for her prey. Also every young man or woman is required to take up arms and pitch in to defend the tribe. More is usually expected from the young boys to become strong men like their fathers but Evangelynes' father wanted sons and not a daughter so he pushed her harder than the other young-ins. She has grown skilled with melee weapons, especially the axe but can use daggers, swords, flails, and shields too.    But without weapons she is effective even with a rock, her fists, or even her teeth if she had to. She's not afraid to get rough up close, and personal with an enemy. Is fast, brutal, and relentless until her enemy admits defeat or their heart stops beating. But not just on a one-on-one either, part of her villages training is to fight off multiple opponents. Also bar fights typically break out and she gets enough practice just from those.

weapons and ammo: Her primary weapon is a large double bladed Mithril axe. She uses it to hack, smash, and cleave her way through enemy defenses and armor with wide feral strikes. Her armor is a combination of plates, chain mail, leather, and wolf fur. The fur covers her shoulders and goes beneath the chain mail. The mithril plated parts cover her  breasts, hips, and legs. The steel chain mail is beneath the plated parts of the armor. her abdomen and lower back are normally left exposed which helps with some of her flexibility but mostly because her own vanity likes to show off some of her figure but when on guard her shield covers a multitude of openings in her armor. Her shield is medium size that easily covers her midsection, and when in a low stance almost all her body, and is round. Its construction is mitril over steel, wood, and brass engravings. The edges of the shield have been given a ridge like trim so it can be used to batter and bash with devastating effects. The center of it has a shiny silver mirror polish used to reflect sunlight into the eyes and blind the enemy.  Her mid to long range weapon is her bow. The arrows have a pronged steel tip to easily cut through soft targets and then the prongs spread so that if someone were to try and remove the arrow they would end up ripping out more flesh. As a side arm is a steel rondel dagger, meant mostly for stabbing and works very effectively against chain mail, or slots and jointed areas of plate armor.  Finally her gloves are mostly leather with steel plates on the back of the hand and on the knuckles to not only protect the hand and wrists from blade contact but they can help deliver a mean sucker punch. Is skilled in other weapons too, but these are her most preferred and most skilled at.


Originates from a Germanic tribe of unknown northern lands. A mist covers those woods making it difficult for outsiders to find their way and are often ambushed by barbarians who wear thick armor, wield heavy weapons, intimidating skull helmets, and move through the trees like the wind. Their brutality and uncivilized manner earned them the name "Barbarians." thought they consider themselves quite civilized in their own customs. Their also known for creating the highest quality of steel, and mithril.

Her father wanted to have sons to carry on his lineage but when he was given a daughter he was left disappointed and when his wife died he prayed to the gods why he must have such pain.  Since he could not have any sons he would make a son out of what he had. Before the days came when young men began to train to become warriors he took Evangelyne out in the woods and taught her how to hunt. He forced her to drink the blood of a jack rabbit strait from its veins so she would know and crave the taste of blood. She didn't crave it, actually she thought the rabbit was adorable and cried when she killed it. But he eventually worked the puniness out of her. He also taught her the art of metal smithing and how to create some of man kinds strongest metals.Drilling her, running her, pushing her, and getting her into fights she was well experienced when it came to learn from the elders how to fight and be warriors. She surpassed her brethren in the trials, and yet still her father was not pleased. One night her father was out drinking at the village inn and came home. He asked her if she had caught anything for the day and when she replied "No" he began to beat her with his fists. Eva took it but then began to fight back, she grabbed him, bit him, and then threw him through the open window of their hut. Outside they brawled while their neighbors took bets on who would win , and he ended up on top of her but she managed to get her legs up and put him in a choke hold between her ankles. She asked him why he disliked her so much and he finally admitted it was because her mother died in child birth. She died because of her. He broke out of her hold and was about to grab hold of her when she caught him off guard with a head butt and dropped him cold. She heard loud sighs from the neighbors who bet against her.

Afterward her father had a hint more of respect for her. He didn't try to beat her anymore but he still would threaten to put the hurt on her and still advanced her training. He didn't call her worthless or incompetent either but insisted it was for her own good. He did not truly respect her until their village was attacked by a neighboring tribe. They fought well to defend their territory and slain many of the invaders. Eva herself shot three men, and killed half a score with her axe. In the middle of all the heat she was shot through the shoulder while taking shots from a rooftop and tumbled down to land in a hay stack. Her father found her, hauled her up to her feet, and told her to shut up while he broke off the end of the arrow in her and then yanked it out. He then roughly bandaged her with a bare cloth and told her to flee. When she refused his order and insisted on not abandoning her people he smiled for the first time then sprang back into the fray. When it was over she found her fathers trail of blood leading to the cemetery where her mothers grave was to find him knelt down before the tombstone. A spear was going through his heart and his breathing was short gasps. When he looked up at her he smiled and commented that he never really realized how much she looked like her mother. He told her to keep her stance low, her shield up, and to keep that boy across the lane from putting his stupid lips on her. Then lifted his head once more and said to her: "I wanted a son....but....Aie, I suppose you'll do." Evangelyne waited expecting him to say more but his eyes became dull and he was gone.

The village just wasn't the same without the man who taught her, put her through hell, and finally accepted her. So she began to wander other lands taking her weapons and stopping anywhere they served soft beds and beer. Her bordom and need for a paycheck lead her to the profession of bounty hunting. She caught and killed a few but it just didn't feel right to hunt someone down for someone elses personal grudge or a petty law that made no sense. But most of all to judge and condemn some one whom she doesn't even know the nature of their crime. Not that she condoned injustice, but laws didn't always appeal to barbarians. Being a mercenary she made an acceptation guard, enemies of her clients would fear being mauled to death by someone who might take on a bear with her bare hands. But one day when meeting a very skilled swordsmen she was bested and slashed through the hip causing her to lose her feet for the second time in her life. But before she could see her death she was rescued and now bound by a life debt to a friend, Riken, perhaps the only one she willingly takes orders from.

Weaknesses:  She doesn't always use her head and can be deceived by those with a silver tongue quite easily. not one for verbal debates either. Distance attacks are difficult for her. You cant hold a shield and shoot a bow at the same time its kinda hard. Light weapons that use finesse, and quickness can sometimes evade blade contact and counter her wide range of aggressive attacks. Magic is a pain for her, the physical realm has always been inferior to the supernaturals that come with such mystical arts.

Edge: Her strength, speed, stamina,  and ferocity give her the edge in close quarters combat able to overpower lighter armed foes with heavy weapons and to continue the fight with juggernaut persistence. Is also effective in mass melee situations having good perception of her surroundings and not very easy to sneak up on. Even if were to lose her weapon she can use her shield or body to deliver brutal blows. Also has the durability to survive long periods of time in the wilderness.

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