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Yudi Empty Yudi

Post by Astral on Thu Jan 09, 2014 2:19 am

Species:Lightning dragon

Yudi Wpid-ziD0zwLV6H8
Imagine this but yellow.

Yudi Yellow-Dragon-Draco2

More like this but without the strange ear fin or the........ does anyone else find that dragon a little off. Anyways more like that but without the thing that I can't figure out that makes it seem strange.

Just born but appears to be very energetic and independent minded.

Her egg was found in a cave by Alexander who decided to raise the creature.

Abilities and Skills:
Other than the normal dragon ability's Yudi is a lightning dragon and can store and release large amounts of electricity in her body. Her body automatically generates a small amount of electricity which adds up over time. If a large amount of electricity is needed immediately she can use magic to generate a lightning storm and absorb the lightning.

Other than the normal dragon weaknesses she is just a baby! As such her scales are not very hard and she is not very strong. Like all babies she is extremely vulnerable.


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Yudi Man_st10

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