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Post by Astral on Wed Jan 15, 2014 9:22 pm

The least common of the 3 major Iota races Dafurai are amphibious insects with 4 wings and a very long tail. They look much like dragonflys but are much larger about the same size of Phoenixs. They make their homes underwater in the ocean and lakes. Unlike the other 2 major Iota races the Dafurai do not form communities of any sort; they are lone sharks.

The Dafurai are sinister tricksters. They enjoy placing curses on people sometimes resulting in a fate worse than death. They are even rumored to have created the mermaid race. The Dafurai are the biggest players in giving others their power. Indirectly messing with people is their favorite pass time.

Like all of the 3 major Iota races the Dafurai have incredibly large pools of magical energy and they are skilled in all forms of magic. Along with their magical prowess the Dafurai have a number of physical advantages too. Their exoskeleton acts like a very strong armor. While it isn't as strong as dragon scales it is still strong enough to keep out basic weapons and arrows. Their tail has a barb at the end which can deliver an insanely toxic poison that has no know cure not that you would live long enough to cure yourself anyways. Death happens in 10 seconds. With their tail they are also able to produce web which can be fired out to capture prey and stuff. Their blood is also tainted with this poison.

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