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Astral, The Cloaked Wander

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Astral, The Cloaked Wander  Empty Astral, The Cloaked Wander

Post by Astral on Sat Jan 04, 2014 4:50 am

Species:Half Human Half Dragon
Gender: Female
Age: 28

Astral, The Cloaked Wander  04ad8811
5 foot 4 inches 250 lbs Astral wears a cloak to hide her appearance. Her tail is wrapped around her waist and her wings are tightly tucked against her body. With her cloak on and her tail wrapped around her waist Astral has a hard time with balance.

Astral's favorite food is sea food. She also happens to be nocturnal. Astral has grown to hate humans. She hates them for killing her father and their treatment of herself. She no longer hates being part dragon. Now she wishes she wasn't human at all. When traveling Astral will often attack humans on sight. She tends to be a little more friendly with the other races. Astral wanders around looking for a purpose in life.

Astral was born in an egg. Her mother was a very rare dragon who's species was always near extinction. Her father was an average human who fell in the love with the dragon. They live in a cave hidden within a waterfall. One day when Astral was still only 2 her father went to town and somehow the residence had found out about his love affair though they didn't know about the child. They considered the act a pure evil action punishable by death so they hung the man in front of the entire village as an example to all.

Astral's mother fearing for her daughters safety raised her in complete solitude. However every day that Astral grew older her mother would feel more and more guilty. For in her special breed of dragons they had evolved a feature that would help ensure their endangered survival. Basically should anyone have their DNA it would start out as virtually non existent even but slowly once puberty began instead over going through the changes normal to that species they would under go a slow transformation until they were completely dragon with their previous heritage completely wiped away. When Astral turned 13 her mother began to notice her daughters eyes changing. She ran away not being able to bear telling Astral of what was about to happen to her.

Astral has faced much abuse from the human species of the world. There was one point were she wanted to be human but now days not only does she appear nothing like a human but also she hates her human heritage. She plans on making all humans pay for what they have done to her, her father, and all dragon kind.

Abilities and Skills:
She can fly thanks to her wings and she is incredibly agile in the air thanks to her tail fins.

Astral is much stronger than she looks. Her strength can be compared to some of the strongest humans.

Astral can hold her breath for 3min.

A large resistance to poison, disease, and fire.

Eye sight is incredible being able to see in the dark, see further than a hawk, and able to see heat.

Her brand new scales help protect her against weapons and she also has all around increased durability.

Hearing is incredible. Can hear the foot step of a deer from a mile away.

sense of smell is slightly above average.

Can eat raw meat.

Astral's dragonic heritage is slowly taking over her human heritage until there is nothing human left about her. Stress will accelerate the rate at which the dragon DNA will take over.

Astral knows how to speak dragon and the common language.

Because of her dragon heritage Astral has a born innate talent for all types magic. Though it isn't as strong as full dragons its still on par with the best magic users in the world.

Astral's wings are the most delicate part of her body. Much care is taken in making sure they don't get hurt.

Due to her incredible hearing loud noises can be extremely irritating and even greatly effect her focus.

While her tail fins provide her with precision flying if she were to loose one she would lose the ability to fly all together until she learned how to fly without them. Although her superior agility in the air would be lost.

Astral is cold blooded.

Astral has a carnivorous stomach and is stuck to a purely meat diet.

Astral's sense of touch is below the norm thanks to her scales. If distracted she won't notice someone lightly touching her scales.

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