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[MATURE 18+] Seamen Snake

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[MATURE 18+] Seamen Snake

Post by Astral on Wed Apr 08, 2015 12:21 am

The Seamen Snake is actually an Eel. This Eel has adapted a unique way of getting its nutrients. Instead of eating other animals or plants the Seamen Snake actually gets its nutrients from the seed of male creatures much larger than itself. It has adapted a special venom that increases the sperm production in males as well as eliminates the cool down time after ejaculation. They wait in the water for swimmers and latch on driving their fangs into them arousing them and feeding off of the non stop cum. Some men have been known to keep these Eels as pets to use as masturbating aids experiencing multiple orgasms. Its a win win.

These Eels do not only prey only on men though. Women can also fall victim however the women lose in this area. The Eel's venom has a slightly different effect on women. Along with making them aroused it makes every part of their body extremely sensitive. The Eel will then enter the women's vagina and pleasure them till they orgasm at which point they take the opportunity to enter the women's womb. From there they will tease the women internally whenever it gets hungry demanding she have intercourse with a man. The hungry it gets the more frequent and intense the internal arousal and stimulation gets. If it gets too bad the Eel will stimulate her to the point of being unable to do anything but sit there and starve as she repeatedly passes out for being pleasured non stop. The only known way to remove the Eel is to die and it wiggle out or see a very expenisve telekenetic speciality in draconsi.

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