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Garland and the blue lady(aka shady lady) A Grotesque Romance

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Garland and the blue lady(aka shady lady) A Grotesque Romance Empty Garland and the blue lady(aka shady lady) A Grotesque Romance

Post by Riken Serkesh on Mon Feb 17, 2014 9:42 pm

"Aie, I know of the phantom. yes he is a myth, a legend.  Supposedly he was a knight, a captain with high praise who died and because he was betrayed his rage extends beyond the grave and his ashes became part of his armor making him the black inky figure we see now. But its...just a legend its not real my good boy." _Rustle the blacksmith

"The pahntom! haha you don't know!? why that's a favorite ghost story around these parts. A man was betrayed by his lover and a company of his finest men to the death. They didn't bury him but tossed him in a ditch and burned him. The last thing he saw was his lasses face. He's come back from the dead to strangle her and all the babes not loyal to their men! ARRR-hahaha! Oh relax lass its just a story." _Joseph the sailor

"Hmm...I know of it...we buried him in a ditch out in what is known as the black woods now. We just couldn't believe our most faithful captain would betray us. Him and his bitch. We never found the woman who was his lieutenant. She escaped us by turning into...something weird, it was blue and broke like glass then she was gone. There was sightings of her afterward every once in a blue moon but am sure she is long gone just like the phantom. I know, because I killed him. I shot him six times in vital places. No one survives that many shots from my bow, or at least no one did. He took several stabs in the back from spears and swords too. I was the one who shot him. They called a few of us to back up some knights heh pitiful bastards they think their so cool in their armor but archers are the way to go. Anyway, I was selected to provide the ranged cover for them, when suddenly they all start fighting each other and saying things like "the king said this. the king said that, and in the kings name!" One stood out over the rest and was beating them like a drum. One man against a small army. He looked like the officer in charge of them, and I was given the order to eliminate the threat. I put the first on right through his heart, but he didn't stay down. I shot, and reloaded five more times. When your a shooter for as long as I was you don't miss vital spots. I didn't know who I helped kill until we went to bury the body. Our captain... He was something else....lock your doors every night when you stay around these parts...those woods are evil...." _Rudolf Engle, retired soldier, 1st archer division.

"Garland and the blue lady! ohh that was my favorite love story! They looked after each other when they were orphans and fell in love as soldiers when they grew up. But love goes on beyond the grave, she was given a promise he would never leave her side and now his spirit haunts her to hold her in his arms every night. EEEE! sorry its just so romantic, its every girls dream to be loved like that." _Jessica, a local worker at the mill.

Some of it is true, some of it is not. But at one time there was a man by the name Garland, perhaps one of the most prestigious captains of the knights templer. The knights Templer, were a fellowship of the finest knights who served their king, country, and justice. They brought aid to the weak, and charity to the poor.  But Garland, is one that they soon wished to forget. He is believed to be a traitor, and now a menace from beyond the grave while his faithful companion in life is still searched for.

His life began as an orphan boy, abandoned to fend for himself. He was just a scrawny thing, timid and cowardly too. He would not have lasted long if it wasn't for his guardian angel: Serena, a girl who was also orphaned left to her own devices. Serena was younger than him but much more outgoing and took care of him like an older sister or motherly figure. She would be the only matriarchal person and friend he had ever had, and he followed her around like a lost puppy. What he liked the most about her was how he always felt safe around her, like somehow he had a chance at living if he stayed with her, and her bright heart warming smile.  When he met her he was cowering in a corner of a back alley after being beaten up by some boys bigger than him. He looked up to see a girl smiling down at him, even she was bigger than him at the time. "Here." she said with a smile and offered him an apple. A few minutes ago those boys robbed him of the only food he could find but this girl was sneaky enough to steal it back just for him. He asked her if she was a magician but he really wanted to know if she was an angel.

Serena as a child:
Garland and the blue lady(aka shady lady) A Grotesque Romance 293188-bigthumbnail_zps26233e88

The two of them grew up together like a pair of inseparable siblings, and made quite a good team in taking what they needed. Garland eventually grew taller, stronger, and faster than Serena and became better at providing for them. Serena would use her feminine whiles and beauty to distract the good shop keepers or guards while Garland would scamper along roof tops or dash along walls and steal whatever they could get their hands on. They saved each others necks several time, like once Garland was caught and Serena slipped her soul out of her body and possessed the prison guard. Though the guards body she picked the cell locks and they disappeared through the roof. Having learned of this power she had he made her swear he would tell no one of her gift or she may be hunted as a witch.  Another time Serena became surrounded by soldiers who would have had their way with her had Garland not showed up, disarmed a man taking his halberd then took on and won against eight men. Having seen this display was Charles Cromwell, the founder and leader of the knights Templar. Before the archers were ordered to shoot he shouted out for them to stop, and instead approached Garland and offered him employment as one of the most noble knights on the continent. Serena watched from the shadows while he climbed up onto a wagon and was taken to the castles. Garland looked back for his companion knowing she was close by, but said nothing about her for fear they would know of her forbidden skills.

Two years past and he had begun to think he would never see Serena again. Perhaps it was for the best, he was making a wealthy pay for just an squire, he was serving the people, the law, and most of all God. It was required that the Templars go to mass every sunday to cleanse themselves of their sins, to be righteous before their god. None questioned the agenda of these knighs with the assumption that they received their orders from heaven. But one Sunday morning while Garland was lighting the candles around the alter in preparation for mass he saw a figure in a dark corner of the room and could have sworn he saw her face, but when he rushed to look Serena was no where to be found. He began to see her in his dreams and begun to wish he had not left her behind. Was she angry with him? Had he really abandoned her? His guilt drove him to the confession booths and he had to excuse himself from duty all day. The priest listened with compassion for the young man and told him that the heaviest burden a man has to carry under the sun, is remorse for a woman.  But that the father knows his heart is contrite. The same night he was finding it impossible to sleep. He couldn't stop thinking about Serena feeling the guilt for abandoning her. What was the point of going to stupid confession if it just made you feel worse? Something hit his window. A bird? A branch? It came again. Tap....Tap...Carfully opening the window he peered down and *Whack!* someone was throwing rocks at his window and one just hit him square in the face. "Gar!...Garland!" someone was wispering loudly up to him. He looked down again and his face went pale, it was Serena, she'd found him.

The next morning Charles went to knock on the door of is apprentices room. It was odd, usually Garland was up before everyone and was always trying to be a step ahead. He was just one of those 1up over achievers but today no one had seen him and the sun was coming up. "Garland! you in there boy? hey, are you sick lad? Garland!" he banged on the door a few times then barged his way in. He saw his messy patch of hair poking out over the sheets and came over to him, picked up one end of the bed and shook it. Not one but two startled faces looked up at him. Beside and nuzzled up close to him was a small girl, peasant and starved by the looks of her. "HAHAH! Well well Garland, if your going to invite your girlfriend over you can tell her to just take the front door next time!" Garland blushed and looked at Serena then at his master with a scowl. Best night of his life, worst morning.  He thought they were going to kick Serena out but Charles took pity on her, and was willing to listen to their story. When hearing of her mental abilities he did not damn her as a witch.
"Aie.... We hunted down a sisterhood of witches disguised as nuns. They had the same powers you possess in your blood. It took us most of my career to eradicate the last of them. When we found the last of their lot it was a woman who looked much like you miss Serena, almost exactly. She held a babe in her arms, I lifted my weapon to end it quick and painlessly, but when I looked into her eyes I did not see fear, nor sorrow for her own sake but mine. She pitied us because she knew once I had done so, we would all be godless. It wasn't like killing the other witches who screamed in hatred for our brood. no...that one I had to let go. But, where she'd gone and what happened to her after that I know not. Forgive me my child, I was not so much the man of god I am now. And still my sins stain my soul red." He almost shed tears as Serena hugged him and told him she'd forgive him.  But Charles couldn't care less for the girl, he only wanted her powers. He didn't see the point in destroying the witches anymore, so long as there was one left who had their blood line he could use it as his weapon without opposition as was the plan from the beginning.

Serena as adult:
Garland and the blue lady(aka shady lady) A Grotesque Romance Kona2_zps8c9d36cc

Garland rose to the ranks of a captain, and beside him Serena became his lieutenant. Her abilities to partly see into the future gave them a prediction on their foes before entering the battle and allowed them to adjust their tactics to give them the winning odds. Her other ability to slip her soul into other bodies made her the ultimate for covert operations. Garland began to feel slightly inferior to her and even a little jealous of how she collected more praise than him from Charles and as they matured she developed into a beauty coveted by every man in the templars. It began to annoy Garland how she got so much worship and attention she got, yet he didn't know why. One day they had a city under siege, Garland was the commanding prefect  of the division and his orders were to hold until Serena could arrive so she can advise him on the best path to victory as usual. But he had a problem, supplies were running low, and the moral was diminishing without her. They might not be able to sustain until she can get there. Garl had to show them they didn't need Serena, they could believe in him too. He mustered up his men and without permission he ordered the final assault. It was a blood bath, and almost all his men died but after two days of non-stop fighting, he stood on the city walls and flew the templars flag high and proud.

"You are a cruel! Selfish! Glory hungry boy!" Charles was not amused. Garland was kneeling on the floor of his chambers with his head down trying to explain to them that he did in fact win. But their losses were so terrible it crippled the templars and infuriated Charles.  He was considering the option of exiling Garl from the templars when Serena came in. "It was not Garl, sir, I sent him in to attack the city. In my forsight, I saw that by taking the city we would lose many but by not attacking we would lose much more." She handed him a letter with her signature on it stating that it was her who sent the order. It was a lie, in her foresight she had forseen that Garland would be impulsive in his attempt to out do her but would only out do himself and be expelled from the order. So she constructed the letter to bail him out. Charles believed it, but it did not ease his temper much. He dismissed both of them for a month with pay while he gathered and rebuilt the Templars as much as he could.

The suicide note(Mature warning):
 Something was strange a two nights after Serena saved him from being cast out of the Templars. Serena was acting very morbid, and sad for her usual self. Garland began to wonder so when the knights were camped on the side of a mountain he poked his head into her tent. "Hello? Serena...Hello?" It was silent, so he cautiously entered to see her at a desk writing in a ledger and he could her her sniffling and sobbing. "Serena..." They didn't need more words, she turned and embraced him burring her face in his deep chest. He held her, not knowing why she was like this but he would be there for her. She looked up at him and suddenly she kissed him. He was shocked, never had there ever been something like this between them but now his heart was racing, and he felt uneasy like he never did before yet anxious. Her body, so soft, and she was so warm. His hands felt down her back, and threaded through her long  silky hair. He felt her sides as he slid his hands down, she'd always had a good figure but to actually explore her body so freely was almost numbing with disbelief. She suddenly let out a groan and he realized that his hand had moved back up and was on her left breast and gripping her hard too. Did he do that? he...touched Serena...his life long friend who...and now...was he really awake? Did she make that noise because she liked it?! It was so soft too and surprisingly perky and full. And now he was laying her down and positioning him self over her - NO! ....he stopped with his nose burried in the curve of her neck after laying the hundredth kiss on her smooth skin, even leaving a light bruise. Lifting his head he looked at her and sighed. "We can't...we don't have the luxury of being just man and woman. We are soldiers, we serve a holy cause for the free world. I'm sorry Serena, I cannot comfort you in that way." He got up and put his shirt back on. When did she?...she took his shirt off somewhere in all that it was just such a blur and he felt glad they stopped before anything else went missing. "Garl...Am sorry I just thought...I just thought it might be what was needed...But I guess I was thinking selfishly. I don't mean to steal all the glory you know, I really do all this for you, not for the templars and am sorry but not for any holy cause either I couldn't care less for a god who would take my mother and leave me like scrap on the side of the road or a god who has to have us fight for him I mean how-" Garland turned and back handed Serena across the side of the face so hard it made her fall back on the bed. He was on her again and had her hands pinned above her head. "Don't you ever speak like that again! You could be burned like the witch you are for treason like that! Never again!" And with that he left her tent leaving her to crumble back into a crying mess on her bed.

The next mourning Serena was gone. Her tent was still standing and full of her things but she was no where. On the desk was the ledger she was writing in and open to its last entry. When Garland picked it up it read: "Tonight, my dear friend I will try to change destiny, I will try to change myself...Am not the only witch out there, my mother still lives, and I fear I am the only one of us among the knights who can kill her. You have grown strong and wise, it is you they should be praising not me. I decided I would give you the last gift I can. If you accepted me, I would stay and let this become someone else s problem. My gift and terrible curse to foresee things thought you wouldn't but its that thin wall of hope that drove me to do it, hope is terrible to have when you know the outcome. It torments you, hope is pain. I just hope you don't feel the same pain, you were right, we can't have those luxuries, and I was foolish to try. Thank you Garland, you will always be in my heart even at the end of all things."

Garland burst out of the tent and mustered up as many men as possible in as little time and organized search teams. Dogs, hawks, anything used for fast tracking or hunting in those days. They fanned out and searched every part of the wood for her scent and tracks. Serena did not take a horse, and she was not a fast runner so she could not have walked far. He had a sinking gut feeling. Maybe he should have given into his desire and just slept with her...yet he wouldn't never...she knew..but why? Almost an entire day went by and all he could do was frantically search and worry about her until he began to feel sick and had to stop so he could vomit beside a stream. While looking at the water he saw something in its reflection. A stone pillar standing up like a finger pointing towards heaven. Strange, he'd never seen that before in these woods. Making his way through the trees and cutting back the under brush with his sword he saw a huge alter of sacrifice up on a low mound. Smoke came from burning piles of ashes around it obscuring the view but peering through the fog he could see a body...long hair...pale skin...a woman...Serena...dead.

Garland and the blue lady(aka shady lady) A Grotesque Romance Sh01_01_zps61a3d19d

He bolted to the alter and pushed the instruments and chalices aside then gently rolled her onto her back. He almost gagged at the site of her she was so mangled, gored, and mauled he didn't even recognize her. Her skin was cold, pale, clammy, and covered in deep cuts and blood all over. Some lacerations were so deep he could see the bone and fibers of flesh hanging out. He hadn't noticed it but the burning piles of ash around the alter had some human bones in them. They were remains of whoever was committing the sacrifice. He lifted her up and hugged her cold corps as he wept openly and shamelessly for his most beloved friend. All the men saw and removed their helmets to bow their heads in silence. He couldn't help but feel weak and sick all over again.

When he left the body for the medics to recover and go vomit again by the stream something strange went on. The doctors were lifting her body up off the alter when suddenly one man grew pale and his veins began to pop out all over his skin. He made a gasping sound for air and then collapsed. Shortly after him the other doctor did too. The men rushed over to pull them away from the alter and checked them but they were dead. "HHH!" They all jumped as Serenas mouth opened and she took in a deep breath of air and her eyes opened. They all froze as they witnessed her corpse come alive, and watched as her eyes closed again and she began to fall into a rhythm of short panting breaths. "Hey...she's alive! Lieutenant Serena is alive!" A man shouted and ran over to her but as soon as he tried to measure her pulse by feel he too suddenly stiffened up and got pale like the doctors did and so did another man when he accidentally brushed up against her arm while trying to pull the first man away. "Don't touch her! stay back!....she's absorbing our life - look!" Her skin was no longer pale and her injuries were starting to heal too. Her breathing was becoming more smooth. "Witch! she'll kill us to live again! This is an evil place, the dead are coming back to life at the expense of the living!  Kill her - kill her!" Someone lifted an axe and got ready to behead her but Garland came charging in from the forest "NO!" his voice boomed out loud enough to fill the woods and was more like a lions roar. He stopped the axe at its wood shaft with his hand, pulled it from the man and hit him with its handle. He ordered all of them to stay back and threw down his own weapons to show he was not going to fight. Then he turned to Serena and gently took her hand into his own looking down at her with tears in his eyes. He lifted her up again and held her close like he did before. He felt sick, cold, and like his life was being sapped away. His own skin got pale and his veins also began to surface on his skin he felt his life going dim. Suddenly he felt warmth...Serena was so warm and her pulse could be felt with their bodies pressed so tightly together. Then she gasped again as she took in another deep breath and he felt her arms go around him.  "Hey stupid...don't go running off in the woods like that." Serena giggled and sorta sobbed at  the same time. "I shoulda known you'd be stupid enough to follow me...Garland..."

He still felt weak and cold whenever he was around her for the rest of the season but before too long it was all back to normal. They never spoke of that night, and she would latter explain to him that she had confronted the remaining witches of her family Charles was not willing to tell her about. She tricked them into letting herself be a sacrifice but something had gone terribly wrong, a creature of the underworld devoured their flesh in flames and then mauled her own body with its claws of glass before entering her body. Her soul eventually mingled and became one with it, the demon..if it was one, had lost its consciousness in the peace of her soul and surrendered itself to eternal sleep within her kindred spirit. Latter the attributes of this spirit would enable her body to become an ectoplasm much like glass and her ability to manipulate its construct. Such a thing made Garland feel distant from her...yet the new darkness in her was also very alluring....    

Six months after their suspension Charles had a new and final mission for them. Pathfinders had been seen converging around a location in the black woods, strange that they had drawn the templars attention as they preferred to work in the background of shadows and not been seen. They also operated in small splinter factions as to avoid notice. But, large groups have been seen and when investigating they learned that a witch was at hand and a terrible viral outbreak was on the loose because of this evil woman. The templars were sent in to aid the villagers before the pathfinders had reason for annihilating them but upon arrival it was nearly too late. They camped outside the village and began to treat them with what medicines they had but as the days passed on the men began to get weary and ill with mental confusions as a vile spell from the witch began to settle over them. They grew resentful of Captain Garland and questioned their reason for being there. Siding with the pathfinders the men betrayed Garland and in popular vote decided to revoke his command. They confronted Garland early one night as soon as the moon had come up insisting that they kill the villagers lest the disease spreads or even infects them but Garland refused and stood his ground between a horde of angry men stating that their founder and Chief commander would not see it that way. He was about to reach for the hilt of his sword when he felt Serenas hand on his arm and turned to see her with a rolled up letter in her hand and watched in disbelief as she read it out loud. "By order of supreme chief and commander, Eliminate the villagers of black woods grove and anyone infected. Quarantine the site for eight days and do not let one man, woman, child, or even any animal enter the quarantined site or they shall be under penalty of death. All who oppose this order are convicted of treason and to be punished by death on site. ...sighned...Charles Cromwell." She slowly rolled the letter back up and looked down grimly. "Serena...we can't...those are innocent lives in that village -"  "Those who oppose this order are convicted of treason." Serena repeated the words of the letter, then turned her back on Garland and began to walk away. "..and are to be punished by death. Captain Garland, you are relieved of your position as you are compromised and convicted of treason. You shall be punished by execution. Take former Captain Garland and exercise him please gentlemen." It was such a shock to Garland to see his life friend betray him and walk away coldly ordering his execution. Taking him and shackling him they marched him off into the trees where they knelt him down and readied a sword to behead him.

"Nothing personal Capn' ahhkkahhh..ccllhh..." The executioner suddenly started to choke on something and grabbed his throat falling over and vomiting up chunks of broken glass and blood. The other guard began to bleed from his ears and eyes then fell over dead. From behind the shadow of a large oak Serena walked out and came to kneel by Garland and cut the ropes binding his hand but he would not thank her. Instead he grabbed her by the throat and forced her back to the tree. "You tried to have me killed?!" he demanded but she did not struggle and her eyes were honest. "I mnngg...wanted to give you a chance to escape...ahhn!" He dropped her and she fell clasping her throat and gasping for breath. He understood now she never meant to betray him. "You best make for the Hills Serena, I can't let them kill those people, but I understand what your plan was now and I thank you for it but I am not the kind of man to run away when innocent blood is ready to be spilled. But, I can't do this without your help. I must know your safe and far away from here. And Serena..." He helped her stand and kissed her soft lips for the last time while he stroked her long silky hair. Not another word passed between them and he left going back to the village. Did serena flee or not? he would never know but trusted she would obey his last order.

Upon reaching the village Garl was almost too late as the slaughter had begun, a young girl cowered between two huts as an axe was raised ready to behead her but was stopped by Garlands hand as he let out a mighty roar the whole village could hear. He struck down the assailant with his bare hands and took from him his weapon then engaged the onslaught. Men flew off their feet and crashed into nearby huts, or their weapons shattered and fled from his wrath. Until someone got a lucky stab in his left leg slowing him down yet still their numbers were dropping like flies. An arrow whistled from somewhere in the shadows and before he could even see it he felt it come out the other side of his chest. Dead accurate, through the heart. He stopped and so did everyone else watching him and pointing their weapons at him as if he was some sort of terrifying wild animal.   He let out another cry and went crashing back into their ranks, hacking heads off, dismembering bodies, and getting slashed and stabbed himself but like a juggernaut from a nightmare refused to go down. Another arrow stopped him as it went into his lungs, and then another priced his throat.  He staggered and almost stumbled but still did not fall. A spear man took a lunge at him and ran him through his back and out the other side but he broke off the spear head and turned to puncture the man in the throat. "Garland is back from the dead...hes...hes...the devil!" one man shouted in pure fright and dropped his weapon to flee. The act encouraged many others to run too but those who remained witnessed the final arrow sink into his eye socket and protrude out the other side. As he fell dead the last dozen men remaining carefully approached his body and jabbed him with spears from a safe distance to be sure he was dead. They dug a ditch and put his body inside, nailed his wrists, ankles, and chest into the ground in case he some how managed to come back to life and come charging at them again. They also crammed a stone in his mouth thinking it would block the entrance to his body in case his soul tried to return.

When it was all clear and over, the village destroyed and the body left to rot Serena returned to the scene and looked over his body. She closed his eyes and removed the stone in his mouth then put his sword over his chest and his hands on the hilt as a knight would lay in his grave properly. She wept for him for several days and became weak and sick. When she could cry no more she was about to leave when something caught her eye. The arrow in his heart was not a standard issue of their archers. It was slightly shorter, and had a carbon frame instead of a wooden one. Lighter shaft, but heavier tip, and it priced his armor like butter when a regular arrow should have been deflected.  Carefully removing it she studied it..pathfinders. Her hunch lead her to secretly investigate Charles Cromwell and eaves dropped on him having a conversation with a pathfinder scout who confirmed to him the death of Captain Garland. That night his personal guard heard screams and ran to his room to find him completely encased in a glass box with glass shards sticking into the center impaling him from multiple angles. The Templars broke up and many became rogues or small factions of the templars but never as they used to. Serena was never seen but rumors of a witch by the name "Blue lady." who was typically seen as a sad(hence why they say she's "blue") widow either in all black or black and blue and would read peoples fortunes with dark arts. Latter became known as the "shady Lady" but always seemed to be able to disappear when authorities came. One officer reports throwing a javelin at her only to see her turn to some sort of glass crystal and then shatter into tiny sand size dust particles and float away.

A few years latter Serena stumbled upon a book of forbidden necromancy arts and to save herself from the wrath of an angry spirit she summoned Garland from the dead by accident. "Zim-zalaboom!..haha! yea! eat this you..uh..this is my servant uh...Garland?!" she exclaimed as she saw her long lost friend standing before her as a wraith. He was so dark, misty, and just down right terrifying she couldn't believe it was actually him and with one stroke of his ghostly sword he swept the phantom that was chasing her clear out of the room. He came back to her and bowed on one knee and said in a distorted and deep demonic voice. "what is thy bidding my mistress." ...and she just said..."Holy biscuits."  "Holy articles of food do not really exist my lady, not even the Eucharist, am afraid that was only a symbol and will not save you from the depths of which I have seen." He said to her blankly and she laughed. Serena could never tell the new Garland who she was or who he was. His memory was distorted and he did not known her. He only knew she was his summoner and mistress. He could not feel love, or affection, and Serena was just too confused to give that too him either. He has been faithfully protecting her since that day. Somehow because she loved him she must lie to him, and perhaps this was the best type of love they were meant to share. A cold witch, and a dead man.
His legend has made people pray to the blue lady in hopes he would hear their prayers through her and avenge them or come to their aid often ending in "In the name of the blue lady." and those who discovered she was real became faithful followers of her. A cult had formed worshiping the ghost of Garland and coming to the blue lady for advice, or hopes of hearing their fortune.

Is it legend? Just Myth?...you decide when you see him yourself.

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