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The Blue Man

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The Blue Man Empty The Blue Man

Post by Alexander Meadows on Mon Feb 03, 2014 3:04 pm

Name: Unknown, Variable
Species: Utukku
Gender: N/A
Age: 3000+ years
Appearance: Unknown

Personality: The 'Blue man' is cruel, distant, selfish and arrogant genius with a penchant for Psychology who acts either in his own interests or in the interests of those he takes a liking too. He has great capacity to be jovial at times, though his humor is either exceedingly dark or extremely childish. He gets great pleasure from instilling fear in people, often using his mastery over illusion to create surreal and/or terrifying scenarios where a person may feel that they are in real, imminent danger.

He prefers to avoid direct confrontation, but will fight face to face if challenged. However he doesn't believe in fair fights, and he even came up with a little saying to display his views on it: "If you want a clean fight, punch a bar of soap." He is very devious, and fond of manipulating people that he views as assets. He doesn't make allies so much as find tools to use in his own endeavors, though he has a tendency to become attached to a few of them. This can make his betrayal of them difficult, and sometimes he opts not to go through with plans to spare them the misery.

Blue Man's views on most races in Tedranog have become jaded and tired; he views them all as (for the most part) stupid creatures fit only to be manipulated save for a select few. He also thoroughly enjoys coaxing people to switch alignments, be they in opposition of or working for him. He usually tries to corrupt the good and innocent, while he likes to manipulate the wicked and ignorant to the side of good. He does this with a tongue of silver and his illusions, showing people what they want to hear.

Blue Man is also vastly intelligent, with the intellect of over 2000 years in his mind. His wisdom and ferocity when provoked can even rival a Dragons. A magnificent  bastard to the core, he has participated in or been the direct cause of several battles and skirmishes. As such, he has accrued a great deal of strategical thinking skills, and is often several moves ahead of even his most unpredictable foes.

Beneath this, he is totally insane and violent, hiding his worst traits under a thick ego. He is an excellent actor though, and is often very contained when assuming his roles. When the facade comes off, so do the gloves, and a very powerful monster in unleashed. He prefers to kill and assume the position of those in power and using their wealth and influence to achieve his own ends.

History: Blue Man's story begins over three-thousand years ago, with an ancient king in a lost kingdom. The king had a grand empire with wealth, power, and land, but he was growing old. In a fit of fear the kind began to send out his knights on wild journeys to seek a way to return his youth and vitality, that he may forever reign over his enlightened kingdom.

A wicked dragon heard of the King's torment, and appeared before him. "Bring me a child," said the Dragon, "and sacrifice it's heart to me. Then I can give you the child's life span for your own." The king sought out the healthiest baby boy he could find, born to a family in the mountains and returned him to the dragon. The King though, had been tricked.

The wicked dragon had itself, come close to dying. Unwilling to simply perish out of existence, but too weak to overtake any of its own kind it merged its wicked soul with the conniving king's. This soul possessed the child, and the entity that would become Blue Man was born. The kingdom burned in a single night, and not a word has been heard from it 's 'sovereign' since.

Blue Man himself has been omnipresent throughout Tedranog's history, orchestrating things from the shadows. However, the time is coming for him to step into the limelight...

Abilities and Skills:

  • Many useless things: Blue Man has lived long enough to perfect a variety of mundane skills, from piano playing to juggling. He will sometimes perform these actions out of habit
  • Extreme Martial Knowledge
  • SuperHuman Condition
  • Illusion Master: Blue Man is capable of creating powerful illusions
  • Dream Eater: Blue Man can travel the collective unconscious of Tedranog and access dreams of any individual he so desires. He can do various things in these dreams, from attacking them to warping the dream itself. However, as this is their dream body his actions will never be able to result in their death.
  • Mirror Walker: Blue Man can travel between and through any reflective surface (regardless of clarity of the reflection). He can also use this to spy and track people of interest without them being aware of it. He can even hear through these surfaces.
  • Ice And Water: Blue Man has adept elemental control over Ice and Water
  • Magnetism: Blue Man controls magnetic forces. His favorite use for this? Turning small pieces of metal into nearly unstoppable and highly destructive projectiles like a living rail gun
  • Ink: Blue Man controls Ink. He can also create ink from his own blood, and permanently mark objects with it. Using his advanced knowledge of runes and the magics they entail, he can create hundreds of very potent runes, runic circles, glyphs, ect. to achieve a variety of effects.
  • Master TK: Blue Man has very potent Telekinesis,
  • Shapeshifter: Blue Man can alter his form and function at will
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Alexander Meadows

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