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Post by StarDust on Sat Jan 25, 2014 9:13 pm

Name:Crimson Blossom

Crimson Blossom Blondes%20gloves%20world%20of%20warcraft%20blood%20elf%20long%20hair%20weapons%20armor%20elves%20daggers%20pointy%20ears%20gauntle_www.wall321.com_43

Crimson is quiet and with drawn due to her deadly nature. Crimson had a duel personality. On one side she is cruel and ruthless assassin who has no regard for life. On the other side she is curious and sensitive. After a kill or massacre her personality swaps and she is full of regret and remorse for her actions. She also struggles with making friends. It isn't that they are hard to make its everyone that gets close to her she has a hard time not killing them when her personality shifts. During her curious and sensitive moment one would never guess that she was such a cold hearted killer.  

As with all the females in the village Crimson was trained to be a killer. Her family was special however. Crimson is the daughter of a long line of assassins so she was selected for special assassin training. Crimson was not happy with her family's  decision to make her an assassin. In fact she didn't want to kill at all but her family beat her if she didn't train. Through the years she began to develop a duel personality. One side was her original personality and the other side was the personality her parents wanted. Only that part of her personality went to far too extreme. One day she just got fed up with it all and killed her family. Amazingly the village elders did not banish or punish her. The fact that she single handily took down an entire family of assassins meant her skill was invaluable. They made her their number one assassin.

Crimson has a large lizard which is fast and she can ride on its name is Raddfa
Abilities and Skills:
super assassin of doom.


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