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Surina The Snake 6ea4359b4d2939f064c079597ef6b642
A white skinned red scaled snake girl. Height: 2.5 feet from waist to head. 21 feet from waist to end of tail. Weight: 2,000 lbs

Surina is an extremely outgoing girl and has no respect for people's boundaries. Surina hates small towns as the people there are narrow minded and don’t like having Lamia in their midst. Therefore she chooses to hang out in big citys that have a diversity of culture and do not discriminate between races.  Surina wanders through towns meeting new people. She spends most of her time meeting people and talking. However she doesn’t like talking about her living conditions and will never admit she is homeless.

Born in Ammos Surina her mother died of childbirth and her father died of starvation so she quickly became an orphan. Surina was raised by an elf that was banished for practicing soul magic. Despite her please he would not teach her what he knew of soul magic.

The people in Ammos were not very talkative and Surina found herself lonely there. When she turned 16 she left Ammos to look for a more populated home. However any village she went to that was accepting of the more exotic Megalo races she was driven away from. Eventually she came to settle in Brysur.

Like most Lamia they hunted for their own food so Surina never got a job and so never had any money. Her dream is to sail to Draconis and live there, but such a thing she thought would never happen.

Abilities and Skills:
She's a giant snake what you think she capable of. Perhaps if she constricts the life out of you you'll understand.

Surina has a pair of fangs but her mouth looks normal as they are retractable and are always hidden away unless being used. The fangs can deliver a toxin that paralyze the muscles and eventually the heart.

Lamia are cold blooded.

Surina's venom can be counter with Lamia anti venom which is available only in Draconis.

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