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Svetlana Loveless - Dead in her Sights

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Svetlana Loveless - Dead in her Sights Empty Svetlana Loveless - Dead in her Sights

Post by Evangelyne on Sun Jan 19, 2014 12:01 am

Imagine holding your self up in a push up position. your on your toes and fingers, and someone places a playing card under your chin and tells you that you are to hold yourself there perfectly still until your sweat drips onto that card, and builds up enough to drip off. And then you are told this is the first of twenty-five warm up exercises.

You are thrown from a building in the city, and must tie yourself a sturdy knot, then attach two safety clips to your harness in less than a minute. If you take too long you hit the hard cobble stone streets for the good people to put you in a body bag. Or you get it connected and you fell too far, or didn't figure out how to brake softly and the rope tore you in half.
    They give you a secret word and tell you not to tell anyone but the person who told you this special word. Then, your tied to a chair, beaten, electrified, burned, pricked, held in ice water till you experience hypothermia, dog fangs gnashing at your face only inches from tearing it off if it wasn't for the chains on their collars, and finally they do things to the inside of your mouth you cant see them doing but all you know is it hurts and fills you with terror. Then they ask you if you are willing to tell them the secret word, if you say no, they hold you under water till you feel like you will drown then pull you out for just a breath before grabbing you by the hair and pushing you down again. If you said yes, and told them the secret word they take from you your uniform, and let you walk home.

       Next your taken in a boat out into the middle of the ocean and your tossed out without warning and the boat leaves you. Swim back to shore, stay there and wait, or drown. Those are your only options. After a while of treading water you might begin to think their not coming back, so you try to figure out where you are but everything looks the same. There's just water and blue sky on all sides.  So you look at the sun and try to figure out using that to decide your directions, while also remembering which wait the boat had sailed. Then it dawns on you that they may have sailed in the wrong direction to deceive you. What do you do? A terrible final pop quiz.  After the sun comes down and the water becomes so cold it feels like thousands of knives entering your body at once, you begin to go numb, your mind gets hazy, you don't know where you are. Your going to die. The boat comes back at dawn, when they find you still alive curled up in a fetal position using the oxygen in your lungs to keep yourself afloat they know that this one has the will to keep fighting. If you drown, its only because you gave up or were too weak to be worth their time. One week latter and the rest of the training begins.

      Now imagine after years of training to become one of the most invisible, silent, and deadly assassins you are given your new uniform: Tada! a maid uniform complete with those soft white gloves and adorable head dress! ...feeling a little belittled, maybe even mocked or demoted? Course not, you were trained to not know arrogance as pride always comes before a fall. Underestimate your enemy, esteem yourself too high over standard procedure, overlook things because of personal ego and you will die....But you still feel a little awkward in heels and the garter belt feels kinda tight the way its strapping those kunai so flush to your skin. But why?! because soldier, this is your disguise. Part of being a true path finder is blending into society and this is your post now be good and keep the shelves clean! ...such was the fate of miss Loveless in which this whole thing is about...we'll get to her.

      What is the point of all this? To destroy monsters of course. Humanity is weak, he has no claws, no fangs, no horns. Soft hands, delicate skin, pitiful strength, and a weak soul. There are so many creatures that would destroy man, so to beat monsters he must make monsters. But also there is the need to make a profit. Soldiers are being made by an underground organization who's goal is to keep tabs on all the nations so that they might know who to support, and supply in times of conflict. They also protect capital interests, and safeguard the secrets of their clients. The name of this shady corp is "Pathfinder" a fitting name as usually the assassins made by them partake in solo or duo missions behind enemy lines to be like the pathfinders on the field. The organization is strong but small. One such member: Svetlana Loveless. has become a particularly notorious bounty hunter. (Told you we'd get to her.)
Svetlana Loveless - Dead in her Sights 4fa71286cf709d4ff6ff7dcfb03d5ce1_zps6754e091
Name: Svetlana Loveless
Age: 19
Hair: Black. Extends to the middle of her back.
Eyes: Green
body type: Athletic/curvy
Blood type: B+
Height: 5'9"

Appearances(if not wearing the type of clothing below expect her to look like the pic above):

Svetlana in Dress Uniform :
Svetlana Loveless - Dead in her Sights F06eb695797b1b20b6064e116e9c3aae_zpsaf7e040e

Svetlana in Maid Uniform:
Svetlana Loveless - Dead in her Sights Brunettesmaidsanimemaidcostumesanimegirlskikuchimakotoidolmaster1413x2000wallpaper_wwwanimemaycom_91_zps77ef67e2Ain't she cute? Watch out, the cute ones are the most deadly...

Bio: Svetlana Loveless, bastard child of a bastard peasant woman who abandoned her behind a whorehouse where she was rescued by prince charming himself...not she was picked up by a prostitute who raised her. But the bed did not become her profession, the woman who raised her urged Svetlana to aspire for something greater than herself. There wasn't always food on the table so she stole and would tell her mother she was working for it by delivering letters. A lie, of course but what was she supposed to say? "Hey mom, enjoy the bread I just stole?" Break her heart with a nail bat why don't you. As a whore her mother picked up and was picked up by many strange men who liked girls that were easy and so typically most of them were losers or just down right abusive. One man took her by the arm and dragged her out into the street and told her if she did not take her cloths off outside, in the rain, for all to see he would continue to beat her mother. She did, and removed her dress and then began to take off some of her under garments when a tall blonde man strolled over and stabbed the man in the kidney from behind him. He acted as if it was as common action as reaching into a mail slot. He walked over to the girl and asked her: "Girl, do you believe in justice?...do you?" She nodded even though she didn't. How could there be real justice if evil was allowed to breed like cockroaches in the street while people who did nothing to harm anyone were food for them? "Show me." He told her and put the knife in her hand then held up the mans head, who was forcing her to strip, by the hair. He was expecting her to finish him off, to cut his throat and release his pitiful life out of his veins. She hesitated at first, to kill a man...it was...frightening. She didn't want to see it, it would be ugly, gross, and somehow she knew a part of herself would be killed and left dead inside if she did. But, no one else was going to give her justice. She had to...."No one will bring you the justice you deserve, child. You must take it for yourself! This is true justice, are you for it or are you against it!" Svetlana screamed and ran forward stabbing the man several times in the neck and face, sobbing and shrieking. When it was over the stranger who saved her took the knife from her and held her tightly against his chest till she stopped thrashing and crying. He kissed her forehead and then lifted her up in his arms taking her away from the dirty streets. A large sum of money was given to her mother so she would be well taken care of until the next time she could see her precious child.

       Several years latter Svetlana was treading water in the middle of the ocean wondering if her master had abandoned her or if this was some sort of test. She tried swimming in the direction thought to be the shore, but nothing was on the horizon in every direction. This was how it would end. All that time training to be literally a human weapon, master several weapons, strategies, environments, and become one of the most proficient killers...just to become food for the sharks.

When they went to retrieve her body they couldn't find her anywhere. They followed the currents, searched anywhere she might have swam but came up with nothing. Not until they were returning to shore did her master see a figure in all black laying on the sand, looking to be dead. Svetlana had done what no other pathfinder had done, she had swam all the way back to land. He rushed over to her like a man running to gather up his own daughter in his arms and when he did she slowly opened her eyes and coughed some water and blood on him. Her side was torn to ribbons from a shark bite. She latter shared with him that she had battled a shark who tossed her onto a reef after battering its nose with her fists several times.

The name of this man who trained her was Gjian-Kan a man responsible for 75% of all terrorist attacks, 20% of his students were notorious mercenaries, and almost all of the private capital interest protection(Private businesses under the protection of a special organization instead of government protection. Unfortunately this does not protect them from the organization and they are at the mercy of pathfinders.). Kan believes that one day there will be a master race and that race is human kind. He will evolve and grow to overcome all through sheer will power and technology until he one day flies on wings of eagles, and walks along the stars. Though he won't ever live to see this day, it is perhaps him who begins the philosophy of humanism. His student Svetlana doesn't quite share his thinking. She believes that the human race has its perks but that they are not 100% superior to everything. Instead she believes more in equality among all races. Despite his adamant belief in human kind he does not allow it to cloud his judgment in producing the best assets he can.  

Weapons & Equipment:

Primary Ranged Weapon:

Svetlana Loveless - Dead in her Sights Jvm1000_zpsa78941b1

The Avenger or A-400 is a crossbow equiped with a scope and bi-pod. The weapon of choice for a steady shot over a long range and easy to carry. It resembles the shape and length that riffles would take thousands of years latter but it is not considered a fire arm as it uses large titanium arrows, not ballistics. It has a long steel muzzle, frame, eight locks of pulleys, and a hollow stock. The draw weight of its string is so heavy it cannot be pulled back or it would rip the fingers of the individual using it so a bolt-action lever like that of modern riffles was added to assist in pulling the string back so an arrow can be loaded into the slot.  With its range and projectile velocity it can puncture light or armored targets as thick as 4" of steel.

Approximate Weight: 10lbs
Ammunition: 23" arrow shafts (arrow heads may varry. Quality of arrow heads may also influence its stopping power)
Max Range: 2600 Meters
Feed System: Single Shot

Secondary Ranged Weapon(s)

Svetlana Loveless - Dead in her Sights KeyShotShuriken_zpse0c6c959

The Shuriken or also known as the throwing star, has various shapes and number of points. But in the case with Svetlana she prefers the kind with three blades that can fold together and fit in a pouch conveniently and without poking herself when she reaches for one. They unfold in the air when thrown and unlike a common throwing blade stick to their soft targets every time.(unless you miss.)    

Primary Melee Weapon:

Shirasaya Wakazashi:
Svetlana Loveless - Dead in her Sights 48f0bf4198b55130834a200b231abd56_zps0a95da25

18" blade with mirror polish steel. Single razor edge with a slight curvature to help its speed and slicing power. Its handle matches its saya(sheath) so that when put away it appears to be a single piece. It had come a long way from the far and mysterious east but Kan feels this is the superior sword to be used by warriors of the shadow. It's very effective on soft targets and light armor. It's also light and very fast in comparison to the long sword or broad sword. Though it does lack the same range.

Secondary Melee Weapon:

knuckle blade:
Svetlana Loveless - Dead in her Sights Brassknucklesknuckledusterweaponcollectorchroniclesofriddickweaponhomemadehomemadehandmade5_zps16715db5

Fitted like a pair of brass knuckles it can be used to punch with a bashing force or used to slash and stab with the 6" black finished blade. Typically Svetlana carries two of these blades.  

Smoke & Flash

smoke & flash bomb:
 Svetlana Loveless - Dead in her Sights A-smoke-bomb-firework-joel-sartore_zps4460df31

Using early forms of gun powder or black powder are two small explosives meant to distract, and divert an enemies attention. Essentially they look the same but one has a reddish earth hue and one is white. The red one produces a cloud of smoke to serve as a screen while the assassin either attacks or escapes. The white explodes more like fire works to produce a blinding white light meant to stun temporarily.  

Climbing tools

Hand & foot spikes:
 Svetlana Loveless - Dead in her Sights Pair-_Ninja_Shuko_Hand_Climbing_Claws_M0859_zps93238e76

Spikes that can be strapped onto the hand or bottom of the foot to assist in climbing. Easily scale trees, or even stone walls. sometimes they can be used to slash and impale when equipped as weapons but this is unlikely to be the first choice.


 Svetlana Loveless - Dead in her Sights 237cf927159f1bfbd01d0c049f32f797_zps2acf4455

Beneath her uniform, maid uniform or whatever she may be wearing she might be wearing this skin tight material under neath. The predecessor to the material Kevlar, it is made from special fibers to carry kinetic energy and inner woven in an elaborate and complex pattern so that it absorbs the kinetic energy and distributes it evenly throughout the material. Perfect for stopping other projectiles/ballistics. However it does not fair well against close encounters with melee weapons, because even though it has the ability to absorb energy it does not counter mass. So, it might protect the skin from being cut by a heavy sword but the swords mass might still break the wearers ribs and or rupture internal organs because of the pressure. Its also not worn as your typical clothing by Svetlana because it clings tightly to the skin and very revealing of her body. Yet she sometimes forgets its there because its so light, flexible, and breathable material it feels like its part of the skin.  


Svetlana Loveless - Dead in her Sights BowHunterGhillie_zps5ea939f3

Made from special fibers to have the texture and appearance as under brush foilage is the ghillie suit. Kinda bulky, not very protective, but meant to make you blend into the surrounding environment so well your practically invisible when holding perfectly still. Sometimes a chap might be standing right on top of you and still won't notice.

Physical Enhancements(Blood magic)

food pills:
Svetlana Loveless - Dead in her Sights Foodpills_zps33813843

Some call it chemestry, some call it blood magic, because it increases functions of the body making them stronger, faster, and more adept at the cost of ones health. This is done by the use of rations known as food pills.

Different pills will reap different results. Red pills cause hypertrophy in type 2A and 2B muscle fibers in the skeletal muscles for bursts of strength and speed by 20% per pill. The more pills taken the stronger and faster that person will become until they eventually over ride the golgi tendon organs. Even a human might gain the brute strength enough to win an arm wrestling match with a minatour  using these pills but as a repercussion mass cell damage to the muscle tissue may result as an after effect and they may experience sever pain and loss of movement. Death in extreme cases.

Blue pills enhance the neurons of the body for mental clarity, focus, physical senses and reaction timing. Mental abilites are strengthened 20% per pill also, and increase depending on dosage much like the red pills. Typically these are used in junction with red pills. When taken a good dosage a person can repel mental attacks on them such as telepathy.  Repercussion of these are more dangerous than red pills as nerve damage and permanent loss of function may result, sometimes fatality.

Green pills cancel the effects of the pills but one must take this into consideration before attempting to cancel the effects of a dose of either red or blue. It can be painful and often vomiting, dizziness, and temporary disorientation are the side effects. But if it was a choice between a bad day or death these are a much better choice.  

Hand-to-hand: Utilizes a style resembling that of Crav-maga and Taekwondo, normaly targeting soft spots of the body like lower rib cage, throat, temple, groin, and pressure points to cause pain and quickly disable foes with fast strikes. Grapples typically consist of throws, choke holds, and joint lock manipulations.

Specialty: Amphibious & Marine warfare. She's very effective in the water, can hold her breath for almost 20 minutes, and stay treading water for hours. Is very adept in combat in water or swampy areas. She can also withstand the freezing cold without getting hypothermia before most untrained individuals will.

Current Occupation: Mercenary/bounty hunter/ house maid

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