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Luna, Constantly Wandering Empty Luna, Constantly Wandering

Post by Shiningwater on Sat Jan 18, 2014 11:41 pm

Name: Luna
Nicknames: Wanderer, Hidden Watcher
Species: Dragon half-breed
Super sloppy coloring, i wasn't in the mood for good coloring.[img]Luna, Constantly Wandering Luna12[/img]
Very few actually know what Luna looks like, as she constantly covered by a hooded cloak. Underneath, she looks barely human. She is far more like a bipedal dragon than a human with dragon qualities. But being bipedal comes from her human genetics. She doesn't even have a human face. She still has a long snout and narrow pupils, and her entire body is covered in scales. She has wings and a tail, the most difficult of her dragon features to hide. She often keeps her tail tucked up next to her, though when she runs it often protrudes from under her cloak. Her hands are that of dragon claws, but she does have thumbs and fingers that grip like human hands. She still has firebreath, but she rarely uses it, for it gives her away. Her scales are black with glowing white strips that run down her back and in rings around her arms. She has white spots that glow under her wings as well, meant to mimic the stars as she flew.
The cloak she wears is extremely ragged at the bottom, the rips at the bottom look like flames, the cloak itself is pitch black and fastened with a large pin, rimmed with gold, it has red flames dancing against a black background; her way of marking herself as part dragon.
Personality: Luna is very secretive, never revealing much and often staying hidden. She is shy at first, but if you earn her trust, she is outgoing and friendly, never one to break the trust it takes to open her up. She doesn't trust easily, on account of all the secrets she has. But if you do manage to earn her trust, she is a friend for life.
Powers: On account of being part dragon, she has immense magical power, mostly dealing with psychics. She it extremely powerful in the way of psychokinesis(moving stuff with her mind) and telekinesis(reading thoughts, telepathic, etc.). She is fairly weak in other magical fields, managing to do them, but with much difficulty.
Strengths: She is an excellent hider, and her psychic abilities are extremely strong
Weaknesses: She isn't very advanced in most magical fields; the markings on her arms, legs, back, and tail glow, often giving away her presence; she has almost no human qualities, making it very difficult to hide her dragon heritage; she does not trust easily
Abilities: She can fly, speak both human and dragon fluently, good at hiding
History: She doesn't remember much of a family, her mother (human) cast her away the second she saw her daughter. Her father(dragon) later found her in the woods, crying and half-dead. He cared for her as best he could, but he was slain early in her lifetime by a human seeking glory. She developed a hatred for humans around that time, not interacting with them much and making her distrustful.

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