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Dumah Magebane; the Scourge of Magic

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Dumah Magebane; the Scourge of Magic Empty Dumah Magebane; the Scourge of Magic

Post by Spellslayer on Sat Jan 18, 2014 10:06 am

**IMPORTANT: This is the main character I originally created for a fantasy series I am currently in the process of writing. Though the writing process is slow, I felt he made a good fit for Tedranog, and so have modified his history accordingly. I hope to enjoy many hours of role-play with you all, with this character. Thank You.**

Name: Dumah’razael

Alias (es): The Hated One, Dumah Magebane, the Spellslayer, the Terror of Mages, and the Scourge of Magic

Species: Ra’zoul

Sub-Species: Moth’akiri (Roughly translated, it means Devil-Child and refers to one not born of a legitimate union.)

Age: 190

Dumah Magebane; the Scourge of Magic Dumah_10
6ft. 6in. in height, 302 lbs. in weight.

Personality: Large, brooding, and silent by nature, the creature known as Dumah’razael is loathe to involve himself in the affairs of others. An introspective and philosophical man, he is not one to engage in idle chatter. Slow to anger, once roused, he is prone to violent outbursts of psychotic rage, due in no small part to his being inbred.  

History: The red-skinned Ra’zoul are a tall, proud, long-lived warrior race and one of many little known non-human races populating the continent of Megalo. Specifically, the region known as the Chioni tundra. These sophisticated barbarian beast peoples are noted for their unshakeable courage in war, unyielding endurance in hardship, and fierce loyalty to those they call their friends. Although they are mostly human in appearance, the males of the species tend to sport large, curving, ram-like horns, which sprout from their foreheads in early adolescence, causing many throughout Tedranog to mistake them for demons.

Consisting of a clannish tribal-based society, war among the Ra’zoul is quite common, usually resulting when one clan encroaches upon the territory of another or when one clan boasts a lager female population than the rest. A patriarchal society, the chieftain is the only one permitted to mate. All the females of the clan are either his daughters or his wives, the males his sons. The chief’s mother always becomes the Hag-gai (witch-woman), and acts as a sort of spiritual guide for the whole clan, speaking the will of their gods. When a chieftain grows too old, his sons will challenge both him and each other for the right to rule, the contest only ending once strongest has slain all the rest.

Dumah’razael is the exception to the rule, born not from the loins of the chieftain, but of incest between a brother and a sister, the chief’s son and daughter. When their crime was discovered, the chief slew his traitor son and drove his daughter from the village. Alone, the girl fled into the wilds of the Chioni tundra, her infant son at her breasts. There she would raise him, away from the prying eyes of man and man-beast, until the day they were discovered by hunters from the village of Kryo.

They took her back with them to their village, where the villagers accepted her as one of their own. Among the Kyro, Dumah proved himself as a warrior at an early age, impressing even their chieftain with his superior strength and hardy endurance. He leaned also the hatred of mages, a lesson that would carry on into his future profession. Then the day came that he began to mature into a man and with it, all the pain that accompanies a Ra'zoul in puberty.    

Adolescence is by no means easy for any species, regardless of one’s gender, but for young Ra’zoul males, it is especially painful. Disregarding the fact that there is now a pair of painfully sharp horns starting to grow from one’s thirteen-year-old forehead, one is forced to confront the violent rages and near-constant urge to kill that comes with being born of a race of warriors. Heightened aggression, violent mood swings, an almost uncontrollable urge to mate, all are hallmarks of the Ra’zoul in puberty, known to them as Skor’al.

It was doubly bad for young Dumah, who not only had to endure the rigors of Skor’al, but also the physical and mental impairments that are almost assured when one’s mother and father happen to have been brother and sister. It is perhaps then no small wonder that at the age of sixteen, in a fit of unprovoked rage, Dumah’razael should tear his own mother’s heart from her chest with his bare hands, and then proceed to beat her lifeless corpse into a bloody pulp, until it is unrecognizable as having ever been a person.

So appalled were the people of Kryo, that they deemed him a monster and he was force to flee or face certain death. Alone for the first time in his decidedly short life span, Dumah’razael did the only thing he could think do to do. He went home.

Striding through the gates of Mok-ak-Grahlis, the mountain stronghold of his mother’s tribe, the people were amazed to see a tall, handsome youth, devoid of the ritual tattoos common to a warrior of the Ra’zoul. Strong in his pride and proud in his strength, Dumah’razael took a massive greatsword from a nearby weapons rack and marched boldly towards the chieftain’s throne there in the courtyard, thrusting the blade into the earth and bowing low on one knee for all to see.

“Who is this?” The old chief growled in the guttural language of the Ra’zoul. “To come so boldly into *MY* proud fortress?”

“Dumah’razael!” the stranger replied, looking the chief square in his blazing red eyes.
“Son of a Son wrongly slain, and of a Daughter wrongly exiled!”

“So...” Said the chieftain laughing. “The Moth’akiri returns. What is it you seek, Moth’akiri? Come to die like your father? Or do you seek the right to join this clan?”

Rising to his feet, Dumah took his sword in his hand and raised it high above his head.

“I am Dumah’razael, Son of Bael’razael!” He cried loudly, that all might hear him. “I challenge here and now, in the sight of gods and men, my grandfather and all my uncles for the right lead this clan!”

All was silent for a time, then the chieftain took his own sword, its hilt resting against the arm of his throne, and rose slowly to his feet.

“It is rare...” The old warrior said solemnly. “...that a chieftain should meet his grandson, and rarer still that he should face him for the right to rule.”

He gave a weary sigh.

“I loved your father, boy.” He said. “Much as any man should love his son, and for all that love, he betrayed me when he took your mother, his sister, *MY* daughter, to wife.”

He stepped forward.

“I will fight you, Moth’akiri. I will fight you, but only on one condition, that it is *ONLY* you and I that fight. Man against man, blade against blade. Whoever wins that contest will be chieftain, though your uncles may challenge the victor if they so choose. What say you?”

Dumah’razael gave a nod in agreement and dropped into a fighting stance, his sword at the ready.

Needless to say, the chieftain did not win that fight, nor did any of his uncles. Dumah’razael slaughtered them all, tearing out their throats with his bare hands, carving their hearts from their chests, and leaving their bodies in a broken, bloody heap.

He would then go on to rule Mok-ak-Grahlis for many years, though in time he would grow bored, and late one night, he would simply vanish, mounting his steed and riding off into the annals of legend.

A century later, he would return to realms, earning the name Dumah Magebane, as he sought his fortune as a professional monster-hunter and mage-slayer.

Continuing in his studies of Earth Magic, taught to him by his mother during their long exile, he would come to be known as the Spellslayer, the Hated One, the Terror of Mages, and the Scourge of Magic, after he mastered the power to power to tap in to another mage’s power, dispel their magic, and, if needs be, turn it against them.

His namesake sword, Magebane, would become a legend in its own right, for its rather unique ability to absorb the essence of a slain mage, store the energy, and then release it upon its master's command.

Of all the songs and legends of Dumah’razael exploits throughout the lands of Tedranog, this is the one of his beginnings. As for the others, they must be saved for another time.  
Abilities and Skills:

Earth Magic: Dumah’razael has continued to train in the Earth Magic taught to him by his mother, such to the point of mastery over the art, and has since learned the rare power to tap in to another mage’s power, dispel their magic, and, if needs be, turn it against them.

Zoko (Blood Rage): An ability of the Ra’zoul, once per day, Dumah may throw himself into a violent blood rage; allowing him an increased strength, speed, and endurance. However, he must do this carefully, as every time he uses this ability, he suffers a one in five chance of triggering a Psychotic Frenzy.

Two-Handed Weapon Training:Dumah’razael has trained extensively in the Two-handed weapon style, affording him greater control over his greatsword and access to advanced fighting forms and maneuvers unavailable to most common swordsmen.

Light Armor: Dumah’razael has received training in the use of Light Armor

Medium Armor: Dumah’razael has received training in the use of Medium Armor

Heavy Armor: Dumah’razael has received training in the use of Heavy Armor

Amulet of Arcane Detection: Dumah’razael wears an amulet in the shape of a sun and sword, which glows white and burns hot in presence of magic.

Magebane; the Sword of the Slayer: Dumah’razael’s namesake greatsword, forged in a past age when the constant warring of powerful mages threatened to unravel the very fabric of creation. This ancient blade is the stuff of legends, capable of stealing the essence of a slain mage, storing that energy, and then releasing it in a massive one-time burst of arcane power.


Psychotic Frenzy: A symptom of his parent’s incest, if Dumah’razael suffers a great enough injury in combat or if he over extends his Blood Rage, he is apt to fly into an uncontrollable psychotic fury, in which he is no longer able to distinguish friend from foe, and will attack anything he perceives as a threat.

Weak Stomach: Another symptom of his parent’s incest, Dumah’razael occasionally has a hard time keeping down food; he also suffers a weakness to most common poisons and diseases as a result.

Moth’akiri: Devil-spawn; in the presence of other Ra’zoul, there is a chance they will detect the stench of his parent’s blasphemy and are then more likely to react negatively to him.

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