The Shady Lady - A very strange inn keeper

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The Shady Lady - A very strange inn keeper Empty The Shady Lady - A very strange inn keeper

Post by Evangelyne on Thu Jan 16, 2014 7:49 pm

The Shady Lady - A very strange inn keeper Gq9o

In the busy streets where merchants bustle about is a small inn known for three things: Having the best beers and ale around, nice cozy beds to sleep in overnight for any weary adventurers, and a place to have your fortune read.

The name of the inn keeper is not known to the public, she goes by the title "Lady Clair"  or "The shady lady" and rarely to some just "Oracle" . People come to her for palm reading sessions, fortune telling, and sometimes in search of advice from beyond the grave. She has clairvoyance as something she was gifted with able to see a limited amount into the future. She trades favors for secrets, information, or just all the money in your pocket. She keeps her head down as to not alert the authorities that she uses forbidden witchcraft to call upon the souls of the un-dead but some already view and fear her as a witch.

Knowing the danger of such magics her price is usually high, sometimes will ask that you perform a very tedious or life threatening quest before she calls on the spirits. Typically a crystal ball is used but that's not her style. For her, her room is normally littered with candles and pentagrams. Bones and precious items of the deceased are collected by her to strengthen the auras of her "guests".

A treasured delicacy of hers are mandrake roots. But not just any root, a special kind that only grows in grave yards. When it is pulled it screams killing anyone who hears it. Bringing one to her might just make her fall in love with you...but a bouquet of flowers is nice too...wuss.  

Despite her dark demeanor she is a very sweet woman with a kind heart towards others. In her opinion she is using the darkness to aid others in their quest...for the right price of course. Sometimes she might give someone the most rediculous item telling them it will help them in the future and they walk away thinking she's a fraud only to find out that jar of pickles or weird skeleton key was just the thing for the job.

Her history is unknown, her inn known as "Black Lotus Inn" appeared as if over night with a big sign on it that says "Now open for business!" and travelers who were looking for better deals on a place to stay preferred her inn over the others. But the fortune reading was even more of a draw. Employment can be found with her, she needs someone loyal to both her and their pay to defend her against those who might try to be rid of her. Despite how some law enforcement had tried to stop her she had figured them out and always evaded capture and stayed under the radar.

Age: 22
Appearance: Is seen having long black hair, sharp green eyes that are slightly hypnotizing to look at, and a tall curvy figure with wide hips and busty chest that she likes to show off in revealing gowns or sarongs. her feet are almost always bare and people wonder how she gets around with nothing on her feet.

Personality: Normally warm, welcoming, and...insulting. Sometimes she will pop a mean sarcastic joke at someone or do terrible pranks. But for the most part is quite the devil...angel meant angel...shut up. Probably her favorite part is when someone asks for something deep like romance and love advice so she can mock and trash all confidence they had in finding their significant other...I mean council and nourish them. Oh stop looking at me like that I wouldn't really.

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