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Alexander Meadows//\/\\The Dissident King

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Alexander Meadows//\/\\The Dissident King Empty Alexander Meadows///\The Dissident King

Post by Alexander Meadows on Fri Jan 10, 2014 2:09 pm

Name: Alexander Meadows

Title: Dissident King

Species: Dissident

Age: 24

Appearance: Alexander's current appearance is disheveled at a glance. His long hair reaches the base of his neck, and travels around his face at equal length. He usually keeps his hair back in a small ponytail so that his bangs don't cover his face. He has striking eyes, each a different color due to his heterochromia. The right eye is gray, the normal coloration of his eyes. His left eye however is a wicked Neon-Blue, to the point that it glows dimly in dark places.

His face is average-sized, his expression fair. His nose is sharp and his jawline strong, with a gentle chin and thin lips. He has very pale skin from being trapped in Tartarus for so long, though his body despite starvation has not physically deteriorated. He is very svelte and well toned, though he bears many scars on his body from his training in Aramayt (it was positively brutal in the later years). He stands at an impressive 6'1", which is tall enough to stand above most of his peers.

Personality: Alexander is jaded and distrustful, though he does his best to overcome these traits. Secretly cynical and outwardly positive, Alexander always makes an attempt to stoke hope in others because he understands how powerful a feeling this emotion really is, and believes without it humans have nothing.

He has developed an inferiority complex, which manifests as his seemingly good nature. Alexander believes himself to be the lesser party of humanity, viewing them as pure (if somewhat ignorant) creatures. If he takes a liking to a person, he becomes fiercely loyal towards them.

Alexander is also arbitrarily kind. He lends a hand whenever he had one to spare, and holds politeness in high regard, speaking formally to friends and strangers alike. He also hates killing, actively intervening in actions that would result in fatality for either party.

However, as a Dissident he's prone to episodes of aggression, and in the heat of the moment can become impulsive. Beyond that, Alexander is constantly tortured by his own failures, hiding his agony behind a smile. He rarely speaks of events in his past, trying his best to move forward.

The doesn't mean Alexander is soft. He is quite capable of dealing with tragedy, and will often plainly express reality to people who start to behave beyond mere irrationality to the point where they begin endangering themselves. He is unafraid of Death, knowing full well that even if he ceases to exist so too will his torment.


Cursed Children and the Fated Meeting
In the time before Alexander's birth, in a space between spaces, a great war was waged.

The Dread God Cain had shed a great amount of his power in order to seal the FelGoddess Sera within the depths of her horrid realm, the Minus, forever more. In doing so he freed the army of lesser Gods Sera had enslaved, releasing them back to their native planes of existence. However, Sera had one final ploy that she would use to attempt revenge, and cast the last of her strength into a final, horrible spell. Forever known as the Dissentient Curse, Sera's power rippled through all of time and space, seeking out the only mortal relative of one of Cain's closest allies. A newborn was the afflicted: Jericho Uteri.

Across the hall from where Jericho was born, another child was stillborn. The mother had died in labor, and the father nowhere to be found. At first glance, nothing was note worthy about the infant's corpse, but dimensions are intelligent, and self-correcting. Sensing the sickness now festering inside of Jericho, the world itself snatched the stillborn's soul from the clutches of Death, restoring the boy who would be Alexander to life.

As time passed on, Alexander and Jericho existed unaware of each other, each suffering their own existence. The world and its people all hated Jericho, as if their disdain would force him to stop existing. The boy's will proved mightier than their hate, and Jericho grew up broken but alive. Alexander experienced the inverse: he was practically suffocated with affections. He wanted to be free, and grew up pushing these inherently needy people away. Fate would see these two brought together due to another pawn in this game: a girl named Kristina.

Like Alexander and Jericho, Kristina was too a slave to the ways of her dimension. Whereas Alexander absorbed the love, and Jericho the hatred, she was the party that lost these things. Utterly neglected her whole life, she grew up lonely and distant. These three were soon pushed together by the ebbing of the hearts of people, and when they meet almost instantly clicked. Becoming friends, something strange happened to the people around them. The extreme displays of emotion they'd all become accustomed too had stopped. Finally, they could live normal lives.

Interference of the Gods
Befriending Jericho however, had un-forseen consequences. Alexander and Kristina were suddenly inflicted with sporadic chest pains and body aches, though they weren't sure of the cause. In reality, Jericho's Dissentient curse had been transmitted into them due to their emotional proximity, and they had been infected with Sera's weapon. This caught the attention of Cain, who began to observe the trio. He noticed that within their bodies, an immense amount of Sin Energy- the power generated by negative sentient emotions- was building up in their bodies.

Cain began to contemplate his course of actions. He worried that he would have to destroy these children before the power changed them as it had done Sera thousands of years prior to her downfall. That was when fate dealt Cain a hand. Kristina had been killed in an accident, leaving Alexander to mourn. In a twist, her energy flooded into Alexander, and Cain noticed that it had almost immediately started to kill the boy. Thinking fast, Cain took Kristina's body in his hands, and resurrected it to be a siphon. Retroactively altering Alexander and Jericho's memories Kristina became a girl known as Tarsi, and through her Alexander was spared his illness as she drew the power out of him.

Cain, feeling the situation was now under control, left the world in peace.

Apocalypse Needs No Plural
It wasn't long after Cain's departure that Tarsi feel ill for mysterious reasons. No doctor could discover the source of her pain, and Alexander stood at her bedside for the following months. Jericho had vanished under mysterious circumstances, leaving Alexander alone to watch Tarsi slowly die. Then, strangely, her condition began to alleviate. As she returned to health, Alexander and Tarsi resumed a normal life, and because of their closeness developed a tender relationship.

Some months later, Jericho returned. Empowered somehow, wielding nightmares and magma, bending the very forces of the planet's creation to his desires he wrought hell upon Alexander and Tarsi's home. Forcing them to flee the city in the sky, Aramayt, the two were separated when they arrived on the surface of their world. Alexander was bound to the mysterious and evil blade Clarent, but it proved to be of little help against Jericho.

The New Black and White Knights
Now on the run, Alexander was faced with strange creatures at every turn-- disfigured humans that behaved like animals and craved flesh besieged his path. It didn't take long before he was reunited with Tarsi, who he had discovered was wielding Clarent's brother blade Excalibur. Initially the two were happy to be reunited, but then Clarent revealed why it had attached to Alexander in the first place: it intended to use him to destroy Excalibur and its wielder.

Excalibur prompted Tarsi to assault Alexander, and Alexander could only defend himself. Despite some training in Aramayt, he didn't want to hurt the person he loved. Choosing to flee, Alexander was now dogged by a Mad God and the new White Knight. He traveled the length of the continent in an effort to flee, all the while engaged in a relentless fight for survival. Eventually, Alexander gave up and attempted to make Tarsi kill him as she had tried prior. To his surprise, she couldn't bring herself to end his life.

Finding Fate
Alexander and Tarsi were then confronted with Jericho, who had watched the scene unfold. Somehow finding the situation humorous, he engaged Tarsi and Alexander in combat and defeated both of them, mortally wounding Alexander in the battle. In an attempt to save Alexander's life, an injured Tarsi challenged Jericho alone and was killed. Jericho loomed over Alexander, and spared him, telling the distraught man that he should seek Fate for answers.

Unsure of Jericho's words and destroyed by Tarsi's death, Alexander laid injured before being rescued by a nearby village. On the horizon as he carried, he saw nothing but flames and a charred sky. Jericho had displayed his immense destructive capabilities in full at last, and obliterated everything behind Alexander to ensure there was no turning back. Alexander, eventually finding the strength to move forward realized that to find Fate, he'd need to travel to the underworld. Recruiting a powerful magician, Alexander was able to open a gate to hell.

Upon reaching Fate, she informed Alexander that he was an anomaly. His destiny was his own, because her threads could only attach to souls. Alexander recoiled at finding out he had no soul, and began to doubt himself. Fate further explained that Alexander's true purpose was to kill Gods, and he was created by another God for that explicit purpose. She revealed the creatures on the surface were others like Alexander who'd lost their humanity when they changed, and when Alexander asked what he was she informed him he was 'Dissident'.

Salvation Through Slaughter
Alexander returned to the surface and from the survivors on the remaining part of the Continent raised an army. Drawn to his heroic actions and great power he inspired hope in his men, and drew many bodies to his cause. With a large army gathered Alexander marched towards the burning horizon and challenged Jericho's forces, unaware of the maelstrom he was marching his men into. No sooner did they reach the wall of flame did the Dissident descend.

Alexander's rag tag army was soon obliterated in their confrontation with the vastly larger Dissident Forces. They fought valiantly, but for each man that fell they turned on their comrades, becoming Dissident themselves and losing their soul to oblivion. In the end, Alexander was left alone fighting the Dissident Remnants, followed immediately by a savage beating from Jericho. Alexander was still too weak to defeat his foe, and was only saved by outside intervention.

Trial, Triumph and Truth
The entity Death, roused from losing so many souls that it was meant to guide to utter oblivion interrupted Jericho and Alexander's battle, dragging them both into the depths of the underworld. Alexander alone, being the one that cheated Death to begin with was forced to stand trial for the very crime of his continued existence, even though the news he was a stillborn was a revelation to him. Defensing himself against his charges, Alexander was still condemned as guilty and sentenced to be bound to Tartarus for all eternity.

Jericho interrupted the finale of trial, once more engaging Alexander in combat and demonstrating that not even the entity Death could defeat him. All hope lost and nothing left to lose, Alexander struck out at Jericho with Clarent, and Jericho allowed the blow to hit him. In his final moments, Jericho shared with Alexander the truth of what had happened, revealing Cain's deception with Tarsi, and the true cause of her illness.

Cain had made a miscalculation. The energy Alexander and Jericho were storing would have merely killed them earlier instead of made them into FelGods like Sera. Sera's soul was corrupted to that stage, while Alexander and Jericho lacked a soul. Jericho's disappearance was due to a riot he had accidentally started, and in running from it he found himself falling from the highest reaches of Aramayt. Instead of hitting the ground, Jericho was trapped in the space between spaces, where he managed to fine a hole in time to save his life.

This hole showed him the future to come. Tarsi was taking on to much energy, and she couldn't handle it. She was to die, and the surge of power that would rush into Alexander, combined with the spark of sorrow would change his body into something beyond comprehension. Almost overnight, entire dimensions were cast into the cold embrace of what he could only describe as "The End". Not wishing for his friends to suffer such a fate Jericho took the burden upon himself, and after weeks of focus began to sap Tarsi's sin energy, instead of her taking his and Alexander's.

The result was that Tarsi was saved, but the future had changed. Now, Jericho was to become the monster, and he saw his death at the hands of his friend. Knowing that Alexander would kill him and put a stop to the madness, Jericho let the insanity created by his power overcome him and only surfaced to stay his own hand from Alexander's throat on rare occasion, determined to make this new fate play out as he saw it. The truth behind Jericho's action revealed, he passed away, and Alexander began to grieve.

Eris the Jailer
Distraught by the truth, Alexander was bound in the depths of hell by the Goddess of Chaos, Eris as per his sentencing. She spent every day tormenting Alexander with illusions and feeding off of his despair, knowing that there would never again come a day when Alexander saw the light of the world above. She was right, too. The battle between Jericho and Death sealed Alexander's home dimension away from this incarnation of the underworld, and instead opened a gate to it elsewhere.

Alexander remains bound to the tower of Tartarus to this very day. Constantly on the brink of starvation, yet not allowed to die he is tortured every waking moment by his failures and Eris' hallucinations, and in his sleeping moments by horrid nightmares, waiting the day that he can be free to live the normal life he was denied...

Abilities and Skills:

  • Dissident Arm: Alexander's left arm is covered in an exoskeleton consisting of an iron-chitin composite. It is extremely durable, and totally organic.
  • Dissident Eye: Alexander's left, glowing eye is capable of scanning items and creatures for weaknesses. This can be used to find abnormalities in healthy beings (tumors, parasites, bacteria clusters) or locate weakness in items (armors, weapons) and living beings.
  • Dissident Plate: Alexander doesn't possess a typical chest or rib cage. His chest is a solid, flexible plate of iron-keratin composite, and can withstand even heavy gunfire.
  • Hazard: Alexander's Dissident Biology makes him toxic to most beings. From his blood to his flesh, right down to his spit and breath he can cause toxic shock in most creatures to the point of a lethal outcome. This also grants him an extraordinary level of poison resistance. Only the most lethal poisons will affect him, and their effects will be harshly dampened.
  • Restoration: Alexander is capable of regeneration small wounds in seconds, large wounds in minutes, bones within hours, and limbs within days.
  • Timex: Alexander is extremely difficult to kill. He can survive practically any wound (though being able to fight afterwards is a totally different matter).
  • Soulless: Alexander lacks a soul. However, as a Dissident he can sense souls and their location with startling accuracy to within a few miles. He can deaden this sense in crowded areas to avoid being overwhelmed.
  • Sin Eater: in the presence of negative emotions, Alexander gains greater power.
  • Deathless: Alexander is not able to experience the afterlife once his physical body is terminated. However, he can not be turned undead. In fact, placing an undead curse on Alexander will revive him if he had been killed for good, and also empower him further, causing his abilities to escalate.
  • Swordplay: Alexander is extremely adept at sword play, and wields his blade Clarent with extreme ease and skill.
  • Aramayt Pankration: Aramayt was raised into the sky centuries before many martial arts were created. While the explorers of Aramayt observed many new styles on their excursions to the surface, they lacked the expertise to transport all of these moves back. Alexander's main fighting style was the ancient art of Pankration, fine-tuned over the various centuries by his predecessors. It consists of strikes, kicks, throws, take-downs, chokes, and locks. Its an extremely brutal physical style, with the only techniques disallowed from use being biting, scratching, and gouging. In particular, taken from another Greek tradition were the means by which he was trained. The objective of tournament fights was to beat your opponent as severly as possible without killing them. Alexander has won and lost his share of matches, gaining incredible pain tolerance as well as great skill in inducing unconsciousness. Pankration is an all-encompassing martial art. From childhood, Alexander has spent hours a day mastering its execution until the Day the Sky Fell.
  • Skyborn: Alexander was raised in conditions that prepared his body for a life of biting cold and little oxygen. While merely athletic by Aramayt standards, at sea level he is almost an Olympian in terms of strength and endurance (baseline).
  • Clarent, The Kingslayer: Alexander's sword is bound to Alexander's heart, and fused with his right forearm via its chain. This chain runs through Alexander's right arm, fused with the bone and the shoulder as it goes from his collar to his chest cavity. The sword is harder than any named substance and sharp enough to cleave through solid stone.


  • Siphon: Alexander is weakened in the presence of positive emotions. This affects all his Dissident abilities (except for the bones). His eye starts to become unable to read weaknesses and its characteristic glow dims. His healing factor slows to crawl. The poisons in his body are neutralized, and in turn he becomes susceptible to being poisoned or falling ill. His ability to sense souls is suppressed and only becomes effective in the immediate fifty feet.
  • Starvation: Alexander is not just empowered by Negative Emotions, but feeds off of them. Without its constant presence, Alexander will begin to starve. This will never kill him, but it has the same effect on his body as the above.
  • Through the Heart: the only true way to kill Alexander so that his healing factor doesn't revive him is by destroying his heart, where the curse resides.
  • Silver and Gold: Alexander's body is adversely affected by precious metals. The degree and type of the effect depends on the metal in question.
  • Mental Torment: Alexander's unstable Dissident mind is prone to affliction by outside forces that affect the cognitive processes directly.

Latent/Dormant Abilities

  • Magic: In Alexander's world, Magic was not a native force. That said, there were still plenty people with the potential to utilize magic were it to have existed in a meaningful capacity on Alexander's plane. Now that Alexander has arrived in Iota, coupled with the time Alexander had spent in the underworld, his magic potential has started "moving" and will fully awaken soon. He will need a teacher to cultivate this skill.
  • Master-Level Telekinesis: Alexander, for reasons similar to the above, was not able to utilize his natural TK abilities. As time wears on he will awaken the whole slew of basic abilities on his own, but will require training to reach the Advanced level. Afterwards, he will be able to reach a few (but not all) of the abilities on the Master Tier such as Combustion, Force-fields, and Seismic Waves, though he will specialize in Tactile Telekinesis.
  • Mind-Eater: An evolution of Sin Eater that is combined with Alexander's knowledge of TK. This allows Alexander to drain mental energy of people exerting Telekinetic Force upon him or objects he's touching, weakening their powers and occasionally outright negating them, while adding to his own strength.
  • Antidote: Alexander's body is highly resistant (if not virtually immune) to most poisons because of its already toxic nature. However, once afflicted with a foriegn poison his body will develop an antidote to that poison within itself. Alexander will eventually learn how to share this antidote with other beings.
  • Deathless Curse: The Dissentientibus Curse in Alexander is not prone to sharing. If afflicted with another curse the magic is aggressively assimilated (to the point of causing immense pain for Alexander on some occasions) and used to further enhance Alexander's own abilities. He may gain the beneficial traits of Undead creatures, or gain weaponized versions of typical hexes. The results vary dramatically. As a result of this, Alexander can not be cursed.
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