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Post by Astral on Wed Jan 08, 2014 10:42 pm

Divine magic is actually just magic given to people by greater beings. The greater being share some of their magical energy in exchange for the persons loyalty or favors. People believe they get this type of magic from gods but in reality they are getting it from the natives of Iota who are using them for their own agenda. The favors that the natives ask for is always in defense of their home. Some times this means killing people some times this means recovering stolen magic artifacts and other things. Most often though a native will ask the person who owes their loyalty or favors to just spread the word about them and get more to join in sharing the divine beings power extending the natives influence on the world.

The host or so called divine being is capable of sharing any bit of magic they posses. The natives of Iota are the only ones the can become hosts due to their large energy pool which is incomparable to any native of Megalo. Most often though the parasites or followers are only given common magic as it is enough to please the followers. The advantages of divine magic are for one you don't need to learn how to use it. It is magic magic, which is very helpful for difficult schools of magic and even the ones that are not very well known that is if you can get your host to share such power with you. The other advantage is the potential power you can gain. If you happen to be a follower of one of the 3 major Iota races then such potential is huge. However the parasites are very rarely given much. Most do not even know and in some cases can't comprehend the power their host holds making negotiations difficult. The the only disadvantage would be your host practically owns you and the more you feed into it the harder it is to break away.

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