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Post by Astral on Wed Jan 08, 2014 9:49 pm

Common Magic is the magical energy one's body naturally produces. This type of magic is hard to learn and most races only generate enough magical energy for a few spells a day. This is one of the most readily available sources of magic in existence as it is constantly being replensihed in your body. It also has the least amount of drawbacks, though one of the most severe: if you use up all of your magical energy then you die. The only other drawback is there are many limitations on what spells you can use with this source of magic. Common Magic can't manipulate souls--bring back the dead. It can't increase the amount of magic one generates. For example, if you were to change someone into a Dragon (something only the best of the best can do) they would not receive the icredibly large pools of magic Dragons generate, nor would they have their magical skill. And there is no such thing as a permanent spell; all spells that use Common Magic constantly drain the user's magic and only theirs. One must learn how to use separate types of magic to in order to cast spells that draw on different sources. Once one reaches adult age, their magic capacity is capped off and will not grow any larger.

[OOC: By saying you are good with magic, you are saying you are good with Common Magic only. You must specify all fields of Magic you are skilled in if you wish to be able to use those types of magic.]

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