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Vulpecula not official character Empty Vulpecula not official character

Post by Astral on Wed Jul 18, 2018 7:33 pm

By tooth and claw kitsune lore:
The kitsune is a dual form creature, those forms being humanoid and fox, the fox being their main form. The kitsune can have anywhere from 2 to 9 tails and their fur color is typically the same as their hair. Kitsune are known for their use of illusions and each tail one has increases their power. Upon gaining its final tail they are granted a new ability and are seen as all knowing.

Name:: Kitsune
Average Lifespan:: Immortal
Average Height:: 5'10"
Average Weight:: 150 pounds.
Location Found:: Abroad.

In-Depth Information;
Kitsune have two forms, a humanoid form and a fox form. The fox form is their main form, unable to take a humanoid form until they have two or more tails. They may gain up to nine tails and only nine tails. Traces of a foxes appearance can be seen in its humanoid form. Typically, the fox fur remains the same color as the hair color in a humanoid as well as the eye color.

Kitsune can decided if they want to show their tails or other fox-like features as a human. Most however, choose not to give away that they are kitsune. In their fox form, they carry their star balls in their mouth, unable to be separated from the star ball for too long.

Kitsune are known for their cleverness and often times, the younger kitsune enjoy playing tricks on weary travels with their illusions. Kitsune can be trouble and more often, it may be best to avoid these tricksters. The kitsune may have trouble trusting others, especially when it comes to the use and knowledge of their true name. At birth, each kitsune is granted a full, secret name, usually only known by it and very rarely given to another. If a kitsune's true name is acquired, whomever knows that name holds power over the creature itself. Kitsune offspring can be born with more than one tail depending on their parents. If their parents have many tails, a kitsune can be born with two and up to four tails.

Kitsune are renowned for their illusions; not many others may compare to the power of their ability. A kitsune's illusion is nearly impossible to distinguish between reality and fantasy. An illusion for a kitsune is more than a visual image, all of one's senses will feel, smell, taste, see, and hear the illusion. For some kitsune, illusions are reality for them. For such kitsune, it is rumored that they can lose a tail should someone see through the illusion, though the chances of that are quite slim.

Each tail increases the kitsune's' power, the more tails the more power they may have. A new tail is gained every one thousand years or by unnatural gain of power such as granting by one such as a deity. A kitsune may only gain its ninth and final tail from an Ether or higher deity, through a granting of power. When a kitsune gains its final tail, it comes with a new ability. A kitsune with nine tails is considered almost all-knowing because they might hear or see something that's happening miles away, much like a clairvoyant.

Each kitsune specializes in one element, a kitsune who specializes in more than one element is unheard of. The rarest of kitsune would be the kitsune who use pure reiatsu (spirit energy). These kitsune can possess others but this is an even rarer ability amongst an already rare type of kitsune. The least amount of tails that have been heard of to use possession are seven tails. Still, not every seven-tailed reiatsu kitsune can possess others.

A kitsune's starball is its most precious possession and they keep it close to them at all times. It it is stolen, a kitsune will do almost anything to get it back. The starball is, as mentioned above, the kitsune's Soulgem. However, unlike normal Soulgems they cannot be reabsorbed. If separated for too long from its starball, a kitsune will begin to die.

Species Origin;
Creation Year: 6. Realm of Origin: Evylon.
Many ages ago, in the very first few years of Evylon, the Old Gods watched their creations grow and multiply under a beautiful sky. A priest that had dedicated his life to them, one of the first elves they had created, took a fox as a pet - a white fox, with a pelt as beautiful as snow and eyes the color of the darkest sapphires. He traveled wide and far, dispatching dark creatures that came about in a variety of ways, born of the new Realm's chaotic magic… until he came to one he could not face alone.

The priest had found a monster that had left a path of destruction in its wake, and had come across a village of elves, new-built and yet to be established. They were without warriors, and were weak; nothing that could stand against such terrible might. Appalled, the priest could not stand idle and allow such a travesty to occur; as the beast grabbed its first victim and tore her in half, the man threw himself at the monster, hands aglow with the power of light.

His light was to prevail; the fox looked on in glee as the monster fell motionless, flesh charred away by brilliant light. However, the priest took heart too soon… and was dragged to the ground by a monster that still lived. Before the elven priest was dealt the fatal blow, a flash of white streaked past the battered man and collided with the creature. Latching itself onto the monster's snarling face, there was enough time for the wounded priest to scramble to his feet and grab his discarded staff - and he drove it into the beast's eye, just as it flung the little fox away with all the strength in its exhausted form.

Beset with grief, moment's later, the priest knelt before his companion and stroked the animal's snowy fur, whispering words of appreciation for the act. He had spent much of his strength on the battle; he had none left to heal the fox's horrific wounds. Instead, he clasped his hands in prayer and beseeched the gods of Evylon to carry this valiant creature lovingly to the afterlife. However, when the Old Gods heard his plea, they did not do as bid; no.

A warm soft glow surrounded the white fox, lifting it into the air. Words only the small creature could hear reverberated through the fox's still body, as the priest drew back in shock and wonder. We have seen what you've done, O fox; one that has given life for another, for a cause much more than you were meant for. We grant new life and purpose to you, and name you kitsune. With the body of man, know their humility; with the body of a fox, retain your trickster's passion. With the spark of immortality we gift you an everlasting playground to grow and live as you see fit. Rise as Yakizimo, First of the Kitsune.

The watching priest covered his eyes when the soft glow became a bright flash, and only lowered his hands when it subsided enough to look. Standing before him was not the little fox from before, but a man with crimson hair, streaked with white in the front looked down upon the priest with soft red eyes. But no, not a man was he - ten brilliantly white tails, streaked in reds and maroons and creams, and two large ears flicked forward with interest.

The elf knew the moment he saw this new figure before him that he was unmistakably his companion, and was overjoyed at such a turn of events. Embracing the kitsune, the priest smiled and his companion smiled back, before donning a glistening mask and shifting into the form of a gargantuan fox, nothing like the one before. It was masked and ten-tailed, with beads that swirled in color at the end of each tail, clasped in long hair, and around his neck. The First Kitsune fled, then, and led the priest on a merry chase - one that did not end for many, many years. It was only when their adventures were at an end, when the Old Gods were no more and the priest unable to continue, did the First fall into slumber, lost and forgotten...

True Name: Vulpecula
Chosen Name: Naviera or Navi for short

Gender: Female

Species: Kitsune

Age: 222

Vulpecula not official character Untitl10
Vulpecula not official character 15088610

Vulpecula is a living personification of petite beauty. Some would prefer the adjective cute. In humanoid form she stand at a max of height only 5 foot and weighs in; tails included at 93 pounds. She has jet black hair cascading down just past her shoulders and eyes that shine a brilliant emerald green. She has an hour glass structure though not as pronounced as most would associate with the term primarily due to her small stature. Throw in a C cup bust though and the women are envious and the men are attempting to seduce. A simple black necklace with a brilliant green gem hanging form it, adorns her at all times.

Her fox ears she doesn't conceal as they alone are not enough to out her as a Kitsune. The two tails she possess she does conceal.

One would think the kit of two nine tailed Kitsunes would be destined for greatness and perhaps she is. If so though fate has a sick way of showing it. Despite being the offspring of such powerful Kitsune Vulpecula was born with but a single tail. Her father seriously thought at first that someone had pulled a clever one and kidnapped their child and put in it's place someone else's kit. Despite this so called handicap Vulpecula was no less skilled in illusions. In fact many would agree she had been far stronger with them than a one tail should be. Her number of tails only seemed to limit the scope of which she could cast her illusions. With one tail when used against a single person they were utterly helpless to the whims of her imagination. However by simply adding another person into the equation she became helpless.

Vulpecula gained her second tail in an unheard of way at only the age of 200. Vulpecula had an unhealthy curiosity most specifically with the lives of the humanoids. The intricacies of their lives were just so much more fun than the dull lifestyle of a typical Kitsune. The only enjoyment she found from her own kind was they could be a challenge for her illusions. She watched the humanoids from a distance and found joy in simply observing and of course messing with. However it wasn't long before she had a nearly insatiable urge to walk among them as other Kitsune's with two or more tails could. It was in this moment of desire that she sprouted her second tail.

Her parents prevented her from perusing her curiosity. She was too young they said. There were things she needed to be taught first they said. They also wanted to figure out why and how she was different from other Kitsune. Pure reiatsu was ruled out long ago when it was revealed her affinity was for electricity. So desperate was she to escape the cage of her parent's clairvoyance that Volpecula found a way to another dimension. There she began living her life as a human under her long used chosen name of Naviera. Well mostly human. Naviera kept her fox ears on proud display. Nobody has ever suspected her of being a Kitsune. Her Soulgem she kept on a necklace around her neck.

After fourteen years her Soulgem was stolen. She was fast asleep in an inn after a late night of drinking when a thief chose her quarters to rob. He stole her money and her necklace. Afterwords he sold the necklace at a black market where it was then purchased by a corrupt politician human. She did manage to eventually track it down only thanks to her connect to it. But due to the politicians erratic movement by the time she caught up, she was near death and she hadn't the strength to simply put him under an illusion and take her Soulgem back. A feat normally child's play to her. She was reduced to simply begging for it's return. The politician who's name she learned to be Hason was curious that in her state she was desperate for this necklace instead of say food and water. He was no stranger to the power of sentimentality however just in case he questioned her. He had no preconception she might be a Kitsune but with his studies of rare and powerful creatures he deduces this to be the case with his line of questioning. He offered her a deal. Give him her true name and he'd return the necklace. He had no idea it was her Soulgem nor that Kitsune's even had Soulgems and simply hoped the necklace he wore was worth the knowledge of her true name. Backed into a corner Naviera had no choice but to tell him her true name of Volpecula. Hason however did not upkeep his end of the deal and eventually learned the nature of the necklace. The necklace hadn't been cheap to purchase but for his whim he had basically purchased one of those powerful creatures he had read about. She seemed anything but powerful though and chalked it up to factual inaccuracies of what he had read. He kept her as an attractive servant. He was faithful to his wife though so she was nothing but rare eye candy as the necklace had meant to be.

It wasn't until he watched as a would be assassin fought off invisible ghosts created by Naviera that his mind opened up to the possibilities. He couldn't believe he didn't realize sooner why Kitsune were considered very powerful. With her as his slave he could crush his competition and opposition and even more. The possibilities were only limited by the imagination of himself and of Naviera. She would become his secret agent. There was just one issue. His slave was tied to the location of her Soulgem and his knowledge of her true name no doubt had it's limitations. He couldn't afford to move his insurance over her from it's safety. After some digging he found a solution. He invested the majority of his wealth into a magical gem that could be tied to her Soulgem and allow her to be away from it without dying. With this his campaign for world domination begun.

Once a kit just overflowing with joy Naviera brought smiles to all those she was with. With the exception of the times she was annoying them with illusions or worrying them with her equally abundant curiosity. Even after leaving her realm and entering the lives of the humanoids Naviera was a thrill seeker. For the fourteen years she still had her freedom in the humanoids reality she spent all that time learning and meeting everyone she could. It was kind of an exhausting 14 years as her 200 years prior never had as much activity or learning in such a small amount of time. Kitsune were immortal so they were in no rush to do anything. On the flip side the majority of humanoids were mortal. They had a limited life span and so seemed to do as much as they could in that time. Naviera was loving it.

Things changed rather drastically after her true name of Vulpecula and her Soulgem were stolen however. Most the time she spent as Hason's servant she spent coming to terms with how things were now. After she was let loose as his special agent things shifted into her just coping with how things have transpired. She found some sort of joy in seducing men and exercising feminine charm and bending them to her whims. She found the ones who didn't instantly fall for her to be especially fun. She never lost her virginity though many men think they have with her. It's the last sacred thing she has and has no intention of giving it to anyone. Instead when things start getting intimately physical she'll simply place them under an illusion and give them the best night of their lives, then hopefully never see them again.

Naviera's Illusions are indistinguishable from reality. She can make anything anyone's reality short of altering their memories. There are only two limiting factors. Logical dependencies which thankfully in a world of magic isn't too much of a hindrance most the time. Then second the scope of her power. With two tails she can only trap five people that must remain in her field of vision. Otherwise she can only trap 1 person whom she doesn't maintain visual confirmation with. As for illusions cast upon an area unaffected by the amount of people present she can only control roughly a 50 yard diameter area.

Although Naviera has control of electricity she prefers to stick with her illusions. She has developed a technique in which she energizes her body to move much faster and make her more agile than she normally is. Beyond that she doesn't use electricity too much.

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