Doing What I Was Bred To Do (Open)

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Doing What I Was Bred To Do (Open) Empty Doing What I Was Bred To Do (Open)

Post by Baldirak on Tue Oct 24, 2017 12:43 am

Svadlifare ran through the forest of Vegetovanie. Though the carnivorus plants were rarely spotted here, they were still a problem when they did show up. The idiot scientists wanted to befriend the canivorous plants. Svadilfare knew the only option was to kill them first. And so when he heard of the trouble here, he came to do what he had been created for. The Human/Wolf hybrid weaved through the trees, making his way to a trail that had been overrun. He stopped not far from his destination and sat to rest for a few minutes and also to decide how he'd take care of these plants. It didn't really matter, although he didn't want to repeat methods too early in the day. Svadilfare stood and walked the rest of the way to the trail.

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