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Post by Cruella on Wed Jul 26, 2017 6:57 pm

Name: Cruella
Species: Mermaid
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Cruella height is 10 ft. with her tail but is 5'5" on her own.
Cruella 975ad11c99fa33ab327bd1eb30404be2--beautiful-mermaid-anime-art
Personality:  Despite her size, Curella is rather easily frightened. She has a very fragile personality, quickly breaking out into crying fits whenever she gets upset. She is greatly pampered by her family, as she claimed that nobody ever yelled at her before. Whenever someone yells at her, she will interpret this as anger towards her and will start crying, while saying that the offender is scary. In fact, Curella easily tears up whenever she expresses her emotions such as joy, fear, or sadness.

She can be grateful. She is also very polite and addresses everyone with their last names. She' even politely rejected mens' proposals by saying that "he wasn't her type".

Because of her ten years of solitude, she has very limited knowledge of the world outside of the water, so she is rather curious about it as she asks land walkers (humans) about the sun, the animals, and forests

However, regardless of her fragile personality, she is sweet and innocent like a child which is evident when she promised to return to the castle by dinner time after leaving her tower. Cruella is extremely kind as she does not bear any anger or resentment even towards people who have hurt her and her family, as, despite a killer murdering her mother and later brutalizing her father and brothers right in front of her, Cruella only tearfully wept. Even though not telling everyone about her the murderer was a dangerous mistake, this shows that Cruella has a strong and gentle spirit since not hating her mother's killer even though it's her mother's last wish would be impossible for most people.

History: I'm too lazy to write history right now
Abilities and Skills:
Sea Life Communication: She can talk to most things that live in the waters. She can be seen talking to fish since she would rather talk to other fish than humans that might want to harm her.

Bubbles: She can use bubbles to 'capture' small things. The largest bubble she can make is one that can hold two average sized koi. Generally, she uses this as a way to hold sick fish so she can nurse them back to health.

Walking: Cruella has rarely been on land. She can barely stand on two legs. This can make her easy to pick out in a crowd or easy to capture on land.
Skin: Mermaids need water and Cruella is no exception. If she is out of water for a long time or becoming extremely dry she will die.
Navie: She doesn't know a lot about anything above water. This can lead her into traps/rough situations easily.

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