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Post by Astral on Sat Apr 29, 2017 10:36 pm

A tropical planet that is very racial deserve with the exception of the spider population. The planet is home to a race of very large sentient spiders. They are at war with the invaders of their world. However due to issues with translating their language it isn't known that the spiders are sentient. The spiders exoskeletons are immune to the majority of projectile weapons. The underground has made a deal with the governing faction of the planet that they would defend them in exchange for operating on the planet and keeping their presence secret from WWG.

Unlike traditional venom the spiders have poison which can instantly paralyze a man just by coming in contact with their skin. The underground has taken advantage of this and mixed their poison in with their plasma vials. Due to the rare supply it is only used in special operations against WWG.

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