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Post by Astral on Sat Apr 29, 2017 10:06 pm

Once a lush continental planet full of primarily humans much like earth the land is now a post apocalyptic environment. The atmosphere and biomes of the planet remain mostly untouched the only difference being the lack of sentient life.

A WWG controlled planet this was the primarily location of WWG's gene experimentation. Much progress was made in the way of extending life and enhancing natural abilities. However one scientist took things too far and was fascinated with cross species gene splicing. While at first also successful and leading down a road that could produce genetically engineer soldiers for specific jobs one of the experiments had gone horribly wrong. The subject began exhibiting very aggressive behavior and a growing appetite. Things progressed to the extreme where one would struggle to describe the subject as still sentient and had to be put down. After brain death though the subject's cells took from pre-existing cells to bring the subject's body back to proper functioning. It was as the body was being disposed that the subject leapt and began attacking everything in sight. Once it had pierced skin it would transfer it's disease and in time the victim would become a host of this virus so to speak. This spread very quickly in less than a week half the population had been converted into mindless near unkillable beasts that hunger for flesh.

The remaining populace went underground to safety only venturing to the surface to collect supplies. WWG has been in a constant war trying to keep these creatures at bay and defend the remaining populace. They also remain attempting to collect lost research however the facilities are over run with these creatures seemingly attracted to the gene modifications that had been conducted there.

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