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Post by Astral on Sat Apr 29, 2017 9:14 am

As technology progressed the effectiveness of body armor began to eclipse that of ballistic projectiles. It reached a point in which only big heavy high caliber weapons like sniper rifles had sufficient stopping power and infantry warfare became awkward and unreliable. This awkward time gave birth to plasma weapons. These weapons shot slabs of super excited plasma which burned away conventional armor with ease before burning a hole straight through the person wearing the armor. Only super heavy heat resistant metals were capable of providing any sort of armor. In response the plasma guns adapted to have more kinetic energy and infantry warfare returned to a more familiar state.

Later on personal shield generators were introduced. These offered superior protection compared to the heat resistant metal armors in addition to weighing far less giving them mobility once again. Plasma passing through the shields would lose their particle excitement and some of their kinetic energy. However the shields only protect against a couple shots before their energy supply runs out. Many different kinds of shields are out there some that offer more protection against the heat and less against the kinetic energy, others the reverse, and others still that provide less protection with the advantage of more energy. At this point infantry warfare had evolved into a more complex rock paper scissors game than it already was.

Rail guns are the only ballistic weapon still seen in organized military use. However both the gun and ammo are very bulky and are only really practical for snipers. The unmatched kinetic power is unstoppable by infantry body armor or shields. The slower than bolt action fire rate as the capacitors charge up make it impracticable for any other role.

Plasma weaponry tends to be rather universally prohibited from civilian use. Ballistic weapons are what civilians use as most people don't walk around with military grade body armor and are still very effective for self defense.

Melee weaponry remains relevant as sonic vibrators are installed in the handles that allow blades to cut through nearly anything. Another alternative is heat resistant metals such as tungsten blades being super heated to cut through nearly anything.

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