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Sein Empty Sein

Post by Ao Zheng on Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:04 pm

Name: Sein
Species: Neko
Gender: Male
Age: 65 [Seventh Life]
Sein is a calm and collected man. Having centuries of experience under his belt, there are almost no situations that he hasn't dealt with before. He is rarely surprised by anything. He tends to rely on magic a bit too much as he approaches his final two lives. Most of his time is spent researching new magic and ways too leave a more impactful mark upon the world.
Life One
Sein was born into a small village of Neko people who had long ago gathered too protect themselves from other races. This village was located deep within a forest on the Megalo continent. Using mind magic, the creators of the village erected a barrier that would confuse outsiders and prevented them from seeing anything within. Victims would simply see an impassable thicket of trees and walk around it, not even questioning what might be on the other side.
The family that Sein was born into were tasked with maintaining the barrier, but like most rebellious youth he wanted more. Every day, he sat at the edge of the barrier watching outsiders as they walked by. Some times he would play games with them and eventually his mind tricks mind tricks made outsiders weary of the forest. Eventual the visitors stopped coming altogether. Every so often there would the odd group of children who had come in as a dare, but they were easily scared off.
Upon reaching the age of 50, Sein decided it was time to leave the village. With the permission of the village elders, he was allowed too leave upon the condition that his mind be wiped of any memories pertaining to the village. Even though Sein's mother objected too it, she knew her son would never be truly happy in the village. Accepting his permanent self-exile from the village, Sein walked through the barrier without looking back. As soon as he did so, everything faded and he was left too make his own way, only inches away from his family.
Confused and alone, all Sein remembered was his name and his magic. For twenty years, he lived off the forest. Every so often he would meet a fairy who he would trade fish for. Also among the forest were a group of Wolfkin; after a scuffle with one of the wolfmen over his daughter, Sein had learned to avoid them at all costs. Sometimes he would even swear he saw other people who looked similar too him. In reality these were watchers from his own village who were assigned too ensure that Sein was okay by his mother. Eventually Sein stumbled upon a discovery that would change his life more than anything else. While searching for firewood, a strange plesant voice in his head lead him deeper into the woods, to a place where the trees blocked almost all sunlight.
In the dim light, all Sein could see was a massive scaled body with wings. Instintively he knew it too be a dragon. Now close enough to speak through it's mouth, the scaled beast explained that it had fled it's home on Megalo and attempted too settle in Iota. However, a strange magical storm had overcome the dragon and struck the dragon with lightning. The dragon was then forced too land in the forest. For fifty years it layed there, subsisting on it's own magic supply, and the nature magic from the forest.
The dragon offered too make a bargain with Sein. In exchange for using his own common magic supplies too heal the dragon and ending his first life prematurely, the dragon would grant Sein unimaginable power. Sein accepted and though it was painful, he drained every last ounce of common magic he had into the dragon's wounds. Upon finishing, he fell to the floor of the forest, exhausted and drained. He could feel his life fading away.
Life Two
Sein has never revealed much about this life, but only that he managed too live to a full 100 years. At some point during this time, he managed to leave the forest and travel to the coast wher he sailed to Megalo. Also at some point during this time, his dragon master disappeared, leaving Sein to his own devices. She instructed that she would one day return, and that he was not too search for her, but instead cotninue his study of magic. Towards the end of his life, Sein managed a capable grasp of Blood Magic.
Life Three
Only lasting thirty years, this life was cut short when Sein was attacked by an assassin. After regenerating then and there, to the assassin's dismay, he managed too kill his assailant.
Life Four
Continuing immediately where Life Three left off, Sein examine the body of his assailant too discover it was a human who had been sent by a group of assassins too take him out. Traveling to the city of Kakos, Sein managed too find that even in one of the biggest cess pits on the continent, even gold could not gain him answers. Instead he took it by intellect. Pitting a group of mercenaries against each other, he managed too nearly bring the entire city to a war. In the ensuing chaos, Sein managed too track down the name of the person who had hired the assasiin that attacked him, or at least their code name "Silverfish".
Leaving the terrible place behind, Sein continued to the city of Nero where he might find more answers. After a few years of living comfortably in the city, he had found that Silverfish seemed to be a common catch phrase among an elite group of priests that lived in the mountains and worshipped a strange hunk of rock. It was during this time that he first learned of homunculi and managed too create his own which he named "Sylvia". However, Sylvia's behavior became erratic and Sein was forced too put her down.
After approximately fifteen years of living contentedly in the city, Sein decided too climb the mountain and seek out the people who had wished him dead. He was shocked too find that the priests were Nekos as well. They revealed that the rock which the worshipped was actually a dragon who had told them of his arrival on Megalo. Curious, Sein approached the dragon and found that it was his master. She revealed that upon returning to Megalo she had set out to confront the enemy who had driven her from her home. However she was ambushed and pertrified, then left her there too waste away. The priests had sustained her while she awaited sein's arrival. After freeing his master from the spell that bound her, she left him once more with the promise that she would one day return.
The Nekos welcomed Sein into their enclave as one of their own. Not being able too remember his own family, Sein was happy too finally have one of his own. Eventually he took a wife and bore three children. However, uncontent with sitting idly by in the mountains he set out once more, leaving his family behind. This time he would actually remember them and keep them in his heart.
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