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Tidari Ikisako, Voltumna

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Tidari Ikisako, Voltumna Empty Tidari Ikisako, Voltumna

Post by Brink on Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:51 pm

Name: Tidari Ikasako, aka Voltumna

Species: Envoyant: well known for their arts in combat and magic, these being are a very formidable foe in combat. They have all the appearances and biology and physiology of a human, minus dim glowing pupils and tribal markings. Growing up as children they all trained up from age 8, choosing in military to either be mage, scout, or warrior. For years they will go through grueling and near death training but it toughened them as they mature, hiw they think and interact depends on the teacher they have.
They learn basic and advanced sword techniques, their way of swordsmanship similar to the Japanese Samurai, they are stronger and swifter than the average warrior and are tought to use every opportunity to their own. As far as magic goes they are superb in lightening magics, being known as the "Tempest" they are trained to hone their powers and skills, so typically as they mature they become used to using lightening magic in combat.
While Envoyant aren't invincible they are feared to those who's heard of them and are avoided, however those who challenge them without knowing are most likely doomed if not skilled or sharp enough.

Gender: Male
Age: 23
Appearance: With Caucasian skin, Tidari has scars running up and down his body, showing the combat he had been through. He has dark brown hair, a little messy but only comes down to his ears. He possesses a pair of dim glowing emerald eyes, something common to Envoyant. Further on he wears a robe that conceals his white sleeveless shirt and the tattoos that resemble his race from gaining too much attention. He wears brown leather boots and black cargo-like pants.
He bears three katanas, The Warden which is the shortest, reaching only 3 feet in length its hilt is wooden with the metal built inside, so just polished with a dark finish.
The second is The Tempest Razor, which reaches 5 ft in length and is the most used. Whats known about it is that the blade is enchanted with a shock damage and spark release: which if used will create searing sparks that hit foes at a high voltage and even superheating the blade making it easier to slice with. The hilt is designed with very little wool to take in some of that heat. It is black woth yellow lightening designs dancing across.
The final blade is least used but is very effective. Known as Trickle, this katana reaches 7 feet and is the heaviest of the three. While its not used often Trickle is dangerous due to how sharper it is and its length, granted its heavy for a lightweighted weapon, it is considerably light compared to an iron grwatsword. Its hilt is black with blood red as well as having bloodstains on it.

Personality: Tidari is known for his humble and patient attitude, calmed before and during battle he lives tue life of a wanderer who seeks both god-ship and peace whilst living by honor, a pure example of a warrior. He is bighearted and values other peoples and creatures lives, which is his downfall as well a he promised to never kill again; holding a bottled anger and great amounts of depression within. Adversaries and regular folk, especially women, tend to take advantage of his heart and use it, but Tidari isn't a fool to fall for such tricks, where there is a big heart lies a paranoid self, avoiding as much people as possible for he trusts no one.
When in combat, as calm as he is Tidari is serious with any jokes or insults thrown past him, he just wishes to get the battle over woth.

History: (May not be the best, its shitty to me but this is a brief background of his life.).
Tadari Ikasako was born during a war literally in the middle of a combat zone. His mother, a high priestess of the Tempest Empire died giving birth with a pike through her chest, causing the father, Voltumna Ikasako, to cut Tidari out of her dead form (why she was there no one really knew.). After the great war the Envoyant people rejoiced the war was won but remorsed at the fallen warriors. Tadari was raised in hus fathers care to become a great warrior, attending a combat school at 8 and a regular school as well. He had little time to himself as he upkept with knowledge ahd skill. Eventually he was superb compared to others, thanks to his determination and Voltumna's discipline and drive to raising his boy to become greater, Tadari was smart and cunning for hus age, he answered questions given daily with no problem and he became one of the most skilled and smartest children of the Empire.

Tadari was given daily tests and goals and, with no self doubt, he solved them with no time to waste and with ease. Throughout the few years teachers and mentors decided to put him through an intense schooling very few have the privilage of entering; the Tempest Nights.
The Nights are meant to spell out knights, but to further drive a fear inti foes these special forces were said to create an eternal hellish night for any who dare challenge them. They were the most superior warriors in magical and tactical arts of combat; skill, lightening magic and physical/mental prowess who hailed mightier than any other warmonger.
Tidari was presented before his older team, or, classmates, many in disbelief. When challenged to a dual with one of the more skilled of the trainees he put the foe to shame, defeating the older kid in hand to hand combat in front of everyone else. Everyday Tidari was challenged and even giving tips to others which benefited them, eventually working his way up as he turned 15.

At age 15, the Nights are given their first mission to ambush and attack an enemy caravan, civilians such as fleeing men, women amd children are to be left untouched, warriors and guards that fought back are to be defeated, left dead or alive. Tidari's team consisted of over 50 Nights, granted they are sent in small and nimble squads, they are above all successful. After the first ambush they gathered a hefty amount of information and documents from the general, who didn't go very quietly. The squad that was deployed was honored ajd eventually given a full browse of the armory, choosing their weapons wisely though. Time and time Tidari and friends succeeded at their mission, moving up in ranks amd before they were grown men they were given the full rank of Tempest Night. It was frowned upon but necessary.
Ages 19, Tidari and friends were eventually thrown into a war, with most Tempest forces sent they collided with small groups. As victory was most certain the unthinkable happened. Tempest forces began to turn on each other, tye tide turning rapidly as the new onslaught began ajd swiftly ended, with most of the army dead. Those who survived took off to the regroup amd strike back, but to no avail.

Tidari collected his teammates weapons, three katanas, Trickle, The Warden and The Tempest Razor. As he was ready to bury the last one he promised tye dead the he'd never kill a living person ever again, losing most of his friends to a war so sudden taking its toll on him, however, the thought of godhood popped inti his mind; if he became a gid then perhaps, just perhaps he could protect his people to watch them grow once more.

As he arrived back to the kingdom Tidari discovered it destroyed, then entire city melted diwn to nothing where there are only smoldering ruins. He, and the rest of the survivors swore to remain in hiding until called upon to serve; if there is good to be done they must accomplish it, however they ate to remain out of wars.

Age 23, Tidari has traveled many lands, finding a fathomable peace and helps out those in trouble, saving a life or two. He is known as The Wanderer, where word spread of a warrior looking for work of any kind, not a sellsword but rather a helper in most kinds. The thought and ambition of godhood was still lingering like an incense, he was bound to find a way eventually amd Tidari would not give up for such opportunity.

Abilities and Skills:
Tempest Shock: Strong Lightning Magic, this is used in a form of electrical jolts firing from hand to the foe, causing damage and burns across the foes body. It has the force to knock mere humans to the ground and can even be used as a steady stream to further more . While it is a considered offensive magic it drains mana rather quickly (4 uses is the equivalent of 25/100%) and must br used sparingly.

Lightening Rod: Shock magic, in general, doesn't affect Tidari. As a matter of fact his body absorbs it can be used to his advantage, turning it into energy for his body and magic, however there is a fine limit to how much he could absorb; taking in too much may amplify his power but it damages Tidari's body and can causr his mana to deplete faster. Tye most he can take in is 100%, 130% overcharge can affect his body but anything above that could possibly do further damage or even be fatal.

Lightening Blade: Tidari can use a certain amount of mana to form a lightening blade, surrounding his fingers, hand, or arm pending on how much power he uses. Whilst the smallest blade uses 50% of his power its length is 3ft, what makes it dangerous is its power, it can cut clean through foes even if equipped with armor ajd can grow bigger if more mana is used. However going through large boulders is tough enough, a single turn of the caster can use up the power used in tue blade, so its preferable to use it once with a clean shot. (Charge time is one turn, usage is one turn ajd recharge is two. Can only be used twice pending on mana level.)

Swordsmanship: Tidari is considered to be a very skilled amd dangerous swordsman, granted he doesn't shoe it when fighting it is due to his lack of excitement and he holds back majority of the time. While he holds back Tidari also shows mercy, however its quickly diminished when other lives are at stake. He shows his potential, taking on groups of foes with general ease, if it were a large group of gangers he could handle them easily however anyone as skilled as he was could prove a challenge. He has a very good understanding of the battle art and stands by it, keeping up with his training daily and tries out new techniques and styles. Tidari is no pushover, most twnd to underestimate the guy due to his calm and pacifistic nature however end up regretting that in the end.

While Tidari is strong he has the same weaknesses of a human, the most being his value of life and holding back. This can get him killed or hurt with tje enemy taking advantage.
Emvoyant are prone to being hurt by frost magic, as lightening is stong ti fire, fire strong to ice, and so the magical chain goes. While winters affect him like a human soldier ice magics can deal 2x the damage it would a regular being. Due to his constant moving the man is usually tired which leaves him at a disadvantage against stronger foes.

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