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Post by Astral on Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:04 am

There are two known methods for faster than light travel. Warp and Worm.
Wormdrives are exclusive to the organization The Underground. Wormdrives are often described as tearing a hole through space or creating a separate dimension of sorts and being able to instantly travel to the target location. In addition due to the general unknown nature of how they actually work there is no technology out there for calculating where the target is traveling to. The only current possible method is to hack the ship normally requiring manual access to the ship to do so. There are many downsides however. For starts the further the distance the destination the longer the drive has to charge up which is already a lengthy charge time even for short travel. This is mitigated by the fact that the drive can be pre charged with a target destination with the final calculations to actually jump taking very little time. The wormdrives are very large and bulky though making options for cargo and or weapons very limited compared to a ship outfitted with a warpdrive.

Warpdrives is what everyone else uses including WWG. Warpdrives are often described as manipulating the space around the ship and propelling it faster than light. Warpdrives still take awhile to charge but not as long as wormdrives. They also require actually spending time in warp speed waiting to arrive at your destination. Cheap Warpdrives are large and bulky leaving less room for other things. The three things that define the quality of a Warpdrive are charge time, speed, and size. It is relatively easy to change one of these factors for example increasing speed therefore reducing travel time. However doing so increases size and charge time. Improving more than one aspect is very difficult and improving all three is incredibly difficult. Only WWG has access to Warpdrives that are small have a quick charge time and are fast. However even in the WWG these drives are extremely limited. Most WWG ships improve two aspects and sacrifice the third. It is common to see WWG capitol ships having Warpdrives with very fast charge and travel times however being very large. Likewise their fighters often have small Warpdrives that are fast to charge but slow to travel. In fact WWG is the only place you'll commonly see small ships like fighters that actually have Warpdrives.

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