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Post by Baldirak on Tue Oct 25, 2016 1:09 am

Name: Svadilfare Avedon
Species: Human/Wolf
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Mate: N/A
Appearance: (Too lazy to find a pic right now)

Personality: Svad is a complex creature. He would break every rule there is to get his job--whatever it is--done. For the few friends he has, he is immensely loyal. To everyone else, he is a person to avoid, not only because of things he is capable of doing, but because he doesn't exactly scream "I'm friendly". But underneath the tough shell, Svadilfare is a kind soul just trying to get away from the life he leads.

History: Svadilfare was part of an experiment to combat the plants of Rastlina. He was spliced with wolf DNA as a newborn--the reason for this as lost to the scientists as it was to Svadilfare. He was trained extensively for years but just before he was to be sent to Rastlina, a new plan emerged: why not try to be friends with the evil plants hell-bent on eating us to extinction? And so Svadilfare was placed on a shelf and forgotten about while the scientists worked on their new project. The hybrid now without a purpose escaped and ventured out into the world. (WIll add more later or reveal through rp) He eventually ends up on Rastlina.

Abilities and Skills: Svadilfare has heightened senses of smell, hearing, and sight. Through training and a few modifications, he has incredible strength that far surpasses a Human's and can adapt to most situations. His hands and feet are wolf's paws, though he still has opposable thumbs, allowing him to wield weapons. He has elongated canine's and strong jaw to deliver a powerful, bone-crushing bite.

Weaknesses: His heightened smell and hearing can be used against him. He has a temper and sometimes goes on a bloodthristy rampage--likely a side-effect of having wolf DNA. He is untrusting of others, which is very bad when a job forces him to work with someone. His loyalty can also be used against him.

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