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Post by Astral on Tue Sep 06, 2016 12:59 pm

Name Star
Species: Human/Harpy
Gender: Female
Age: 20

Star 1oma04

You know that classic tale about the pretty witch person that comes along asking for something and when they are refused they get some horrible curse put on them. And maybe you think that is a little harsh for them to do as it wasn't like they didn't something terrible to really deserve that. Well that is not Star's tale. This witch was an ugly fucking bitch.

The old looking lady knocked on their door asking for some food and a place to stay for the stormy night. Star's parents had no obligation to provide it to her but out of kindness they did. Accepting her into their home they prepared a meal. Meanwhile Star the bubbly hyper personality that she was pestered the old lady with questions. For her young age it wasn't out of the ordinary. "What's an old person like you doing out in this storm? Isn't it dangerous to travel around alone?" How come you have a scary looking cloak? Is it because people are scared of how you look?" Eventually the little girl would calm down and they would all sit down to eat for dinner. Her parents and the old gal got into a heated conversation about recent events and Star wanted to get the potatoes passed to her but they weren't hearing her. Star jumped down and went to tug on the witch's cloak and ask for the potato and the witch flipped out abruptly standing and knocking the chair over. "You insolent spoiled brat! You are like an attacking little bird you little nuisance. Actually you are more annoying than a bird. At least birds can't grab at people with grubby little hands. Actually that sounds like the perfect discipline." With that the witch cast a spell upon Star replacing her arms with feathered wings and giving her other avian traits. Her job finished she charged out the door and was never seen from again.

When she was older and thinking about a job Star realized the number of jobs she could get were very few. There wasn't a lot she could do without hands and with her hollow bones she was rather frail as well. She ended up making a name for herself however as the fastest most affordable message carrier. One customer was so pleased he offered to lift the spell from her. However after having lived with it for most her life she didn't feel it would be right anymore. Besides she wouldn't be able to continue on as a messenger if she could no longer fly and she definitely did not want to be grounded like everyone else. So she refused.

Although initially very devastated by the spell Star learned to live with it. She had always had a bubbly personality and the spell didn't change that. She always kept a smile on her face regardless of whatever problems she ran into due to the spell or nasty comments thrown at her. She has a very adventurous soul and her job satisfies that, she gets to go all over the world. Lately however she has been wanting to settle down with someone but she fears her condition makes anyone loving her impossible.

Abilities and Skills:
She can fly for far and for a long time.
Her talons can be deadly if she actually used them.
No hand or arms and wings can't really grasp anything. Her talons can but they aren't dexterous and just holding some things can be rather difficult.

Hollow bones means she is very frail. Even someone her own size could probably manage to break something.

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