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Shawn Correl the Pharaoh's Curse

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Shawn Correl the Pharaoh's Curse Empty Shawn Correl the Pharaoh's Curse

Post by Shawn Correl on Fri Jun 17, 2016 9:40 pm

Name: Shawn Correl
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Appearance: Shawn has red-brown hair, brown eyes and tan skin. He has strange runes that look like scars across his entire body except his head. he stands 5 foot nine and is fairly skinny. Currently he is covered in the rags of his former clothes.(while hydrated) After one day of no water his skin starts to shrivel up, and he get leaner. After 2 and a half days he will look like a walking mummy with eyes.
Personality: Slightly greedy, he angers quickly, doesn't like to back down.
History: Shawn was born in the slums of Anthropinos. His family was poor. His family taught him to keep his head down, as the local gang was aggressive. However, Shawn was born a fighter, when he was 16 he couldn't take it anymore and started fighting back. He got in contact with a rival gang, and joined so they could drive off the gang that had been plaguing his home for his entire life. They succeeded! But it was not to last, Shawn soon found out that this 'local gang' was part of a much larger organization. Soon they retaliated. Shawn's new gang held their ground for a little while but soon one by one they died. Quickly there was only a handful left of gang members. One day Shawn came home to a thug trying to break his way into his parents house. It was clear they had to move. His family ran to the countryside but even there they we're pursued by the vengeful syndicate. It was clear they had to leave Megalo. The started their journey to Brysur. However they we're forced into the Erimos desert. There his family was attacked and killed by the deadly wildlife. Shawn was the only survivor. In the attack unfortunately, he was disoriented and found himself lost in the desert. He wondered for 24 hours. In the heat of the next day he started to become delirious with heat stroke. He saw a large ruin and sought shelter inside. There were mysterious runes carved all over the tomb for a tomb it was. Shawn went deeper inside the catacomb. Eventually he reached a room with gold and jewels strewn about. In the middle of this room lay a stone coffin. Shawn was driven to open this coffin. When he did a sand flew out of the coffin and entered Shawn's body. The Pharaoh's Curse had entered him. The entire tomb shook as if there were a powerful earthquake. The tomb collapsed and Shawn passed out. When he awoke the tomb was know where to be found. Off in the distance he saw the village of Ammos...

Abilities and Skills: Shawn can survive three days without water even though he dehydrates at triple the normal speed. He is also very resistant to heat. He can absorb the water from anything that has a heart, he is in contact with.  If he takes all of the water, he absorbs the heart and it heals him. This can even heal mortal wounds. Also, when he absorbs the heart he can revive the lifeform as a sand clone of them when ever he wants. This clone will possess all of the original's abilities and weaknesses, except those that affect the body for instance, a cripple could walk, and any ability that made your muscles bigger wouldn't. These clones can only be killed by destroying they dried out heart anywhere in there body. There are four sand elementals who emerge out of Shawn's body to block hits. Shawn doesn't have control of them they only protect him. They have no will, and can't be killed as they will always slowly regenerate as long as Shawn is alive. If he is killed they disappear. Sunlight gives him a slight energy boost. He has complete control of sand. The maximum speed he can move this is 100 mps (only when he is completely dehydrated). He has more magical energy than normal because he has a second soul inside of him. In the event he dehydrates completely the Pharaoh will emerge and change Shawn very essence. His body will become sand except for his heart which will decicate and be the only part of him that can be hurt. He won't be able to use magic or any other abilities other than those imparted to him from the curse. If this happens he gains control of heat. All of his abilities grow more powerful the more dehydrated he is.

Weaknesses: He dehydrates at triple the normal rate. The more he uses his abilities the quicker he loses water. He has a separate entity constantly trying to possess him, the more dehydrated he is the more powerful the pharaoh's influence is, eventually gaining complete control.. After one day without water, Shawn loses muscle mass the more dehydrated he gets. Almost everyone doesn't know anything about the curse(including Shawn).

Shawn Correl

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