Emrys, the Laurel Knight

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Emrys, the Laurel Knight Empty Emrys, the Laurel Knight

Post by Baldirak on Wed Apr 22, 2015 3:31 pm

Name: Emrys
Species: Half Elf, half Human
Gender: Male
Age: 30

Appearance: Emrys, the Laurel Knight Trufia-tineretii
Personality: Emrys hates following orders; he has always had a problem with authority. But ironically, he joined the Laurel Knights. The only reason he did so was to honor a promise he made to his father, that he would do something meaningful with his life. Despite his lack of respect for those who outrank him, Emrys is actually a good Knight, one his father would certainly be proud of.

Abilities and Skills: Emrys is decent with common magic, but could certainly use more training. As a Knight he is a skilled swordsman, his weapon of choice is dual swords that are slightly curved at the end. He also favors a bow and arrow, the bow being a family heirloom. One end of the bow conceals a dagger.  Emrys has a shield made of dragon scales, which he stole from a merchant when he was a teenager.

Weaknesses: He doesn't like to follow orders. Without his shield, he wouldn't stand a chance against someone who likes to fight with fire. Emrys has asthma and can't fight for long periods of time, so he relies heavily on his bow to take out as many enemies as possible to reduce the number he'd have to fight directly.

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