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The Races of Nox (WIP)

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The Races of Nox (WIP) Empty The Races of Nox (WIP)

Post by Baldirak on Wed Apr 15, 2015 1:15 am

The Raa-ithl: Inhabitants of the planet Nox and sentient beings said to have been created by moon herself. Whether this is true or not, the Race is effected by it. There are eight species of Raa-ithl, each assigned to a Fengari:

New - Wolf
Waxing crescent - Clouded leopard
1st quarter - Horse
Waxing gibbous - Chameleon
Full - Ram
Waning gibbous - Boar
Last quarter - Komodo dragon
Waning crescent - Golden eagle

The opposite of a Raa-ithi's Fengari, called Fangeri, greatly weakens them; some will go into hibernation during that lunar phase for as long as it lasts.
The Fengari and Fangeri:
New - Full
Waxing crescent - Last Quarter
1st quarter - Waning Gibbous
Waxing gibbous - Waning Crescent
Full - Waxing Crescent
Waning gibbous - New
Last quarter - Waxing Gibbous
Waning crescent - 1st Quarter

In the event of cross-breeding, the offspring's Fengari will be determined by the mother, while their species will be determined by the father. (Ex. The offspring of a Ram and Golden eagle would be a Golden eagle, but have a Full Fengari). The Raa-ithl often address an individual by their sub-species if their name is unknown. Each sub-species is written as gari-*insert animal here* (Ex. gari-boar). A Raa-ithl's weaknesses, chiefest of which is their negative Fengari, is mainly determined by the animal that they are. Each sub-species also has a special power. This is either elemental or the manipulation of certain living objects:

gari-wolf - Fire
gari- leopard - Lightning
gari-horse - Water
gari-chameleon - Trees
gari-ram - Earth
gari-boar - Dark matter
gari-Komodo dragon - lesser animals
gari-Golden eagle - Wind

Their appearance: A Raa-ithl mostly resembles the simple creatures you would find on Earth. The difference is, they are usually double the size and have more than one pair of horns, multiple tails, etc. Others will instead have some physical representation of the element or living creature they can control. For example, a gari-ram, particularly one that might have lost its natural horns, will instead have horns made of stone. As they live on a planet of eternal darkness, the Raa-ithl are bioluminescent.

Their history: The youngest race of Nox, the Raa-ithl joined the war between the Noxi and Hrok merely to prove their might. When it occured to the leaders that they shared the same affliction as the Noxi and neither could win alone against the Hrok, the Raa-ithl forged an alliance with the former. But at some point--though the exact date is never given--the Raa-ithl face a threat that could wipe them out. A deadly parasite swept across the population. The parasite caused severe lethargy and even paralysis. Paired with what they suffered during their Fangeri, this frequently resulted in death. Those who survived developed an immunity, passed it on to their offspring, and continued to aid in the war. Those who had yet to contract the parasite left the planet for fear they wouldn't be strong enough to survive it. Upon arriving to their new homes on other planets, the Raa-ithl discovered they had a strange reaction to the sun. It made them spectral but at sundown, they would return to normal. They could move through any solid object and by accident, they discovered they could merge with another living creature. One day, a gari-leopard was being chased by a larger predator. It turned to run through the animal, right as the sun went down. The leopard became joined with it, trapped inside. When the sun rose the next morning, the leopard became spectral again and was able to leave. Over time (years), the Raa-ithl learned to control their 'hosts', their every moment. But they only took complete control when they had to. Eventually, this skill was forgotten as later discoveries would prove better. Several more years saw the Raa-ithl able to switch places with their host (this process looking somewhat similar to the transformation of a werewolf). After several generations, the Raa-ithl--the descendants of those who had migrated to other planets during the outbreak--had lost their 'allergy' to the sun. However, they maintained the ability to merge with any animal (the main races of Iota on Tedranog will be the exception, of course).

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The Races of Nox (WIP) Empty Re: The Races of Nox (WIP)

Post by Baldirak on Mon Jul 18, 2016 2:36 pm

Note to self: add lesser races (maybe) or at least more info on the planet itself. Also add Strength/Weaknesses, Abilities for Noxi and Hrok.

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The Races of Nox (WIP) Empty Re: The Races of Nox (WIP)

Post by Baldirak on Thu Aug 18, 2016 5:45 pm

The Noxi: The oldest race on Nox, they are sentient trees. Like all other creatures on the planet, they are affected by the lunar phases. While the Raa-ithl's powers center around control of the elements or lesser creatures, the Noxi's powers center around plants. The Noxi have a knack for science, though they have never used it to advance their lives or destroy their enemines; they'd rather use what was given to them by the universe. However, when the Raa-ithl were under threat by a deadly parasite, they used their science to build ships for any wanting to leave the planet.

Their appearance: The Noxi are fairly similar in appearance because there is little diversity in the tree species that grow on Nox. They can be very tall or considerably short depending on their species. Other than voice, the only real distinguishable difference between male and female Noxi is the presence of leaves. Male Noxi don't have leaves on their bodies, while females do. As such, females with the most leaves or the best coloring of them are considered the most beautiful and likely to find a mate. All Noxi, except Saplings, wear an armor of bark at all times to protect them from the elements and attacks from their enemies while they sleep. Some females fashion their bark armor into a kind of dress.

Their history: For the first few thousand years of their exsistence, the Noxi were the sole sentient race on the planet. They thrived and the many tribes lived peacefully. But eventually, a new creature came to be, a simple-minded race of rock giants known as Hrok. The Hrok were much more formidable than the Noxi at the time, who had not sort of weaponry other than their magic. But like the race they would soon create, the Noxi's power was given and taken by the moon. At any given time, about a quarter of a Noxian tribe's forces were unable to aid in battle. So the tribes united eventually and built a fortified city to protect themselves. This seemed to work, because the Hrok left them alone for a few centuries, perhaps spending that time trying to figure out why the Noxi had built a city... During that time, the Noxi tried to find a way to defeat the Hrok, who were unaffected by the moon and thus always at full strength.

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The Races of Nox (WIP) Empty Re: The Races of Nox (WIP)

Post by Baldirak on Fri Sep 16, 2016 2:46 pm

The Hrok: A race of simple-minded rock giants and rivals of the Noxi. Only one member of their race, their leader, has any sort of real intelligence. Unlike the other races of Nox, the Hrok do not have bioluminescence, nor are they affected by the moon, giving them a great advantage over their enemies.

Their appearance: The Hrok have various sizes and colors, depending on what type of rock they are composed of. Males and females are distinguished by body shape: the latter is more slender, while the former is more bulky. While most have a humaniod form, some can change their shape to appear as a land-based animal, and seem to favor gorillas or big cats. Some Hrok like to wear mud as a sort of war paint or as a way to tell one from another. Being simple-minded, most Hrok cannot speak, but they have their own primitive language, a series of grunts. Only the Hroku leader is capable of speech, though it is not perfect, similar to a child learning to talk. However, she seems to only speak with other races; when speaking with other Hrok, she communicates by grunting as they do.

Their history: Very little is known about the Hrok. Because of their immunity to the moon's power, some believe they originated from another planet. What little is known about them--their leader, their habits, and physical traits--is written on a single parchment kept within the archives of the Noxi.

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The Races of Nox (WIP) Empty Re: The Races of Nox (WIP)

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