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Post by Arkhor on Sun Apr 12, 2015 3:51 pm

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Name: Reignald
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 27

Dressed in armor most of the time, he is a member of the royal guard also named the Laurel knights. With shining steal Armor he also has a cape with the flag of Draconis. Having red hair he also has brown eyes with a muscular build. He prefers using a large broadsword and shield which he carries with him at all times out in his armor. Standing at 5ft 11' he can be quite intimidating at times.

Reignald normally is quite reserved, keeping his feelings hidden and restricting his reactions. He believes in keeping justice within the realm, trying to keep the peace and protect the weak. At times though he may seem cold hearted focusing on his duties and keeping a watchful eye on his surroundings. With him being a knight he follows orders without hesitation even if his own opinion got in the way. He also believes in equal treatment for both genders, and dislikes those who prey on the weak and criminals.

He has lived in Draconis most of his life, starting out in a lower end middle class family life was hard at times, sadly after reaching the age of 20 when he entered the military his mother past away. Leaving him only with his father for family, yet the two hadn't spoken in a very long time mostly due to family reasons and the mother. After training hard in the military he signed up with the knights to help protect those who can't protect themselves.

Abilities and Skills:
Apart from having a military mind, Reig has a strategic side. Helping plan defense he talks quite a lot with his superiors. His swordsmanship is extremely good many other knight had lost to Reig proving himself as a great fighter. Using his shield to both distract and block incoming attacks he focuses on quick slashes towards foes. At times even throwing the shield as he feels that his sword is good enough in a fight. Surprising Reig has good agility in a full suit of armor, of course skilled faster foes will cause him issues but this still gives him more endurance.

Losing his sword, Reig can defend himself with his own fists but he is clearly more skilled with the sword, tiredness also causes problems with him carrying his gear around. Unstable ground is another factor, this causes his strikes to be inaccurate even making him open to attack.

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