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Post by Baldirak on Fri Mar 27, 2015 6:12 pm

A hybrid race of cats (big cats and wildcats) and wolves, their name paying homage to each specie's ancestor:the Smilodon and Dire Wolf. Some Sabre-Wolves are a perfect blend their sub-species, while others are more big cat than wolf and vice versa. Sabre-Wolves either live in packs or are solitary, the choice being a personal preference. But because big cats are solitary by nature, these packs tend to be small, never bigger than the alpha pair's first litter. However, the lion-wolf sub-species is an exception to this. A typical litter is 2-4 cubs (Cubs, pups. Whichever). While Sabre-Wolves as a race share the same weaknesses no matter what their sub-species, an individual's strengths and abilities are based entirely upon it.

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