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The Zombie Plant Empty The Zombie Plant

Post by Astral on Wed Feb 25, 2015 3:48 am

Species Name: The Zombie Plant

A rainbow colored plant which grows to about the size of the average human. It is an incredibly rare species which means hardly anyone knows it exists let alone what it does. Its unusual coloring peaks the curiosity of human luring them in for a closer look. Upon a reaching a certain distances some of the plants pods will burst sending really tiny parasitic seeds everywhere and gets inhaled by the victim or victims. Several months pass and the seed moves its way to the lungs where it germinates and creates more seeds which are coughed up by the victim and spread again. Then all the parasites will make their way to the brain in sync and take over the hosts mind. At which point the now dead host is led into the forest to be eaten by plants. The parasites then take refuge in the plants and slowly take them over till it becomes another zombie plant and the cycle repeats.

Conservation Status: exstreamly rare


Taking control of the hosts mind and bringing it to the forest to die.


The outbreak is only temporary affecting a limited group of people at a time. They all go to the forest and die and thats the end of it. It doesn't continue to spread and spread.

The parasite only effects humans.

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