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Post by Astral on Wed Feb 25, 2015 3:45 am

Of all the planets in the universe of Tedranog the actual planet Tedranog is the most magically gifted by a long shot. Even the weakest of magical beings in Tedranog are equal to the most powerful magical beings from the rest of the universe. In terms of technology Tedranog is as primitive as they get. Not long after WWG was formed they made it law that there is to be no contact with the planet of Tedranog what so ever and declared them the most dangerous planet. WWG feared the capabilities of its inhabitants.

Tedranog also holds the widest variety of creatures. The planet contains 2 super continents Megalo and Iota which have been at odds with each other for quite some time. Tedranog is a planet full of waring and debateably has had more of it then any other planet. Experts say the reason Tedranog is so drastically behind in technology is their focus is less on that and more on developing their magic.

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