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WWG the notorious abbreviation for Worlds Wide Government. Formed at the early years of the space era it started out as a conglomerate of worlds with a mission to prevent the eradication of entire planets from outside sources. Eventually breaking from its collaborative roots and becoming interdependent WWG continued to grow and dictate the rules of the universe. Growing to have no rival WWG become the most powerful group in the universe.

WWG's HQ is a spaces station the size of a medium planet. The current space station is not the same as the original. It had to be rebuilt after the old one created a gravitational force too strong for it to stay together. The new one was properly designed to hold against its own gravity.

WWG uses an unusual hierarchy. Unlike many other organizations that use names to define roles and rank WWG uses a strict numerical ranking system. An example of the format is as follows. 999,000,000,000/88,000,739,000/5,876,569. The lower the number the higher the rank. Once the third numerical string on the right reaches zero the second string goes down by one and the third resets to 9,999,999,999. While technically you can pull the rank card on someone only a single rank away from you it is generally considered very rude and there are cases in which people have lost rank for this. Generally the rank card is only pulled when the second string has any difference. To immediately identified rank people tend to go only by their first string of numbers and disobeying or even questioning those of higher rank in the first string is a very huge offense.

Such a large organization is not without corruption however the organization does seek peace, organization, and fairness however they are willing to use any means necessary to achieve this. In addition what is defined as fair is determined by the highest of the organizations leaders. WWG forces it's rules upon the other worlds and the attitude towards the WWG is a very mixed bag. Some hate it with all their guts while others praise it's existence. One thing is clear to all though. Nobody can resist the WWG nobody that is except The Underground.

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