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Post by Astral on Wed Feb 25, 2015 3:42 am

In a alternate universe of earth where humans advanced through technology far quicker than the current one due to certain events turning out differently. Mankind has developed to the point where almost anything is possible through science. Nano bots capable of swimming the cytoplasm of your cells and changing people on a molecular level. Energy production on a much larger scale but with smaller factories so much so that warp drives have become have been invented. However despite these advances human kind has fallen victim the effects of over population. Food shortages or not enough space is not the issue, its pollution. There are so many humans on the world that even the advance technology can’t keep up with getting rid of it. Due to this the average life span is now only 30 years. For the wealthy a nano bot injection can be purchased which turns off the ageing gene off allowing your cells to go through their full limited amount of division cycles effectively increasing your longevity by 2x as well as keeping you youthful until your last 3 years. On top of this natural birth is no longer possible as the pollution in the mothers body does not allow the babies to live. As such artificial birth is required. However these artificial births are further degrading humanity.

In an effort to save human kind the government came up with and began starting R&E relocation and evolution. They planned on moving humanity to another planet. The first efforts scientist attempted terraforming a planet but found that these artificial hospitable planets had the same effects as earths pollution. It turns out there are some things in nature science can’t perfectly replicate.

After that plan fell apart they moved on to plan B which was moving humanity to an already naturally livable planet. The only issue with this is there is only one naturally livable planet know that isn't already populated by sentient life. and that would be the planet Rastlina. They couldn't move to a world with sentient life for fear of getting in trouble with WWG. However this planet is not ideal. It is ruled by carnivores plants which are very deadly. Not to mention day time lasted 182 days and night lasted 182 days. Removing these plants all together is not possible as it would destabilize the planet making the conditions unlivable for humans. So they created a plan to counter this.

Criminals who had the death sentence were given a choice. They could either die or be sent to Rastlina to likely die there. As expected almost every single one chose to be shipped to Rastlina. The goal was to create the ultimate human through natural selection. If they all died they would keep sending more until enough made it and they began breeding. Then over time evolution as well as natural selection would take course making the ultimate survivor human. Once that had been achieved they would then start bringing regular humans to Rastlina and cross breading them so humanity could live on. Half way through the project they had to stop sending criminals to Rastlina. It was getting populated enough that some people were using the metal and other parts from the pods that were used to drop them there to make technological things. This was unacceptable as the plan was to create a natural perfect human.

After a few generations the project failed because they didn't complete it in time. Earth had a mass wipe out killing 90% of the humans on the planet. They then were able to remove the pollution and restart life. Project R&E had become useless and Rastlina was all but forgotten. The inhabitants of Rastlina were now on their own. A few generations more and the humans on Rastlina had created a civilization. Things were stable even if they still died left and right from the evil plants.

The planet had 4 cities which were called biomes due to the fact that each city was located in a unique biome. Each Biome was named after the environment they lived in. The four biomes were called Snehovy, Pastvina, Vegetovanie,and Hromada. Each biome is ruled by a top who basically has all say over everyone within that ring. Each biome also has a 2nd and a 3rd who are chosen by the top. The 2nd and 3rd also hold lots of power in the ring. To become a top one can challenge a top to a duel called a “beast duel” the winner of the duel became the next top and got to choose new seconds and thirds though keep the old ones have happened occasionally. Think of the biomes as separate nations.

Due to the fact that there weren’t many women sent to Rastlina and that women being naturally weaker had a harder time surviving there is a huge difference in the amount of women and the amount of men. Even several generations later the women population is only about 20% and hasn't grown from that ratio for a few generations. Because of this women are considered extremely special and are the ones who get to choose their partners during the "Mating Month" which is held once a year just before the day turns to night, a chosen mate is generally not allowed to refuse. Each year a women may chose a different man for the Mating Month. Killing or miss treating women is highly frowned upon. In fact women can even waltz into other biomes without fear of being killed for trespassing and in fact are treated as special guests. Men’s lives have been saved by timely entrance of a woman choosing a male as their husband. Because Rastlina wasn't terraformed and isn't polluted birth is natural here. Average life span would be 80 years if not for the deadly plants and environment

Back when new prisoners were still being sent to Rastlina the prisoners were interrogated into the biome they landed in. So if they landed in Pastvina territory they became a Pastvina citizen. Each biome then became known for stereotypes as is human nature to do.

Hromada biome is built into the side of a mountain whos outer lying area is a marsh that explodes with Muses when they sprout drastically changing its landscape. A daily fog covers the town in the early morning hours.

Pastvina biome is located in a tropical plain which experiences harsh rainfall all year long but the water never stays as a lot of the water gets seeped into due soil and down the he center of the planet with the Muses.

Vegetovanie biome is the most peaceful of the biomes set in a dense luscious forest, surprisingly for its location it sees very little carnivorous plants in its area, the inhabitants have used this knowledge to build various tree houses settlements within their capital city.

Snehovy biome is located in the northern artic part of the planet, where the sun rarely shines to begin with. The temperature never reaches above 40degrees Fahrenheit. The cold has not stopped the plant life from being deadly it probably makes it more deadly as the plant's vines and branches are covered with rigid ice, they are drawn to sources of heat but move slower than the rest of the plants on the planet. The people of this biome are snow white in color and are very much racist. They believe they are the ultimate race and do not allow foreigners to join their biome with the exception of one of their women choosing a man as their mate. The men who are chosen outside of the biome often have to prove themselves in big ways to the women.

The plant life on Rastlina is not like that of earth. They are far more evolved and even intelligent. With plants that can move like an animal and use specific strategies that came into place after years of evolution. Before humans even came to Rastlina the plants were feeding off of the animal life however the plant life could easily swallow up all the animal life on the planet leaving them starving only to die. To counter this when a animal species number gets low they stop eating that animal until its numbers grow again to a certain level before they start eating it again. However animals that evolve to better evade the plants aren't given this mercy. The plants don’t like prey that can escape and eat them to extinction as soon as possible. An example of this were birds. Which could avoid the plants for days by flying high into the air. The plants quickly made sure these creatures were driven to extinction. Because of this humans have theorized it possible to make friends with the plants though all attempts to do so were foolish and failed and the person attempting it always got eaten.

Earths technology is very advance as explained earlier while Rastlinas technology is fairly poor. They are stuck at WW2 tech and such tech as that is very rare to find and very hard to obtain. The plants make it way too difficult to gather these materials which costs more lives then they save and end up being counterproductive. The pods that drop the new people were quickly used up for this and when new people stopped arriving the technology became super rare again.

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