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Dracul, the Red Mage

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Dracul, the Red Mage Empty Dracul, the Red Mage

Post by Spellslayer on Sat Jan 04, 2014 4:34 pm

Name: Dracul

Alias (es): the Red Mage

Species: Human

Sub-Species: Lycanthrope (Werewolf)

Age: 37


Dracul, the Red Mage Dracul12
6 ft. 1 in. in height, 210 lbs. in weight

Dracul, the Red Mage Dracul11
7 ft. 4 in. in height, 320 lbs. in weight

Personality: As a man he is calm, almost passive, overly cautious, and not prone to idle speech. As a wolf, he savage and unpredictable, like most of his kin. Rude and rustic in his speech, he none the less wise, as befits a wizard of his power.


Dracul was not always a wolf. Once he was just a man, a huntsman making his living in the king's wood. One day while he was hunting, he encountered an old woman laying by the road that ran through the wood. She looked to have been robbed, badly beaten, and left for dead, so Dracul, knowing a little of the healing arts, had sought to aid her. After carrying her back to his cabin, he cleaned and bound her wounds, and fed her stew made from the day's quarry. She thanked him for his kindness and re-payed him with soothing songs which lulled him to sleep.

The next morning, the old woman was gone. Still groggy from last night's revelry, he did not notice the pentagram carved into the palm his right hand until that night, when the strange symbol began to glow bright red. Little did he know, it was a half-moon that night, a common time for young wolflings to experience their first transformation. Now a werewolf, he tore into the forest in eager search of prey, which he found in a nearby village. He slaughtered every inhabitant there and drank deep of their blood and entrails.

When he woke the next morning covered in blood, laying in the rubble of the village, Dracul was horrified. Unable to recall the previous nights event, he became determined to discover what was happening to him. For the next fifteen years, he would wander the land, a slave to the beast within. Until that fateful day he met his mentor, The Red Mage. Though the old man never gave him his name, he taught Dracul many useful spells that would allow him to control his affliction, as well as all secrets of Blood Magic and Necromancy.

Now, though he continues to wander, it is only to aid the poor and infirm people of the realm, as well as to find the old woman who originally cursed him. Not for revenge, but to thank her for granting him such a useful gift.  

Abilities and Skills:

Weather man or wolf, Dracul possesses the super human strength and speed common to his breed.

As a wolf, he can see in the dark and run on all fours for increased speed.

His claws act as enchanted steel, cutting through ordinary materials such as flesh and steel, and magical ones like meteorite and demon hide.

Dracul is a Blood Mage and Necromancer, and thus possesses all spells associated with those mage-types. He also has some of knowledge of healing herbs and fire magic.


Weather man or wolf, Dracul skin burns if cut by silver.

As a wolf his fur sets fire easily, thus making him highly vulnerable to fire attacks.

One a month, Dracul loses control of his wolf-form and must feed." />

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