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Merge Logs with Occy

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Merge Logs with Occy

Post by Astral on Mon Jun 18, 2018 1:12 pm

Zinnia - 05/16/2018
Here you two go >^>
TheGrayDragon - 05/16/2018
Is she here?
Zinnia - 05/16/2018
Yes @Astral
TheGrayDragon - 05/16/2018
Not on atm apparently
Waiting game lol
TheGrayDragon - 05/16/2018
She at work?
Zinnia - 05/16/2018
i guess
Astral left the group.05/16/2018
TheGrayDragon - 05/16/2018
Her choice
Zinnia added Astral to the group.05/16/2018
Zinnia - 05/16/2018
she said she wanted to be readded so idk -(o/o)/-
Astral - 05/16/2018
You want to know why we can't talk about this like adults Occy. The answer is quite simple. You aren't one, you are a child. You are incapable of believing you have ever done any wrong and the first place you got to is constructing a puzzle in which it is someone else's fault. You are quick to believe it and then become passionate to share it with others. To this day you ban evade in the past to gather people's skype's and discords to spread the new way you've configured the picture. You say I have a grudge or revenge or whatever and yet while I have visited your site I have not once posted an ad for DRF even though last I checked it was not against your rules. Nor have I tried to gather people's skype's or discords or in any way demean or sabotage your site, but the same can not be said for you. Whenever you try to have an "adult" conversation you always start by calling me a liar and posting so called evidence of my lies and then demanding we have a chat. And if you do truly believe me a liar and I know you very much do then wtf is the point of talking to me or having a chat. You just want me to admit to something that isn't true to validate your perspective and yourself by showing everyone how right you were about me. As for the matter of the merge it's stupid. First off the conflict between the staff is an instant huge red flag. Second it's been claimed that DH is not DRF 2.0 which has become true over time with changes. If the two are different there is another reason a merge is not possible. People have different tastes and some will like DH better while others will like DRF better. Instead of trying to merge to boost activity and the community focus on making your site better and attracting people to it and it's style. And leave me the fuck alone. I'm beyond sick of the broken record player BS. Ever heard the definition of insanity?(rhetorical question/insult, please don't reply.)
TheGrayDragon - 05/16/2018
Oh, didn't see you came back. I have something to do and will respond better after I finish it, but I'll try and say something real quick before poofing. First off, please hold off on insulting people please. If I wanted to insult you or be insulted, I wouldn't have pushed for a talk. Secondly, I have admitted many times when I have done something wrong. Thirdly, I was invited to the DRF discord chat, so you might see it as ban evading, but that's not the point of the chat I wanted. The problem I've had is people telling me and showing me how you've still to this day bring me up and blame me for your problems, and made something up about me. That was where I drew the line. To be frank, I'm sick of all of this drama. And yes, I do believe you've lied, and this isn't solely my view, but several others. HOWEVER, I am sick of the past, and while yes, I COULD continue to show people what happened in the past, but I've wanted to move on from it. I'm tired of the blame game, and frankly, it would be best not only for the community, but especially for ME and YOU to work things out, and move on. We don't HAVE to merge the sites, but being friendly with one another would help out people a lot. Do I believe you used me in the past? Yes. Do I believe you used other people to get where you are? Yes. HOWEVER, I will forgive that, even if you don't believe you did those things. Let us both work on ending the cycle of hate, and start working towards a better time with forgiveness, even if the other party doesn't believe they did said things.
I got stuff to do so apologies if my wording was incorrect of what I'm trying to say, I can chat more later.
Astral - 05/16/2018
Lol so then you know a fraction of how it feels to have crap made up about you
That being said my apologies, though you should think of a better conversation started than your Drogon one. Came across as very classic Occy.
TheGrayDragon - 05/16/2018
Fair. I told my self I was going to wait to respond till after exams and got upset, and upset talking never goes well. I’ll be back in a bit, family stuff
Astral - 05/16/2018
lol going through old skype logs
appears you redacted an apology to me
july 9 2017
TheGrayDragon - 05/16/2018
1. I’m surprised skype kept logs that long ago cause it seems to love to delete things, 2. That was ten months ago so I have no idea what the context was / when I deleted it xD
Astral - 05/16/2018
skype never deleted my logs
just a matter of what computer it was on
and sadly two of my computers with a majority of the important logs are no longer with me
well one of them I have the hard drive for
but I don't know if I can extract the logs from it
TheGrayDragon - 05/16/2018
Huh, Skype went through a update that prevented people from scrolling back to far
Or finding old groups for me on devices I used them on
Yeah, doesn’t let me go too far back in time
Astral - 05/16/2018
I never update my skype 😛
freaking got me scrolling through logs now
We've tried working things out before 2 major times and many times before that
and we always end up back here
though you do seem diffrent
twice you have apologized and we reconciled and twice you turned on it and went back to spiting me
The Luna incident
the getting everyone on the site chat to hate you incident
the moments ark wanted you banned from the site incidents
you seriously think I had your back all those times
trying to work with you
to ultimately get you to a staff position
and some how orchestrate using you to demote Ark?
one of the only logs I can remember you bringing up was the ones where I was talking about your initial promotion to mod and how I talked about either you would shape up or you would be banned
and I meant it
I had faith in you that we could work through it(edited)
but on the flip side
if it didn't work out I was prepared to remove you
and I did want you on staff
you had excellent attention to detail and rules as well as was quick to locate brewing trouble
as far as being the eyes and ears of the site you were the best staff at it
Astral - 05/16/2018
as for the ark demotion thing that was just happen stance there was no predicting he would handle trying to demote you so poorly
just like when I stepped down from admin
I let it go completely by happen stance phantom and Ray conspired to pretend to be Shardas and I came back to put a stop to it
Zinnia - 05/16/2018
you know I wish you wouldn't use words like conspire, it;s not like we were planning on doing anything malicious
TheGrayDragon - 05/16/2018
Lots of words o.o. Time to get onto a pc lol
Astral - 05/16/2018
well no but it was a plan to bring activity by pretending to the site the owner was back no?
and then approvals of characters went out of hand
in any case that's when I officially become owner but then peeps wanted a public vote and Ark was was made pseudo owner
then as some point we decided to do co-owners like me and Phantom did
and then you know how it spiraled downs from there and got out of control
and if I'm not mistaken the original reason you thought I had banned you was because you know about the staff conspiring against your leadership and I wanted to silence you or something
which doesn't make sense to me because once the staff got out of hand I put a stop to it
TheGrayDragon - 05/16/2018
Ok, ima try and respond as best as possible in sequence lol
1. I have apologized, you just never apologized to me except the one time you said you shoulda listened to me or something over Lexia, unless I forgot something
2. Attention seekers annoy me. I shouldn't have made it as public as sayin it in cbox but thats like... 2 years ago? I can't keep track of time
3. The getting eveyone on the site chat to hate me? Was this when Cosmos was complaining about how the NW were expanding, or when Tenebris was trying to get his LoL to join the NW as do a majority vote to 'overthrow' me OOC?
4. Above leads to Arkhor, as I was getting in trouble for Tenebris's actions, and then being blamed for 'not allowing him to rp his character.' A) Spreading leaflets around for everyone to see to talk about a revolt, and I organize a strike force prepared to put down one if one ensues is a totally fair IC action. A leader preventing a revolt is not allowing someone to rp is a ridiculous claim. B) His IC overthrow failed so he tried to do it OOCly, and when I reported this I was removed from power. And you can say it was just bad timing, but you had Arkhor do it even when he was not sure about it, and then in the same hour held a vote to remove him. Which, btw, was the only reason I voted to remove him. Pretty sure that is the only reason why others did so too.
Character limit
5. (block about having me on staff) Arkhor showed me the logs of you telling him to remove me, and warned me to watch myself. A few days later you kicked me from the staff chat on skype and then completely from staff within a day, the only reason being that you didn't think I got along with people (when it was mainly Tene and Lexia). The reason people liked me as staff so much is because I wasn't a yes man, and I'd voice the opinions of non staff people, even bring up complaints they had with no one knowing who made the complaint, probably blaming me for complaining. So you can call it bad timing, but I just don't see it your way and probs never will. But like I said, I'm willing to move on, as I believe Arkhor is too somewhat.
6. While at the time I agreed with Phantom's removal, it honestly shouldn't have been done. Shardas gave phantom the site, and it was hers to do with as she pleased. Should she have pretended to be Shardas? No. But neither should a 12 year old be forcefully removed from a site they made with their friend when they were owner.

You can try to change my opinion of what I saw, but I doubt that will happen. I can even find teh logs I've shown others if ye so wish, but like I've said. I'm not here to crucify you or pound the faults I believe you've committed, but rather to just move on for goodness sakes and end the hate cycle. Don't have to be buddy buddy but at least be civil and somewhat friendly/polite so people don't have to feel like lying on the sites they are on cough Zinnia cough Razz. I know peeps are on your site and on DH, like Wake and Bass. I don't force em to pick, but they definitely feel the pressure at times when a chat is roasting someone they consider a friend. xD
Astral - 05/16/2018
TheGrayDragon - 05/16/2018
I don't expect everything to be solved in a night, so feel free to chat to whoever ye wanna chat to lol
Astral - 05/16/2018
Question becomes next step
TheGrayDragon - 05/16/2018
Astral - 05/16/2018
Didn't plan that far ahead?
May 17, 2018
TheGrayDragon - 05/17/2018
I only plan the initial contact lol. Things can go a million ways
Astral - 05/17/2018
That's fair enough when I'm involved.
TheGrayDragon - 05/17/2018
Things can go thousands of ways(edited)
TheGrayDragon - 05/17/2018
I think the question is what you think is next?(edited)
May 18, 2018
TheGrayDragon - 05/18/2018
May 20, 2018
TheGrayDragon - 05/20/2018
And silence lol
May 21, 2018
TheGrayDragon - 05/21/2018
Astral - 05/21/2018
May 24, 2018
TheGrayDragon - 05/24/2018
Astral - 05/24/2018
TheGrayDragon - 05/24/2018
Next step?
Astral - 05/24/2018
Not for me to decide I'm not the one who invited you here.
TheGrayDragon - 05/24/2018
But it takes two to work something out together to solve problems
May 25, 2018
Astral - 05/25/2018
but it doesn't take two to pitch the next step especially when one of the parties isn't soo invested as to spend time brainstorming on it
Zinnia - 05/25/2018
Well, I think that's because of last time
Occy does have a few ideas, yes...
But he wants to get a feel for how comfortable you would be with them, I imagine
and if a compromise could be reached through collaborating on said ideas
Astral - 05/25/2018
well I got a great idea on how to get a feel for it
ask it
May 26, 2018
TheGrayDragon - 05/26/2018
head desk. Soz, been busy with DH stuff
May 29, 2018
TheGrayDragon - 05/29/2018
You said no site merging correct?
Was just going over this but ima move on from that with ya to not get pissy
Xia-Last Monday at 12:08 PM
I still think it would be good for drf and dh to fuse tbh
separate they are both pretty slow in activity
but together I think they could be active
Astral-Last Monday at 12:08 PM
lol we tried
Xia-Last Monday at 12:08 PM
But unfortunately
Wake-Last Monday at 12:08 PM
Has no clue what to say.
Astral-Last Monday at 12:08 PM
and even came to an option both parties agreed on
Xia-Last Monday at 12:08 PM
people on both sides are a bit stubborn
Astral-Last Monday at 12:08 PM
except for one person
I just wanna know what your stances are
Like what you'd find acceptable and not
Astral - 05/29/2018
I would need specifics to tell you what my stances are but as for merging as as a whole is fundamentally impossible.
May 31, 2018
TheGrayDragon - 05/31/2018
Well did you have any ideas Zinnia?
Zinnia - 05/31/2018
oof me?
My idea was to become sister sites if a merge seems too difficult
Maybe have an ambassador from each site who are staff on the other
Like, Baldi is the drf ambassador and Artemise is the dragons haven ambassador
And it would be like a sort of beta mod, not having as much power as a regular mod, but still enough to have a say in goings on of each site or something
idk, it's just an idea
TheGrayDragon - 05/31/2018
Maybe, would have to ask mai staff, but before that will hear what astral thinks
Astral - 05/31/2018
Why are you considering this to begin with. Here's the facts. The community or at least the majority of DH and DRF's community was all on one site. That being DRF. However things happened and peeps decided that they disliked the a certain site owner and the way she ran things so much so that they went to create their own pulling along half or more of the population. Then a little while later 'surprise' they realize that this action has split the community and activity on both sites is not ideal and hostility is present. DH leaders express a will to merge with DRF even though they are still unhappy with the person who runs it. However at this point each site is a unique entity and the only effective way to merge would be for one to assimilate the other and in fact that was one of the major suggestions during the skype merge talk or maybe it was Occy in privet with me, was for what was left of the DRF community to be ported over to DH. As far as I am aware peeps on both sides are plenty free to rp on either site without harassment. As for your idea it has little impact on the activity between the sites and would accomplish very little in the 'goings on of each site' By being an ambassador they have 'chosen a side' where their greatest support lay thereby being a conflict of interest in matters of the 'goings on of each site.' If it is activity you want improve your site and advertise it. If it's a merge you want you are all welcome back to DRF with no strings attached unlike the offer I was given. 😁
TheGrayDragon - 05/31/2018
Um, the whole site merging was not that at all lol. It was to have everyone move to DRF or make a new site and have people move over there under a new leader. We had agreed on originally makin Rayla he new owner and people from dh and drf agreed, but you were the one who said no, and it had to be baldirak. The DH staff said no, and then we suggested Arkhor and you left the chat saying it was baldi or no one. I don’t get where you have this idea of terms of merging when both of us would have no longer been owner of the sites to merge the community into a single one.
Even then, you’ve had people banned and no one is going to abandon them onto DRf where they see the owner as someone who punished others unfairly. Hence, the entire reason of trying to push for things to move forward in a unified manner instead of splitting the community
Astral - 05/31/2018
Unfortunately with all the alt accounts I would need peeps to contact me if their account is still banned but the only peeps who are still without question banned are Vulthar, Anon_lulz, Czeczhes Markov, and yourself.
also during that drama that split I think only one person was banned
the most recent ban prior to that was Ark
which was redacted awhile ago
and that one person I think was Ray only because I can't recall how she
oh wait nvm
I remember how her most recent banned happned
nobody was banned during that super drama then
unless you count yours as the catalyst
TheGrayDragon - 05/31/2018
Rayla was banned for posting an art picture of Aero
And so let me get this straight, your idea is to have everyone move back to drf, but keeping select people banned, myself included, when the 90% of the people that left DRF found the ban to be unfair/untrue, and the drama that insured by me proving my innocence of the claims is the reason?
Astral - 05/31/2018
there only person relevant is yourself as those are people you've never even met
except maybe anonlulz
TheGrayDragon - 05/31/2018
Was that some hacker who made the spam posts?
Astral - 05/31/2018
no they ip swapped like yourself so putting a complete stop to them was impossible
that was back when we were forced to do approved account creation
was a freaking nightmare
TheGrayDragon - 05/31/2018
Never met em
So the answer to the above is yes?
Astral - 05/31/2018
My only other rebuttal would be that it isn't an idea. It's always been an option on the table. And I can't speak for why people left other than obviously they disagree with me. So when presenting something as my idea please don't put words into my mouth. Otherwise yes.
I know how you like to take copies of what I said and take it out of context or skew the perception.
TheGrayDragon - 05/31/2018
I’ve not skewed anything lol
Astral - 05/31/2018
won't bother discussing that as I'm moving on 😛
TheGrayDragon - 05/31/2018
But apparently you haven’t changed at all and don’t want to work things out from the looks of it, correct me if I’m wrong
Astral - 05/31/2018
You are wrong.
TheGrayDragon - 05/31/2018
You confuse me or I’m just tired. You saying to have everyone go back to drf no strings attached, just not me or the other peeps listed. I dun get how that’s working things out lol
Astral - 05/31/2018
I confuse you
apparently I always have
TheGrayDragon - 05/31/2018
I fail to see how you saying you wanna work things out but say that merge is impossible but people can come to drf just not you is working things out. Maybe if you could elaborate?
Astral - 05/31/2018
No elaboration needed can you even count the number of times you've ban evaded?
TheGrayDragon - 05/31/2018
Ok, let’s go there for now
I was originally banned for Lexia telling me Tenebris was trying to cause problems and get me banned, and when I reported that to you you banned me for drama. I then proved my innocence, and by doing so, your new reason for banning me is ban evading which I did to prove my innocence to people
Astral - 05/31/2018
and even after you "proved your innocence" you ban evaded some more
on Tedranog
TheGrayDragon - 05/31/2018
To get into contact with old friends and tell people who hadn’t heard my side yet
Astral - 05/31/2018
something that has nothing to do with it
in which you have 4 eagle accounts
TheGrayDragon - 05/31/2018
I was on tedranog talking to Baldi
As that was the only place I could at the time
Astral - 05/31/2018
because he banned you from all his other communication methodes
he didn't want to talk with you
TheGrayDragon - 05/31/2018
No lol
That was before he had a skype(edited)
Astral - 05/31/2018
rest assure someone who thinks breaking rules because they have a justification especially repeatedly is ok, will never be unbanned from DRF
TheGrayDragon - 05/31/2018
Again, your reason for banning someone is ban evading when they did it to prove their innocence of claims they never did(edited)
Isn’t that a bit hypocritical? And again, have I not already apologized to you before, when you haven’t ever apologized to me?
Astral - 05/31/2018
I apologize if you think your banning was unfair and for personal/corrupt reasons. Up until recently I have always left my bad feelings for you outside of the equation. The same can not be said of my good feelings and what has transpired has taught me I should have buried those as well.
TheGrayDragon - 05/31/2018
Really, you never said anything about my ban except it was for “drama” with Tenebris and not allowing people to rp, which both I can and have easily dispelled(edited)
And instead of apologizing for the original ban and mending things, you are now saying my ban is for ban evading which is the only thing that has proved The original ban was not fair
So again, coming with the mentality of that, how do you plan on working things out?
Astral - 05/31/2018
You are the worst person possible to be representing DH in diplomacy with the intent of moving forward with me and 'we' are incapable of moving forward and I don't care if you quote this I won't work with 'you' in regards to DH and if the issue is that you run DH therefore making such cooperation necessary therefore nothing changing then you I imagine re-realize if you haven't already why this was pointless and hopefully now know precisely why. You said earlier that "when the 90% of the people that left DRF found the ban to be unfair/untrue" and that is why a remerging can't happen then summarized that means there is one person standing in the way of it. Either it's you because you are banned and peeps won't return because of that or it's me because I won't unban you and while my mind isn't closed to unbanning you I can guarantee it won't be happening. The reason I am unwilling isn't because of all your past transgression it is solely because you feel justified in breaking the rules and that has always been our back and forth from the first moment our issues arose when Luna felt insulted by you that is always what it has been about and I had you partial banned back then and was about to have you fully banned before you'd barely joined the community. But I didn't because you worked with me you followed the rules and if you look back it was about the time you stopped listening stopped working with me and following the rules that you were banned. When you first began apologies I said I was willing to unban you I have still have logs of me informing my staff it was in the cards well I think the second time the first time I think is lost. I had a couple conditions though that you weren't willing to accept, again not working with me. But it remains say what you want think what you want. As far as we are concerned things are for the most part set in stone.
This concludes my final discussion with 'you' on the topic.(edited)
TheGrayDragon - 05/31/2018
So now you are saying you are keeping me banned because I broke the rules to clear my name. As for Luna, she made some hateful comments about me too if you didn’t notice, and the ban was a cbox ban, not a forum ban until I apologized to her. Never was a ‘full’ ban mentioned till this very moment on that topic. And again, you still haven’t explained the ban where I was banned from the site, and I never stopped listening to you, I just didn’t make effort to actively talk to you when I learned you were the reason behind arkhor trying to remove me from leader and he warned me to watch my back. Your conditions after I was banned was to create a completely new account and not let anyone know that I was me, which is impossible since some of the people were not and are my friends, and they would have known. You set unrealistic conditions and when I said they wouldn’t work. It wasn’t not “working” with you, it was being realistic. Saying I haven’t been willing to work with you to solve things is bullshit to be honest. I’ve been the one trying to make amends, I’ve been the one trying to work out compromises to fix the problems.

And to the top part, people are willing to forgive and move on, as I’ve said before. The only one who seems not willing to move on currently is you being “set in stone.”

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