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Post by Astral on Thu Mar 26, 2015 5:48 pm

Fairies are tiny humanoids that resemble miniature elves with wings. They come in many different sizes and colors. Like the mermaids they are very beautiful and their rarity like the mermaids make them highly prized for many reasons. Very very very very very few have ever seen the true beauty of a fairy. When their out and about they use their magic to envelope themselves in a sphere of light. The only part of their body you ever got to see is the wings which stick out of the sphere of light. The color of light is unique to each fairy. When all the colors are taken in a community they split up with half the community venturing out to make themselves a new home. The sphere of light helps protect them from predators hiding their bodies from view making them more difficult to target. On top of the the Fairies have come up with a unique spell known only to them and usable only by those who have high amounts of magic energy. They use their magic to create a giant sphere of magic around them spreading in every direction. The magic in the area is thick and it allows them to sense the exact location and shape of any creature that enters it. The call this spell a Fairy Barrier.

Fairies are a rare mythical race to most. They don't like to show their faces to other humanoids. Fairies live on both Megalo and Iota sticking to forests and jungles where they can hide. However they originated from Iota making them the only humanoid to officially be an Iota native, though none outside their own kind know of this history.

As to be expected of such tiny creatures Fairies are very weak but don't let that fool you. They have the largest supply of magic of any race with the only exception being the 3 major iota races. Like wise they are especially gifted in using this magic. For this reason the Megalo world is a very dangerous place for them. They are vary valuable and if captured can be sold for a fortune more so than a Phoenix feather or a Dragon scale as they contain even more magic then those objects. In fact they contain soo much magic for such a tiny creature that the condensed magic takes on a physical image and dwells both in and around the fairy. This physical magic appears like sparkling stars or glitter. It is referred to as fairy dust and takes on the same color as the sphere the particular fairy uses.

Fairies fly in a different manner than other flying creatures. Their wings are not used for the catching of air to lift the body. They are evolved to instead react to the thick magic that surrounds a fairy to catch that and lift rest of the body. The speed at which they can move depends on how much magic energy they have as well as how much effort it takes to stay in the air. As such their wings don't have to flap hard or fast and is incredibly efficient. Appearance wise it give them more grace in flight than any other creature. A Fairy's wing shape also greatly effects the speed at which they fly. Thin wings with little surface area allow them to fly at crazy fast speeds but it takes a ton of energy to do so. Even just hovering taxing. Bigger wings with more surface area slow them down a lot but allows them to say in the air with little effort. The bigger wings are also considered more beautiful.

Capturing a Fairy is a nearly impossible task though. They are extremely cunning, combined with their small size and magical prowess they can evade capture with ease. If you manage to trick one and cage it in some way it will find a way to escape. A warning to trappers attempting to catch one. Please at least be gentle in your attempts to take them. They may have much magic but they are still very physically fragile. Handle with care neither you nor the fairy want said fairy to be dead. On another note magic makes up more of their being than it does for any other creature and they have a stronger attachment to it. Though this means stronger magic it also means using up too much magic at one time can kill the fairy.

Fairies live in small communities often hollowing a tree and building miniature house within them made of sticks and leaves.

Fairies and Dafurais are similar in the sense that they love to mess with people. Fairies though are also very emotional creatures and do not wish to cause other physical harm. They have very sophisticated personalities. If a Fairy finds its mischief has caused you harm in any way you'll find them revealing themselves to you and offering you a favor to make up for it though they refer to it as wishes.

The smallest recorded fairy (known only to the fairies) was 2 centimeters tall. The largest was 50 centimeters tall

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