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Post by Astral on Wed Mar 11, 2015 3:20 pm

Average height: 6’-8'

average weight: 180-300 lbs

They are fierce warriors with strong family ties. They are at home in the forests and mountains. Most wolfkin grow up in packs. Whilst all the adults take responsibility of all children in their pack, the young are not shielded from anything, as a survival-of-the-fittest teaching method. In every pack there is an Alpha. This is a wolfkin who has many many years and battles under their belt. To achieve this position, they have to fight in a ceremonial battle against the previous alpha, who then would become a member of the elders council. The elders council advises the alpha in all pack decisions. Wolfkin mostly live in mountain ranges or forests, though some have been seen to vary, their looks also vary from their enviroment. The wolfkin evolved from wolves over many generations. They walk upright and have opposable thumbs, but still have the cranial structure of a wolf. Their bodies tend to be slender but muscular, for they are rarely inactive. They are covered in a warm fur from head to toe, which ranges in color from browns, to whites, blacks and greys, often blended. They have clawed fingers and toes and have a short bushy tail that will show emotion at times. When in the heat of battle, or excitement, their eyes will glow red. Whilst normally shunning clothing, they will wear leather or hide armor made by someone significant in their life. Females are slightly smaller than males.
Wolfkin can be thick tempered and stubborn, a boon in matters of loyalty. If you have earned their trust, then you can safely know that they have your back.

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